In Which

The Daleks Want Eggs

In Which…

The Daleks Want Eggs

Rory Williams slowly crept around the room, eying the Daleks nervously, waiting for something to happen. It was still, too still, and very quiet. He wondered what was wrong, why the Daleks weren't moving around, trying to exterminate him, but he didn't want to find out. They could be dead..? But he didn't know. He wasn't sure he wanted to know.

After a moment, however, he decided to go try to find out. He walked over to one of the Daleks and slowly reached out, putting his hand on the 'head' and turning it. Then, to his slight alarm, the head swiveled back, the eye light flickering on.

"EGGS…" the Dalek said, swiveling its head a bit. Rory stepped back, watching as the other Daleks began to come to life as well, all muttering 'eggs'. Did they want eggs..?

"Oh, okay, right…you want eggs..?" Rory inquired. "Are those what they are, those things, are they eggs..?" Slowly, he reached down and picked up one of the little round bobbles that had fallen off of the Dalek, moving forward with it.

"EGGS…EGGS…EGGS," the Dalek repeated for a moment, before its eye-stalk moved down to the bobble and then back to Rory. "THAT-IS-NOT-AN-EGG."

"It's…it's not?" he asked, setting the bobble back down.


"Oh…then what do you want?" Rory asked, nudging the disintegration sphere away with his foot before it could disintegrate him.

"WE-REQUIRE-THE-SUBSTANCE-KNOWN-AS-EGGS," said one of the Daleks from behind him. Rory looked over his shoulder at it, confusion rising slightly.

"You require…eggs? But how would you…you know…eat them?"

"IT-DOES-NOT-MATTER-HOW-THEY-WOULD-BE-CONSUMED. WE-REQUIRE-EGGS," said the Dalek who had first spoken. Rory cleared his throat.

"Right…well then. I don't exactly…have any eggs, but, um…you can have a disintegration sphere..?" he offered, nudging the one with his foot again, moving it closer to the first Dalek.

"WE-DO-NOT-REQUIRE-DISINTEGRATION-SPHERES. WE-REQUIRE-THE-SUBSTANCE-KNOWN-AS-EGGS. IF-YOU-CANNOT-PROVIDE-US-WITH-EGGS-THEN-WE-SHALL-EXTERMINATE-YOU. EXTERMINATE!" it shouted, firing a blast past Rory's shoulder. He turned and ran, with the assistance of the soufflé girl, out of the room, knowing this could have been avoided if he'd happened to have about half a dozen eggs on his person. If only he'd stopped at the market before he'd been kidnapped…oh well. It didn't matter anymore…maybe next time.

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