This Is Me

Assignment part II

Anenan I think you might be me undercover, Is there something you want to tell me (″・ิ_・ิ)っ

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Friday 5 2014

Dear Diary,

Ive been at this place for 2 days now and guess what MY PARENTS ARE ALIVE! They told me they faked their death to protect us but I was so happy I just huged them tight. This place that we are at has all kind of people like us here. One guy I seen was one fire, I mean he was fire.

Monday 8 2014

Dear Diary,

I like my new like so far, Im not mean and everyone talks to me. I miss my friends and family but I manage here. We now walk around with our wings spread almost 24/7 we are accepted. I kinda wish I could go back thought.

Saturday 13 2014

Dear Diary,

I told my parents I want to go back home and they said I could never return there. I asked why but they just went silent and wouldnt tell me why. I miss everyone.

Mom: Jade what are doing?

Jade: Just writing down my thoughts.

Mom: Well me and your father was talking and since he is such a big baby I have to tell you the news.

Jade: What is it?

Mom: Your going to be back were you belong but dont fall in love.

Jade: Haha very funny. Where do I belong?

Mom: You belong at home not in this. I'm serious about not falling in love. I was told not to fall in love but I did.

Jade: What do you mean not in this? And whats wrong with falling in love?

Mom: Nothing is wrong with it but I was told to pass on the message, I didnt follow it. You'll be find though. I always say follow your heart.

Jade: Thanks mom. but where is here?

Mom: Your dreaming honey, and its time for you to wake up.

"Wake up, wake up, come on wake up"

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