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Jade has a secret and Tori has a problem, what happens when a crazy teacher pair's them up for an assignment.. This is my first fanfic, so enjoy! TRAGEDY AT THE END. I do not own Victorious Boop

Romance / Humor
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The begining

Sikowitz “Tori and Jade stay behind, I need to talk to you”

Tori “I don’t think this is a good idea Sikowitz”

Jade “Yea I agree with Vega”

Sikowitz “Well it doesn’t matter what you think, this assignment is 25% of your grade. Oh yea and your also going to fake date for this assignment”

Tori “What?! That’s not fair.”

Sikowitz “Make it the rest of the semester”

Jade “I’m not doing this. I hate her”

Tori “Same here. You can’t make us anyway”

Sikowitz “Well now its 50% of your grade and yes I can. I am the vice principal and what I say goes”

Jade “You really are a nut case if you think I’m working or fake dating her.”

Tori “Jade stop, you’re only going to make it worse”

Jade gives Tori a glare and Tori back up afraid

Sikowitz “Well I’m glad we are all on the same page”

Jade “We are not on the same page I refuse to work with her.”

Sikowitz “Ok, you can be expelled then.”

Jade thinks for a moment and decides that it’s not the best choice because she worked so hard to get in this school.

Jade “Fine.” She throws her hands up in surrender “I will work with her” she says in a low almost mad childish voice

Sikowitz “Perfect, you are dismissed”

Tori follows Jade to her locker and out of school “So when do you want to get started”

Jade “I will be at your house at 6.”

Tori “I won’t be getting home until 7”

Jade “I will be there at 7 then”

Tori “Ok see you then” Tori goes to get in her sisters car

Jade “Wait” Tori stops in her tracks and turns around “Where are you going”

Tori “Why?”

Jade “I just was curious”

Tori “I’m going on a date”

Jade “With who? Do I know him?

Tori “No you don’t know who it is and I’m not telling you”

Jade “Why not?!”

Tori “Because it’s none of your business”

Jade “I will find out.”

Tori “If I don’t tell you, you won’t find out”

Jade “oh. I have my ways” saying each word slowly into Tori’s ear and it makes her shiver.

Tori “The same way you got the shrimp in my bra?”

Jade “Exactly”

Tori house: Jade walks into the Vegas residence and sees Tori in the kitchen with her back to the door listening to music. She gets an idea and goes back to her car and gets her scream costume that she keeps in her trunk for Halloween every year and throws it on. She walks back in the house and grabs a knife then taps Tori on her shoulder. Tori screams and hit Jade as hard as she can in the face then runs. Jade takes off the mask and…

Jade “Vega!”

Tori turns around when she hears Jades voice

Tori ” Oops. Please don’t kill me Jade, I didn’t mean to hit you!”

Jade ” Chill Vega, its ok. You sure wouldn’t lose in a fight though. Who taught you how to punch like that?”

Tori “My uncle before he died. Wait, so you’re not mad at me?”

Jade ” Naw I deserved it I guess”

Tori ” So then I guess we can get started.”

Jade ” What do what the genre to be?”

Tori “Romance”

Jade “No, we are going to do a horror movie”

Tori “I don’t like horror movies Jade”

Jade “I don’t care, now the p… stop that”

Tori “I’m not doing anything”

Jade “Yes you are”

Tori “What am I doing?”

Jade “You’re pouting”

Tori “It’s not my fault” she says still pouting

Jade “Well it’s surely not my fault”

Tori “Yes it is, you won’t give my idea a chance and you pick something I don’t like”

Jade “Just stop pouting Vega”

Tori “Fine”

Jade “You’re still pouting!”

Tori “I’m sorry” she shifts around a little and tries not to pout “better?”

Jade laughs “what?”

Jade “You look very uncomfortable, but let’s get started”

They work for about 2 hours then stop

Tori “Do you want to watch a movie?”

Jade “Do you have any good movies?”

Tori “Yes, we can watch my favorite movie”

Jade “And what’s that?”

Tori “Guess”

Jade “It’s probably something stupid like the little mermaid”

Tori drops the movie in her hands and closes the movie drawer

Tori “No its not”

Jade burst out laughing “Is that the movie you picked”

Tori “No”

Jade “Yes it was” She was still laughing

Tori “Stop laughing at me”

Jade “Sorry, It’s just so funny”

Tori “I know something you would like”

Jade “Cinderella?” She laughs again

Tori “Haha very funny and no, stay here”

She goes up stairs to her sister Trina room and looks on her movie shelf and find Saw so she takes that down stairs. When she goes back down stairs she sees nothing because the lights are turned off. She calls out Jades name several times and gets no response then all of a sudden she is down on the ground.

Jade “Hey Vega”

Tori “Jade. Get off of me.

Jade “Nope, but thanks for the offer”

Tori switches their positions

Tori “Now that’s better”

Jade “I didn’t know you were a top Vega” she smirks at her even though she can’t see her because it’s dark.

Tori “Why do you like to make me uncomfortable?”

Jade “Well I think I’m very comfortable, and I think you agree with me because you’re still on me”

Tori “Ugh, Let’s just watch the movie I got” She gets up and turns on the lights, they both sit on the couch after Jade pops some popcorn and Tori start the movie. Half way through the movie Tori scoots up under Jade and she just shakes so Jade wraps an arm around her. They watched the second movie and Jade stayed the night because it was late. Tori thought Jade wasn’t so bad when you get to know her, this might actually work

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