In Which

The Doctor Meets his FanGirls

Hello, everyone. Yet again. I'd just like to let you know that this particular one-shot was originally a Halloween themed one (and it's probably not Halloween right now), so my two ocs, one my now ex-best friend (the one dressed like the 11th Doctor), and one myself (the other, more relevant one), are in their Halloween costumes.
I hope that makes sense.
Thank you,

In Which…

The Doctor Meets his Fan-Girls

The Doctor was stalling. Yes, he admitted it. He did not want to go anywhere near the planet Ood if he could possibly help it. Why didn't he want to go to Ood? Because he couldn't help but feel a strange sense of foreboding at the mere thought of going there. So, instead of going to Ood, he was going to Earth.

"So there!" he called childishly to nobody and the Tardis metaphorically rolled her eyes. With the familiar vwoosh of the Tardis landing, the Doctor began to make his way over to the door. He was about to open it when there was a knock. Frowning, he opened the door.

Standing in front of the Tardis were two teenage girls. They were dressed in what seemed to be Halloween costumes and were both holding a sack that looked to be around halfway filled with candy.

"Trick-or-treat!" said the girl on the left. She had chin-length blondish brown hair and green eyes. Her costume was a deep purple suit, an emerald green vest, a sky blue collared shirt, a gold tie, and clown makeup smeared over fake scars on her cheeks. Clutched in her hand was a butter knife.

"Nyx, oh my God! You found the Doctor!" squealed the girl on the right, who had very curly dark brown hair, pale skin, and green eyes. She was dressed in a tweed jacket, a dress shirt, black slacks, suspenders, and a bow-tie. Clutched in her hand was…a sonic screwdriver?

"Um…what?" the Doctor asked, blinking rapidly.

"No dip, Chewy. Who else travels around in a Tardis…and I'm not talking about my Master," said 'Nyx' and the Doctor's confusion increased.

"What?" he asked again, once more ignored.

"Seriously, Dean? What are the odds that you of all people…vampires…whatever, find the Doctor on the first try! And not just any Doctor, no, you just happen to find the 10th Doctor, the Doctor you love the most. Quite frankly, I like the 11th one better, but seriously!" 'Chewy' yelled, waving the sonic screwdriver around in the air and almost hitting the Doctor in the face several times with it.

"Wait, 11th one? What?" the Doctor asked and 'Chewy' blinked. Her face flushed and she let out a squeak, grabbing 'Nyx/Dean''s arm.

"Oni, please tell me I didn't just spoil the Doctor's hopes and dreams…" she said quietly and 'Nyx/Dean/Oni' rolled her eyes, holding up the butter knife.

"Why so serious, Chewy? You didn't ruin his hopes and dreams, did she, Doctor?" 'Nyx/Dean/Oni' asked, turning to the Doctor, who blinked again at the slightly psychopathic smile on her face.

"Um, no, of course not…what do you mean 11th one?" he asked and 'Nyx/Dean/Oni' turned and banged her head on the threshold of the Tardis. "Oi, stop that!" the Doctor demanded, pushing 'Nyx/Dean/Oni' away from the Tardis. Some of the makeup had smudged off of her forehead and she sighed in exasperation.

"Sorry. I didn't mean it, sweetie," she said, reaching over and patting the side of the Tardis.

"Right, so, Master, we should leave the Doctor alone," 'Chewy' said and 'Nyx/Dean/Oni/…Master' sighed. Wait, 'Master'?

"Master? As in, the Master?" the Doctor asked and 'Chewy' nodded.

"Kat's the Master. I'm the Doctor…you, I mean. I'm Ashlynn Summers and this is my best friend Katrina Lycanthrope. We're fan-girls. We LARP, or Live Action Role Play. Judging by the fact that you don't have one of your companions with you, I'd say you're about after Donna has her memories wiped. Which means…" Ashlynn said with a frown.

"I hate to say this, but what Chewy is trying to say, based on what I can see, you're about to go to Ood to hear a prophesy about something involving a person knocking four times, which only leads to you butting heads with your best friend turned enemy, who I absolutely adore by the way, which only leads to an entire battle against some people who you haven't seen in a loooonnnng time, which leads to you eventually meeting this girl who I really don't like. She's a ginger. Which, from what I can tell, is a good thing...sort of..." Katrina said, twirling her butter knife as she explained what was going on.

"Wait, so, you two know what'll happen next," the Doctor started and Katrina nodded, "then, I'm supposed to meet a ginger?" At Katrina's second nod, the Doctor grimaced. "But, I don't want to meet a ginger! I've had enough bad experiences with gingers to last a life time!"

"I don't want you to either," Katrina said, running a hand through her hair. "You know, you could just take me instead..."

"Nyx, stop flirting with the Doctor. We have to go before my mom gets mad that we're out so late. Good luck, Doctor," Ashlynn said and Katrina sighed.

"Vale, decem," said Katrina, lunging forward and wrapping her arms around the Doctor's torso. She let go after a moment and walked away, leaving the Doctor confused and slightly depressed. He didn't want to meet a ginger. He turned to enter his Tardis once more but was stopped by a tap on the shoulder.

"Huh?" he asked, turning around to see Katrina Lycanthrope holding up a small fluffy white stuffed cat.

"I just realized that you can't leave yet. I just remembered this is supposed to be a crack!one-shot, but I don't think this is very funny. So! I decided to bring you something that will cheer you up!" she said, dumping the cat in the Doctor's hands and running off after her friend. The Doctor, eyebrows furrowed, brought the stuffed cat into the Tardis and shut the door.

"That was weird. We-ell, not necessarily weird as very strange. Well, not so strange but rather odd in a sort of unnecessary way that is rather unsettling," he said to nobody. Suddenly, the cat spoke.

"Voice activation recognized. World domination mode activated," said the cat in a sinister voice. The Doctor paled.

"Bullocks," he said and the stuffed cat flew at him. The Doctor screamed when the cat landed on his head and he ran three full circuits around the Tardis before he was able to pry it off and throw it into the vortex.

And thus began the Doctor's fear of fluffy white cats.

Author's note 11/13/2014:

Ashleigh, the girl who inspired Ashlynn, and I have not been friends for a very long time. I just can't bring myself to delete this chapter, and kind of can't, seeing as elements of this are brought back later. It's an annoyance I'll have to live with. I hope you liked the chapter anyway. <3

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