This Is Me

Assignment part III

"Wake up, wake up, come on wake up"

Tori: Jade! Come on wake up!

Jade: Vega!?

Tori: Finally your up. We have to get ready for school.

Jade: Vega? What happened last night? I cant remember a thing.

Tori: We worked on our assignment then got drunk while watching some retarded movie on tv.

Jade: How did you get over here?

Tori: You brought me.

Jade: Right. I have a hangover. How much did I drink?

Tori: Well I can't remember that but there are too many bottles on the floor for me to count. We gotta get to school though.

Jade: You go Im skipping.

Tori: I thought you didnt want me to know where you live. You have to take me home.

Jade: I have a better idea.

Tori: What?

Jade: We can both skip.

Tori: What? No. My parents will kill me.

Jade: They wont find out, trust me.

Tori: But

Jade: Fine, wimp out. Go to school and leave me alone, I will tell trick to give you a ride. You can trust him, I do.

I say as I pull the covers over my head then notice something moving in my bed. My first thought was that a snake got out of the closet so I immediately sat up straight and regretted it right after because my head started pounding. I lay back down forgetting why sat up so fast and groaned. Then feel Tori put her arms around me and I tense up at the motion.

Tori: Im not a wimp so Im skipping too. I thought ahead so I got you a glass of water and some aspirin.

I turn to my bed table and take the pill and drink the water.

Jade: Umm thanks ' I say almost not able to hear myself but she heard me, I guess'

Tori: What are we going to do?

Jade: We'll figure that out later but now we sleep.

Tori: Good idea, sleep the headache away.

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