In Which

Control of the Universe is Assumed

I read over my old chapters and found a slightly irritating plot hole... remember when I, I mean, Katrina won the universe? Well, I later have everyone she meets thinking she's important whenever she speaks because she has control of the universe. But, here's the plot hole... how did they find out?

The plot is mine, and so are the Rastopholipolionoids and the planet Rastopholiosis, and Katrina, she's mine too, but the Judoon, the Vashta Nerada, the Daleks, and the Cybermen are not.

In Which…

Control of the Universe is Assumed

Thousands and millions of different species of aliens sat piled into one gigantic conference room, chatting amongst themselves. They didn't know at all why they were there, but they figured out one thing quickly…they were all the leaders of their own race. Why were they there? Nobody even tried to figure it out…which was pretty lame of them… they all just sat there, figuring that something would happen eventually to tell them what was going on.

Then, such a thing happened.

"Uh, hello?" called a voice from the stage in the very front of the room. Everyone looked up and saw a teenage human with short, slightly messy hair, a purple long-sleeved shirt, gray pants, and black glasses. She gave a short wave. "Hi… I'm Katrina Lycanthrope and I'm here because I now own the universe…yeah… any questions?"

The room was soon in uproar. A human girl own the universe? How? Why? How did she earn that rite? Will she serve snacks?-that last thought was from the swarm of Vashta Nerada that resided in the far back corner of the conference room.

"How did you come to believe that the universe is yours?" called out the leader of the Judoon. The Katrina Lycanthrope girl looked up.

"Excellent question…" she said, pointing to the rhino-man. "I beat the Doctor, of course."

This started another wave of conversation and exclamations.

"YOU-HAVE-EXTERMINATED-THE-DOCTOR?" inquired the Dalek leader and Katrina shrugged.

"Yeah, in a way…" she said into the microphone. "It was more a matter of beating him then exterminating."


"No, no I'm not… but I am the writer. I do what I want," she said calmly. "Anyone wanna try to change my mind?"

"You are a useless human! I will not bow down to you!" This came from the leader of the Rastopholipolionoids, a race of zombie-penguins from the planet Rastopholiosis.

"Okay, sure… then the Rastopholipolioniods don't exist anymore." Katrina calmly snapped her fingers.

There was a sudden tearing noise and the Rastopholipolioniod leader disappeared. Katrina looked around the room.

"Any other takers?" There was silence. "No? Good. Cheers then!"

From that day onward, every creature in the universe knew that they belonged to Katrina Lycanthrope, the human known as the Writer, and they celebrated bi-monthly their new ruler by holding a grits fest in Budapest, where there were songs, dancing, and cheese-puffs. Oh, and also jump-castles, as Katrina Lycanthrope liked jump-castles and nobody would dare to go against the wishes of Katrina Lycanthrope.

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