In Which

The End Has Arrived

In Which…

The End Has Arrived

Something felt wrong, the Doctor thought to himself as he sat in the doorway of the Tardis, his legs dangling over the nothingness of space. The universe felt…off, somehow, and he didn't know why, as much as he hated to admit it. He'd never felt something like this before, and it was disconcerting beyond belief.

"Doctor..?" Clara asked, walking up behind him and kneeling down. The Impossible Girl touched his shoulder and the Doctor looked up with a tensed and stoic expression on his face.

"Something happened, Clara," he muttered, "something strange, something irreversible…something wrong."

"What happened?" whispered the companion, but the Doctor shook his head. He didn't want to lie to the girl, though that was what he did best.

Standing up, he lead the girl away from the doors and shut them, walking over to the controls and looking at the Tardis dash carefully.

"Where do we need to go, old girl?" he asked and the Tardis hummed, starting her engines and moving through the Time Vortex to their predestined location.

The Doctor felt strange.

He'd felt strange ever since he'd been created, a half human-half time lord version of his previous self, but today, he felt even stranger.

Looking up, he saw a dim shape in the distance, a silhouette on the roof of the flat with the shiny red car parked in front. He walked closer to it and saw the shadowy form slip in through the upper windows of the flat.

Deciding to not bother whomever lived there, he sat down on the porch, waiting for the shadow to leave the house. He didn't know why, but the Doctor felt the need to follow it, whatever it may be.

"Amy," Rory said, walking out of the kitchen with a large bowl of cake batter and smiling at his wife. The ginger looked up from the couch and grinned back.

"Ah, that'd better be for me," she joked in return and Rory's smile grew. Harold, the cat, walked up and jumped onto the cushion next to Amy, curling up into a small, fluffy, white ball. The ginger woman reached out and stroked his head lovingly. After their first cat, Harold, had been found out to be a Time Lord, Rory had bought a new fluffy white kitten for his wife, hoping that she hadn't noticed the difference between the two, which she hadn't. This version of Harold, who he called in his head 'Harold the Second', was a lot more cat-like than the original, and hopefully not a deranged Time Lord named The Master.

"You want a taste?" he asked, walking forward and handing his wife the spoon he'd been using to stir. Amy licked it, laughing a small laugh.

"This is an amazing batch," Amy said. "Much better than that cake the Doctor made that time…remember? He put avocado in it."

Rory laughed. "Yes, I remember."

He leaned in and kissed his wife gently, tasting the lingering traces of cake batter on her lips as he did, pulling back a few seconds after the motion was initiated.

"I love you," Amy said and Rory echoed her back.

He really did love her more than anything.

But something felt off. Something was missing…

"It was the best thing, Ianto," Jack enthused, taking a sip of his coffee and adjusting the right strap of his suspenders. "The Doctor Who television show is still going on, but it was so fascinating… everything the Doctor's done, all put on screen. And they made a spin off about us! Isn't it awesome?"

Ianto smiled and nodded, but stood up.

"Captain, I need to go finish up the papers," he explained. "Lycanthrope sure left a lot to be done, didn't she?"

Jack's excitement fell slightly at the mention of the girl. He still couldn't believe it, what she had decided to do. He was sure he would get over it eventually…but the girl had even brought his coat back, and he just didn't understand.

Something was definitely wrong.

As the Tardis finished materializing, the Doctor and Clara walked out, looking around. They were inside of some sort of concert hall, the soft sounds of a cello issuing from behind the drawn, red velvet curtains of the stage.

The Doctor couldn't help but feel uneasy as he lead Clara to the row of seats in the front and sat down, folding his hands in his lap and waiting.

As the music came to a close, five beams of light appeared from the sky, the light fading to reveal the Master, Amy, Rory, the human version of his former self, and Jack. All but the Master looked genuinely confused at the situation, but the elder Time Lord just looked somber. Something definitely had happened, just as the Doctor predicted.

