In Which

Tea is Drunk

In Which…

Tea is Drunk

The Doctor leaned against the bar table, shifting from one leg to the other, and ordered his drink.

"I want tea. The hard stuff. Leave the bag in," he said and the bartender gasped. A man three stools over dropped his glass of bourbon.

"Nobody drinks tea that way, and I mean nobody," the bartender replied, eyes wide. "Nobody, 'cept for…" The Doctor waited a moment for him to finish speaking, which the bartender didn't seem to be able to do, and was about to inquire as to who else took their tea that way, when, suddenly, he heard music, the doors to the bar opening dramatically.

"'Cept for me," said the person who had just entered, shutting off her boom box, which had been playing the music they used in old western films, and setting it down. This stranger was dressed in a pair of blue-jeans, cowboy boots on her feet, a plaid shirt on her torso and a vest over that. Around her waist was a holster that held a large blaster and on her wrist was a vortex manipulator. She tilted her hat back to reveal her face. It was Katrina Lycanthrope.

"You? What are you doing here?" the Doctor asked, standing up.

"Having a cup of tea…what else would I be doing here?" Katrina asked back, walking up to the bar and tapping it twice. "The usual," she said and the bartender set to work. "The question is…what am I not doing here."

"O…kay, what are you not doing here?"

"I'm not having a Christmas party, I'm not eating mashed potatoes, I'm not practicing the cello…I'm not doing a lot of things, silly Doctor." Katrina accepted the mug of tea from the bartender and took a sip. "Ah. Delicious. Anyway, I gotta go. There's a thing I have to do that involves stuff… see you around, Doctor." With that, she walked outside, turned on her boom box, and left.

The Doctor picked up his mug of tea also, taking a sip. Not the best tea ever…but it was pretty good.

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