In Which

Donna is Ambushed

I wrote about Donna for once, so Donna!bashing time. Yay!

The idea to be rude to Donna today was given to me by mon petit amour, so, sweetheart, this is for you! ^-^

In Which…

Donna is Ambushed

Donna Noble walked away from her house with a, for once, calm expression on her face, her hair done up nicely, wearing her best clothing. She was headed for a job interview at an agency that did a thing. She honestly didn't even remember what they did, she just needed a job, and this seemed like the best place to go for one.

Now, she was about to get into the car when she suddenly felt something hit her in the back of the head, drenching her. She cried out and whirled around, nearly stumbling because of her heeled shoes, not spotting any sign of whatever had happened. However, that was soon changed when she saw something round and purple headed towards her face, impacting it with a splash. A water balloon.

"Oi!" she shouted. Nobody answered, irritating her even more. "Who threw that? Come on, who did that?!" Still, nobody answered.

With a huff, Donna turned and stormed back into her house, her hair a mess, outfit soaked, makeup running down her face. She was going to miss the interview for whatever job she had planned to apply for, and she was soaking wet. Today was not going well…

Katrina Lycanthrope watched Donna Noble go back into her house and, once she was inside, burst out laughing, tossing the last water balloon at some random passer-by to get rid of it. That had been more fun than she'd expected, ambushing her favorite companion with water balloons. She decided she might want to do it again.

Which she did. Twice more times, in fact. All on days when Donna looked like she needed to do something important. Why had she chosen those days? It was more fun that way.

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