In Which

The Master Does Fanfic

This is the Master's chapter, so it is not written in the style I do mine. He wrote it, he did his own thing. I just posted it. Don't be too mean to him if you don't like. He would probably kill you.

In Which…

The Master Does Fanfic

I stood in the middle of the Valiant, surveying over my Earth with a pleased expression on my face. The humans were celebrating today a festival in my honor, as I have been their Lord and Master for six weeks, and six weeks is long enough for a festival of my take-over to be hosted.

My Lucy Saxon walked up next to me, presenting me with a hug and then taking my jelly babies, an action that I found rude and uncalled for.

"Lucy," I said in aggravation. "Give me back my jelly babies."

She did as I commanded and I devoured one.

As the Lord and Master of Earth, I could do anything that I wanted. And what I had always wanted was to ride a unicorn. I had heard they originate here on this planet, and had also heard that they were majestic.

"Lucy," I commanded. "Bring me a unicorn."

Lucy Saxon did as I commanded, though, to my irritation, the unicorn was merely a horse with a cone taped to its forehead.

"This is not a unicorn." I tore the cone off of the horse's head and tossed it to the ground. The horse whinnied at me in irritation, though I am unsure as to how horses can feel that, or if they do.

"I'm sorry, Harry. They don't exist," Lucy informed me. I frowned deeply.

"Yes, they do." I said firmly and then, in that exact moment, the horse that had been brought to me grew a horn and turned multi-coloured and majestic. I proceeded to ride it around the Valiant and show it off to the Doctor, who did not have a unicorn.

The end.

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