In Which

The Daleks are Fashion Consultants

In Which…

The Daleks are Fashion Consultants

The Cult of Skaro sat…stood…sat…were positioned behind a large desk, waiting for their next client to come into the room. Ever since they had been defeated by the Doctor, they had figured that continuing to try to destroy the human race was not a smart idea…so, instead, they had decided to put their imagination to a different use.

"ENTER!" cried Dalek Caan, swiveling his eye-stalk a little bit. The Daleks waited a moment before a girl poked her head into the room. She wandered forward and the Daleks immediately began to take into consideration what she was wearing…a bright orange knit sweater, dark blue jeans, and orange crocs that matched her sweater. Her long blonde hair was pulled up in a ponytail.

"Erm…hi," she said, fidgeting with her sweater and biting her lip.

"WHAT-IS-THE-MEANING-OF-THIS?!" inquired Dalek Sec. The girl frowned.

"What do you mean?"

"YOU-ARE-WEARING-A-BRIGHT-ORANGE-SWEATER. IT-DOES-NOT-GO-WITH-YOUR-HAIR-COLOR!" Dalek Sec elaborated and the other Daleks nodded their eye-stalks.

"I think it looked good…"

"THAT-IS-NOT-CORRECT. YOU-MUST-BE-EXTERMINATED-FOR-YOUR-HORRIBLE-FASHION-SENSE," said one of the other Daleks. The girl backed away.

"What? No!"

"EXTERMINATE!" they chorused, each shooting at the girl at the same time, their lasers impacting on target, the girl falling to the floor dead.


And this cycle continued until all of the people with a horrible fashion sense were gone from the world, leaving it the most trendy planet in the universe, all thanks to the Cult of Skaro.

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