In Which

The Doctor Is Named

In Which…

The Doctor is Named

Clara and the Doctor stood in the Tardis control room, discussing the high and low points of their previous adventure. The Doctor had taken her to the Planet of the Bowties, somewhere that he'd wanted to go for ages upon ages, but had turned out to be a little shop in California. The Doctor had enjoyed browsing for various bowties, but Clara had not, not sharing the vicious love for the neck-holding bows as the Doctor. And, on top of being dragged through the store to help the Doctor find some bowties that went with his outfit, she'd had to fill out the membership survey and would now get emails from the Planet of the Bowties every month.

Upon asking why in the world she was the one who had to do that, the Doctor had replied:

"It's because you have a name, obviously, Clara. If we want to get free bowties, we need something valid to put in the survey, and you're the one who's actually got one."

That was something that had always bothered Clara…the fact that the Doctor had never given her a name. Surely, he had one…but then why was he so against her knowing it?

"Doctor?" she asked, interrupting more of the Doctor's bowtie-ranting. He paused, looking off-put, and then looked at her.

"Yes, Clara?" he asked, smiling a little.

Clara took a deep breath and smiled in response. "Back in the shop, you said you didn't have a name. We both know that was a downright lie, and that you do have one…if I guess it, will you tell me?"

Just as the Doctor opened his mouth to answer, Clara heard a sort of popping-whoosh sound from behind her and could see that the Doctor now looked both amused and something else entirely.

"You…" he said and Clara turned around to see that the popping-whoosh sound had resulted in the appearance of a girl. She was taller than her, and almost blonde, with pale skin and dark green eyes. She was dressed in a pair of tight jeans with black leather, heeled boots, and a black tank-top, a smirk on her face, and some weird kind of metallic device on her wrist.

"Doctor," she said, her smile widening, white teeth latching onto her bottom lip. Clara stood and stared, not entirely sure how to react. This girl seemed familiar, but she'd never seen her before.

"Katrina Lycanthrope, where have you been?" the Doctor asked in a half scolding, half amazed voice, walking forward to stand in front of the girl. "It's been too long…the last time you were here, so were…"

The Katrina girl nodded, stopping the Doctor from saying anything else. "I know. I'm sorry…I've been extremely busy, but I'll visit you more, promise. Okay?"

The Doctor nodded and the girl smiled again.

"E-Excuse me?" Clara asked, not sure exactly why she felt intimidated by this, possibly human, girl. Katrina turned to look at her and raised an eyebrow.

"So you have this one now…the Impossible Girl. I must admit, I had a hard time accepting you were the new companion, for reasons of my own…but you're not as bad as I had figured. What is throwing me off, though, is this new Tardis layout. It's so…mechanic. It looks like the teletubbie kitchen or something. No offense," she tacked on at the end and the Tardis made some sort of noise in response.

"You've been spending too much time with the Master if you know what that looks like…" the Doctor mumbled and Katrina shrugged, walking around the controls and touching them gently.

"Yeah, I probably have been…he showed up while I was working out the other day and stole my laptop. It was kind of rude…but after that, we went out for ice cream and then I went home to stay with my boyfriend for a while. His name is David, you'd like him a lot, I think," she said and then looked up. "In any case…what were y'all doing before I showed up?"

"I was going to try to guess the Doctor's real name," responded Clara and Katrina turned around, her smile the widest she'd seen yet from the girl.

"Seriously? Can I play too?"

"Sure," Clara answered before the Doctor could protest. He just sighed and nodded, motioning with his arm for them to begin.

"Is your name…Toby?" asked Katrina and the Doctor wrinkled his nose, shaking his head.

"Do I look like a Toby to you?" he asked in response, his tone of voice almost astonished at the thought. Katrina shrugged.

"It was just a guess… your turn, Clara."

"Is your name Leon?"

"No," replied the Doctor.

Their conversation went on for several hours, the girls almost running out of names to guess before they finally gave up.

"You couldn't guess it," the Doctor said and smiled. Clara frowned and Katrina looked relatively indifferent to the outcome.

"I know. But you weren't going to tell us anyway, were you?" Katrina asked and smiled a little. "Don't even try to deny it, I know you too well for that."

Sighing, the Doctor nodded.

"See, Clara? He wouldn't have told us either way. It's best if we just leave it."

"Fine…" Clara sighed. She wasn't happy about how this had turned out. She really wanted to know.

"Watch as the Doctor is really just called 'Jim' or 'Matt' or something easy like that…" Katrina said before laughing and shaking her head. The Doctor looked down, suggesting to the girls that his name really might have been one of those. But before Clara could comment, Katrina stood up from where she'd sat down on the floor and brushed off her legs. "Well, I'm off. I have to go bother Jack or something. It's been ages since I bothered him."

And with that, she left in an equally loud popping-whoosh sound as before.

Clara turned to the Doctor.

"She was right, wasn't she? Is your name Matt?" she asked and the Doctor shook his head.

"Of course not," he said, but Clara was only half convinced. From that moment onward, in her head, she referred to the Doctor strictly as 'Matt', right name or not.

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