In Which

The Angels Have The Tardis

In Which…

The Angels Have The Tardis

Angel Bob ran into the blue space-box, followed by twelve other Weeping Angels. Sending themselves back in time was one of Bob's best ideas, and now they had dropped the tenth variation of the Doctor and his companion further back. Now they had the Tardis all to themselves, which meant one thing.

They could use the rave setting.

Grinning, Angel Bob pushed a button on the Tardis console and the lights dimmed, strobe lights and fog machines popping out of the floor and the walls. Gobo lights descended from the ceiling and an assortment of rainbow colors began to flash around the room. Pulsating music began to echo around the control room and the angels positioned themselves about the Tardis.

Every time the strobe lights lit up the room, the angels froze in a random position, moving again when the lights flashed off.

The Weeping Angels continued their rave for several hours. Being living statues, they didn't need to take a single break and they continued moving to the pulsating lyric-less music without pause. However, Angel Bob could sense their party-time was drawing to a close. Sure enough, the Doctor came running back into the Tardis and all the angels froze. The strobe lights flashed off and the twelve Weeping Angels abandoned the Tardis. Angel Bob followed them shortly after.

The Doctor ran back into the Tardis to find the raving Angels, who had abandoned their party seconds after he got there. Only one stayed behind.

"Have fun trying to turn off the rave setting," it said before disappearing.

The rave setting wouldn't turn off until several days later.

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