In Which

The MasterKitten is in the Pandorica

This is another chapter explaining one of my major plot-holes that I found when I was re-reading this beautiful story. You know how the white kitten...the Master is in the Pandorica after being chucked out of the Tardis? Well, here's how he got there.

In Which…

The Master-Kitten is in the Pandorica

Katrina Lycanthrope flew through space in her new ship, jamming out to 'Call Me Maybe' as it blasted through the speakers that would usually be used as communication receivers. She didn't want to talk to anybody in her spaceship, which she decided then and there to name 'Fredrick', and, thus, had no use for the speakers to be anything but what they were, speakers. And she would forever use them for her iPod. Always.

Anyway, she was flying through space when she thought she saw, out of the corner of her eye, a blue box. And it wasn't just any blue box, no sir, it was the Tardis. And the door was opened. And something was being thrown out of the Tardis. Something white and fluffy.

Something clicked inside of Katrina's head and she realized just what that white and fluffy thing was. It was the Master. Well…the Master when he was the fluffy white kitten she used to use to taunt the Doctor with. And the Master was being chucked in the general direction of the nearby black hole. Well, that wasn't good.

Katrina flicked a few random levers on the console of her…of 'Fredrick'…and set the tractor beam so that it caught the Master and transported him into the ship. Katrina grinned and turned it off, lest anything else get sucked into the…into 'Fredrick'…and ran off to go find him, putting 'Fredrick' on autopilot.

Sure enough, she found the Master in her bathroom in the sink. Katrina reached down and picked him up, ignoring any and all protests he may or may not have had. Katrina couldn't tell either way, really… the Master was a cat and cats couldn't really verbally protest to anything. They could meow and stuff, but it wasn't the same.

"Hello, Master. Did you have a nice time with the Doctor?" she inquired, rubbing her nose against him and then cuddling him to her chest. Katrina carried the grumbling Time Lord/kitten into the control room and set him down on the other chair. "That's good to hear… so, either you can travel around with me or I can take you to go torment him again..?"

Katrina could have sworn she heard the Master asking to leave…

Katrina landed her ship outside of Stonehenge and got out, carrying the Master-kitten out of Fredrick and down into where she had known the Pandorica was hidden. Still holding him, Katrina reached out and touched the giant cube, looking down at the Master with a small grin.

"Okay, so, this time you may have to wait for a little while. Don't worry, this place isn't as horrible as it looks… I'll come and get you after, okay?" she asked, setting the kitten on the chair inside of the box. "Oh, and remember to look really cute… not that you don't already," Katrina giggled, smoothing back the fur on the top of the Master's fluffy white head before standing back. "I love you!" she shouted just as the Pandorica closed.

A few days later for Katrina, she flew back to the Pandorica and parked outside like she had before. She skipped down the stairs, her bare feet getting rather muddy in the process, and touched the Pandorica, opening it.

"Hi there, sweetie," she said, picking up the Master and kissing him on the nose. "Did you have fun? You'll have to tell me about his reaction once you're Time Lord shaped again…"

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