In Which

The Master is Hungry

In Which…

The Master is Hungry

The Master paced back and forth, grumbling to himself, outside of the burger cart, which now held no burgers, no actual food, and no people, save for the skeleton of the woman who had been running it. The Master didn't really count that as a person…and, even after devouring all of that, he was still hungry. He was starving, absolutely famished…so hungry, he felt like he could eat that pile of bricks he'd just spotted..!

The Master wandered over to the pile of bricks and picked one up, attempting to stuff it into his mouth. He gnawed on it for a moment before chucking it away in annoyance. Bricks didn't actually taste good, he'd found, and, besides, they were much too hard to eat. He'd have to find something else.

The Master tried several other things which, much to his disappointment, turned out to be either inedible or just plain gross…a tree, a rock, a watch, two different books, and a turtle. He'd almost tried to eat a kitten, but he liked kittens, so he changed his mind at the last moment and had given the kitten away to a little girl with a balloon. Then he'd tried to eat the balloon.

Irritated and craving nourishment, the Master continued to wander around aimlessly through the construction site where he currently found himself, not really wanting to leave it to actually go retrieve actual food. He didn't think he could, either way. His face kept flashing and looking all skull-ish, so it'd scare away people who could actually provide him with actual food. He tried to eat everything in the entire construction site before he finally gave up and left it for a while, finding, almost immediately, an all night convenience store.

The Master left said convenience store after having devoured the entirety of the food stuffs and all of the people inside of it, finally feeling full. Sure, he'd be hungry again in a few hours, but, for now, he was content.

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