"Who are all these people?" Clara asked him, but the Doctor shook his head, restraining himself from acting on the thought of jumping Amy and Rory as soon as they came close to him.

"My friends," answered a voice, causing everyone to jump slightly and look up.

The curtain of the stage had pulled back to reveal a girl, no older than eighteen, with shoulder length blonde-ish hair, and bright gray-green eyes. It was Katrina, dressed in a pair of black jeans, a white tank top, and a leather jacket, feet enclosed in black combat boots, and guns slung over her shoulders and in hip holsters. On her wrist lay the vortex manipulator she'd always worn, but her face didn't wear the same jovial smirk the Doctor knew. "Sit," she said and everyone did just that. "Now, all of you sans the Master are probably wondering why I brought you here…"

There was a pause and she sighed, looking up and then back at the seven people in the crowd. She didn't know if she could go through with it after all, but she had to.

"I brought you here because…" she tried, choking a little on her words and clearing her throat in response. "I brought you here to say that you've all been…you've all been absolutely amazing. You're the best friends I've ever had…and I'm going to miss you."

The Doctor felt his hearts sink.

"You're leaving me?" he whispered. The blonde nodded. "Forever..?"

"I…" she said, sighing, "not exactly forever… there's just something I need to do. Something that I've neglected to do in a very long time, and I can't avoid it anymore."

Out of her pocket, she pulled the silver pocket watch that the Doctor had remembered seeing her with once, a long time ago. He shook his head.

"No…" he said, standing up. "No, you're joking."

"I'm not joking," Katrina replied. "Not this time. I'm leaving you, Doctor, but the Writer will take my place. Do you understand?"

"I don't want to understand," said 10.5, standing up also and rushing on stage. "You said I owed you. Ages ago, do you remember? You saved me from the domesticated life I would've lived with Rose Tyler. Let me save you now! Please!"

Katrina looked at the human version of his past self with a look that held longing and regret. The Doctor sighed, shaking his head and sitting back down. There was nothing he could do, he knew that. The currently human girl had made up her mind and no matter how much his previous self tried, he would not change that.

"Doctor," she said, touching his arm softly. "Let me do this. It needs to end."

"Please…" 10.5 said before allowing Katrina to push him back gently.

"It'll be better off this way," explained the author. "This way, I'll become a part of your story forever. You'll never have to live without me again. This is a good thing, Doctor, I promise."

Receiving no protest, the meta-Doctor staying silent, too distraught to comment, Katrina held up the watch for the humans to see.

"This watch holds my Time Lord self," she explained. "I had entrusted it to the Master a long time ago, and he gave it back to me recently. I'm going to change back. I'm not going to leave you, no, quite the opposite. Think of it as a small personality change for the good of all of us."

After a moment of silence, she continued. "I'll miss all of you… it was really amazing to write you all, and I love you so much… but this story has to end."

With that, she held up the watch for them all to see.

Just before the button to open it was pressed, the Doctor heard two words. Two words he never thought he'd hear again and would never hear from his friend.

"Gallifrey rises!"

The Writer spent the rest of her life following the Doctor, putting everything she had into annoying him. The meta-Doctor became her companion and, together, they traveled the stars.

Things didn't feel like they had before, that was for sure. But the Doctor knew, deep in his hearts, that it had really been for the best.

The Universe was at peace.

Well, I've done it.

I finally finished In Which...

I know, it's unexpected, but I felt it was time. I managed to keep this going for two years, more or less. The previous year was kind of slow, granted, but a whole lot has happened since I first started this.

I just didn't want to half-ass it, you know? I felt like if I kept this going, it would never be as good as it was before, and I have so many other things to do that I just can't.

I know, this ended sad, and I am sad. This story has been a huge part of my career as a writer, but I will always love it. This is the first thing I've ever put so much work into and it was worth every damn second.

I love all of you who stayed with me through this. I know, it was a bit spotty at the end, but I love you. I really do.

I'm crying...haha...

Goodbye, my lovelies.

For now, at least.

Stay amazing!


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