In Which

Amy Pond Dreams

The plot isn't mine, and I don't know if it's been done before, but this is my take on it. You'll see in a moment what I'm talking about. I'm not going to give away any spoilers.

So, enjoy!

In Which…

Amy Pond Dreams

Amy Pond crawled into her bed after another adventure with the Doctor, exhausted. They'd fought some monster that she didn't even remember the name of, and she was completely wiped. And, on top of that, she was made to watch Wizard of Oz with her boys before she went to sleep…and she was down before she hit the pillow.

However, her bed was not where she woke up. Amy Pond woke up on the ground near a house in a land full of bright colors and large flowers. She slowly stood, her face scrunched up in confusion, before she realized where she was.

"I'm in Munchkin Land," she said, looking around. There was quite a bit of evidence suggesting where she was was, in fact, Munchkin Land from Wizard of Oz. The evidence being the large amount of people who were walking toward her. They were all wearing gas masks, for some reason, and chanting 'Mummy…are you my mummy'. "No I'm not your mummy," Amy said, a large frown on her face. She backed up until she was standing inside a gazebo. Then, there was a flash of light, accompanied by the sound of bones breaking. The sound Katrina Lycanthrope's vortex manipulator made.

Sure enough, there she was. Katrina Lycanthrope. Only…she was dressed in a pink chiffon dress, her short hair full of sparkly hair clips, and a sparkly staff in her hand with a silver glitter star on top. She looked extremely out of character.

"Oh, hello there," Katrina said, a smirk on her lips. "No idea why you're dreaming about them…you don't even get the reference. I'll get rid of them for you." Amy watched as Katrina waved her staff and said 'zap!'. Then, the gas-mask wearers were gone. Katrina turned her focus back to Amy. "So, what are you doing here?"

"I don't know…" Amy replied, looking around. Then, she spotted a house with two legs sticking out of it. "What happened with the house? Are they dead?" she inquired. Katrina shrugged nonchalantly.

"Meh, that's just Jack. He'll be fine. He's had a lot worse then having a house dropped on him. I don't know why you're dreaming about him either…" Katrina explained, "as you most certainly haven't met him…that I know of, at least. So, what do you want? I'm on a tight schedule and I don't have all day for this."

"Oh," said Amy, "like what kind of things could you be doing? This is my dream!"

"You wouldn't understand," Katrina said, narrowing her eyes slightly before shaking her head, her hair clips jingling wildly. "I'm assuming that you're going to want to get out of here eventually, so I would advise following that road that we've conveniently painted yellow so you don't get it mixed up with the red one. The red one leads you directly into the fountain in the center of the city and, while that is a lovely place to cool of during a particularly hot day, it is anti-productive, capito?"

Amy was only a little confused, seeing as though she'd seen the Wizard of Oz right before she went to sleep, but what she didn't know was why Katrina was the good witch of the north…she would have thought it would be River or someone.

"Good. So!" Katrina clapped her hands together. "To get out of here, you need to travel to the royal blue city of Tardis. You'll find someone named 'the Doctor' there and he can get you out of here. Oh, and while you're walking down this road, a tremendously long road, watch out for another guy called 'the Master' and his army of floaty sphere thingies. He'll kill you. Get it? Got it? Good. I have a Jurassic Park marathon to continue." Then she was gone.

Amy wandered down the yellow brick road until she was at an intersection. On the sides of every stretch of road was a field of corn. It seemed that Katrina had painted all of the roads here yellow, just to confuse her. Great. And there was nobody to ask for directions.

"Now what do I do?" she asked aloud, not knowing if anybody would actually answer her.

"Oh, hello!" cried a voice from one of the cornfields. Amy turned, a little alarmed, and saw a man with spiky hair, large beautiful brown eyes, and a gray pinstriped suit. He was tied to a post right near the fence of the nearest field. "I'd suggest going to the one on the right. It's rather pleasant and the others both lead you to Raxacoracofalapatorious. That's where the Slitheen live…not at all pleasant," he continued, struggling a little against the post. It appeared his arms had been tied to it.

"Thank you," Amy said, smiling. "I'm Amy."

"I'm the Doctor," he replied with a large smile. "Well…kind of. I'm not really him any more, but I was him at one point. Would you mind untying my arms? I have to get to Tardis."

"Sure, why not?"

Amy untied the not-Doctor's arms and they continued on their quest.

Eventually, the reached a forest where a man dressed in roman armor stood. He had a long nose and a slightly unmoved expression. Amy thought he looked a bit like Rory.

"Hey there," she said, wandering off the still yellow road and prodding him in his armor covered chest. He looked down at her finger and then up at her.

"Amy, I've waited for you for so long," he said, lifting up his arms and wrapping them around her, hugging her tightly.

"O…kay, I've missed you too. Sure…hey, we're going to the Tardis. I don't suppose you're also wanting to go there?" she asked, not as confused by his behavior as she should have been. The roman nodded and they continued onward.

Amy wasn't surprised when they met a woman in the forest who looked surprisingly like River who also wanted to go with them to the Tardis. However, she was surprised when a man jumped out at her and proceeded to scream 'boo!'.

"Aaah!" she screamed, latching onto the roman, who she learned was also called Rory, who grabbed his sword and held it out.

"Oh no…" said the not-Doctor.

"Hello…Doctor," the man said, grinning sinisterly.

"Master," he replied. "Let me guess…you're also looking to join Amy Pond on her quest to the Tardis?"

"No. I'm here to kill you all. Ahahaha," he said unconvincingly.

"You are here to join us…"

"Yeah…" the Master said, a sheepish look on his face. "I don't really want to kill anybody today. I just heard they have ice cream in the Tardis."

When they reached the Tardis, everyone piled inside and they found the Doctor waiting for them. He proceeded to give them all what they had come for and was about to give Amy her very own sonic screwdriver when she woke up.

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