In Which

The Master Uses My Laptop

In Which…

The Master Uses My Laptop

The Master walked through the halls of the Tardis, drumming his fingers against his leg as he did, whistling an annoying little tune as he did. He looked up, sniffing the air a little and frowning. Something smelled weird… or, to him it smelled weird… it smelled like pears and woods and cat. An odd combination in and of itself, but even more odd considering where it was coming from.

The smell was coming from inside of the Tardis gym, a room that was normally saturated with the smell of sweat or tears or pain… the former of the two smells smelling not very pleasant and the latter smelling fantastic. Pain smelled fantastic… it smelled like cranberries.

But, anyway… the Master walked over to the door of the gym and opened it, sauntering through and looking around. Nobody was there… there was nothing to explain the change in the scent of the room.

Nothing, save the laptop sitting in the middle of the floor over by the giant balls on which people rolled and did abdominal stuff…or something…

Quirking his head a little to the side in confusion, the Master wandered over to the laptop and crouched down. Opened on the fully lit screen, he found a blank page and a thing called 'yahoo messenger'. Whoever had left this here had said they would be right back… but the thing indicated that they had been gone for a good two minutes, so the Master doubted they would be.

Feeling slightly curious, he picked up the laptop and moved so he was sitting on one of the exercise things. He wanted to see whose laptop this was, and, once he did that, why they were in the Tardis. The Master could have sworn he'd removed any and all life forms from it when he'd captured the Doctor…

He went through file after file of documents, a sly smile spreading across his face as he found something that he thought was rather intriguing. What he found were stories… several stories, and all about him or the Doctor or other people…one of these stories depicting the person who was, apparently, the owner of the universe.

The Master drummed his fingers against his thigh, reading with a look of slight amusement and a lot of intrigue, before he got an idea. He would write a chapter too… everything in this story had happened to him or the Doctor, so he figured that if he did, what he wrote would happen to him as well. It was pretty logical, considering…

He typed away for a few hours, his tongue between his teeth as he did, fingers flying fast over the keyboard. His story would be so amazing… it would be twenty times better than anything this person had written, for sure.

"What are you doing with my laptop..?" came a voice, and the Master looked up, snapped from his concentration in the blink of an eye. Standing in front of him was a girl in her late teens, clothed in sweat pants and a t-shirt with a large cat printed on it, her dark blonde hair pulled back from her face. She was carrying a large mug of what smelled like coffee, and looked vaguely irritated that he was there. No, the Master looked closer. She looked very irritated.

"What are you doing in the Tardis?" he retaliated and the girl frowned even more.

"Look, give me back that. I need it…I don't have time for this either, I have a deadline…" she said coolly. This time, it was the Master's turn to frown. When the Master didn't answer, the girl sighed dramatically, rolling her green eyes in annoyance. "I have a paper to write… it's due tomorrow. So, if you please…" she held out her arms for the laptop.

"And why should I give it back?" challenged the Master.

"Did you not just hear what I said to you..?" there was a pause. "I need that so I can do this paper. I'm very tired, and I don't want to deal with this right now, Master. I'm really not in the mood."

The Master, figuring that he shouldn't push whomever this was's nerves, since she was, after all, apparently, the owner of the universe, lifted up the laptop and set it in her hands.

"Thanks…now, go away, s'il vous plait?"

"On one condition…" the Master said, his voice level and his tone collected. The girl raised an eyebrow. "Publish my story in your thing next week. I happen to think it's rather good…"

"We'll see."


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