In Which

The Doctor is Scared

In Which…

The Doctor is Scared

The Master was sitting in the Tardis, perfectly calm, minding his own business, not plotting world domin-well, he was plotting world domination… However, his peaceful plotting was interrupted when he heard the Doctor call his name from the console room. The Master furrowed his eyebrows, frowning deeply, before shrugging and standing up. He walked into the room to see what in Rassilon's name was wrong with the Doctor.

Upon reaching the room he'd heard the Doctor's scream come from, the first thing he saw was the Doctor, standing on top of the Tardis controls, staring at the floor, shaking like a leaf. The Master looked at the Doctor for a moment before looking down at where he was looking and then back, his frown deepening.

"What?" he asked, waiting for some form of explanation.

"Kill it," the Doctor whimpered, continuing to stare at whatever it was he was looking at. All the Master could see was a large-ish brown splotch on the floor. He certainly couldn't kill a splotch…

"Kill what?"

"That! The bug, kill it!" Oh, so the brown splotch was a bug. The Master stepped closer and bent down to examine it. Yes, it was definitely a bug, a cockroach, to be exact.

"Since when do you want me to kill things?" the Master asked, slowly scooping the roach into his hands and stepping closer to the Doctor. The Doctor flinched, his eyes never leaving the roach.

"J-just kill it, please kill it," he begged. Grinning ferally, the Master lifted his hands closer to the Doctor…lifted the roach closer to the Doctor. "Master, please kill it, I hate bugs, please take it away!"

"Hmm," said the Master said with a smirk. "I think I might just keep it in a jar…I like it, this insect…I think I'll name him George."

The Doctor stared at 'George' for a moment before looking up at the Master with huge eyes.

"Please don't…" The Master ignored him and walked away, 'George' in hand, to go find a jar, leaving the Doctor standing on the controls staring after him with an expression of fear on his face.

The Doctor had been having a nice time searching for…something…in the Tardis closet when he came across something terrifying. Something that would scare small children. The most wretched thing in all of the universe.

Slowly, with a shaky hand, he reached out and picked up the jar, pulling off the post-it note and quickly setting the jar back down, not daring to look inside.

"'So I see you found George. I hope you're not still scared of bugs. XOXO, the Master'," he read aloud, his eyes widening and falling back on the jar. He scooted backwards eyes widened, his foot accidentally touching the jar, knocking it over. Out tumbled George the roach, who scampered around and then ran away as fast as his little legs could take him. Breathing heavily, the Doctor stood, scampering out of the closet. He vowed, from that day onward, to only wear the clothing at the front of the closet. Which happened to be a tweed jacket, a small rack of bow-ties, black pants, suspenders, a red striped shirt, and boots.

And, even after he'd regenerated, he retained his fear of roaches, still only wearing that same outfit every day because he was much too scared to go any deeper into the closet. Who knew, 'George' might have established a colony…just the thought gave him nightmares. But he never once told Amy and Rory why exactly he woke up at night screaming for someone to kill it. And they never would.

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