In Which

The Cube Sings

In Which…

The Cube Sings

Generic black cube number six billion two thousand and eleven sat sedentary on the ground, not doing anything in particular, not being anything in particular…it just sat there on the sidewalk, watching people walk past it. Well…not really watching, per say, as it didn't have eyes, but you get the point.

Anyway, this cube was not like the other cubes. It wasn't happy with just sitting there waiting for something to happen, though cubes felt no emotions at all and could not, therefore, be 'happy'. It wanted to be different…to be special.

It wanted to sing.

So, after almost a year of waiting, the day where the cubes would be activated arrived. Cube six-billion-two-thousand-eleven was so nervous that it wouldn't be able to sing, but it was excited to…it would finally be different. It would finally feel special…

Upon the activation, the cube opened up its receptors and began to play music at the top of its speakers, singing loud and proud the song that would make the humans happy too…all it wanted was to make the humans happy.

"Why is that cube playing the chicken-dance song?" asked one of the humans as it walked past, talking to its mate.

"I don't know…that's weird," it responded and the cube felt its non-existent heart drop. The humans didn't like its singing…he was a failure…

Cube number six billion two thousand and eleven was brought to a strange place and locked alone in a vault, alone with its song, where it sat there and cried tiny black tears as it sang, continuing to sing until it went into hibernate…

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