This Is Me

Skipping part I


Jade*whisper: Killed Tori, on the run, mom dad, dream.

Tori: *yawn: What?

Jade: Nothing, I just had a dream about my life all fucked up. *laugh* so my life.

Tori: Tell me about it?

Jade: Well I brought you here then I told you I... never mind. I don't wanna talk about it. What do you want to do today?

Tori: I don't know, it was your plan to skip today.

Jade: Yea, but you joined me. What did we do at school yesterday?

Tori: Well you were there early and we

Jade: I know that part but I don't remember any classes.

Tori: Oh that's because you went to get coffee and I followed you out then you said you where going home because you wanted to sleep.

Jade: Huh... I don't remember it happening like that.

Tori: But we didn't really do anything at school yesterday, We just sat around talking. Someone paid the school big money and they were celebrating.

Jade: Oh.

Tori: And you were accounted for too.

Jade: Yea.

Tori: Lets get some coffee then ride around somewhere.

Jade: I don't have a car so you can help me find one.

Tori: Sounds good to me.

Jade: I can get someone to bring us coffee. Hold on a sec.

I got up to get my phone and dialed Jay number he picked up on the 3rd ring.


Jade-Can you bring us coffee?

Jay- Us?

Jade- Oh, I forgot to tell you. Tori stayed the night and we need coffee.

Tori: I like mine cream and sugar.

Jade: Ok

Jade- Cream and sugar for her, I like mine black.

Jay- Yea ok sure I will be up there in a sec. What are you going to be doing today?

Jade- Looking for a car. Do you want one?

Jay- Yea that would be great. Could you pick some steaks up while your at it. You gotta feed your lions and so rabbits for your snakes. A rat for the little one.

Jade- Yea I gotcha.

Jay- And open your door for me.

I turn around and open the door as I hang up the phone.

Jade: How did you get it so fast?

Jay: I text a friend that works there and we met have way since they are right down the street it took no time at all.

Jade: Oh cool. Thanks. What kind of car do you want?

Jay: A Nissan Altima

Jade: Ok I will have someone drive it to you.

Jay: Alright I will be here

Jade: Is Trick and Trey going to be back anytime soon?

Jay: I will text Trick and see where they are. You have some entertaining to do and places to be. See you later.

Jade: Alright, later man.

I take our coffee's out of his hands and use my foot to close the door back. And walk over to Tori who is still wrapped up in the sheets and comfortably. I sit down on my side and she opens up her eyes and gives me a sleepy smile and whispers a thank you as she takes the coffee.

Jade: After we find my car then We gotta go by Walmart.

Tori: Mmm ok.

Jade: Do you wanna go home and change or wear my clothes. It would be faster if you just wore my clothes but it's your chose.

Tori: I guess I will wear your stuff

Jade: Ok well do you need to take a shower or you good.

Tori: I could use one.

Jade: My bathroom is over there and the bottom four draws is what you need don't go in the top two though.

Tori: Ok.

After we finish our coffee she takes her shower than when she gets out I take mine. I don't really care if she knows where I live anymore so we walk up stairs to my front door but before we could walk out Jay walks in the door with a pack of cigars in his hand and hands them to me with an Ed Hardy lighter. He then takes one from the pack and lights it.

Jade: Oh no, I told you no smoking in the house. Take it outside or put it out. Oh! I totally forgot.

Jay: What ? 'He ask as he puts the cigar out with his fingers'

Jade: Nothing I will be right back 'I go back down stairs to my room and go to my closet to let out my 'pets' out.

Jade: Hey guys 'I pet their manes and backs as they walk out and let the the snakes slither around me' I will bring you food once I come back, Don't make any trouble.

I walk back up the stairs and find Tori on the couch laughing it up with Jay.

Jade: What's going on here?

Jay: I was telling Tori about how we use to prank your parents and how they thought it was each other until our last prank.

Jade: That was an awesome last prank.

We all are on the couch telling funny stories now and we are so cracked up we are crying. When Jay was away he had some funny accidents and dangerous adventures.

Jade: You had some good times when you were away.

Jay: Yea I did but I missed it here so much, so when I gathered the money I flew back here.

Tori: How long did you stay there?

Jay: 6 years I think.

Jade: Yeah it was 6 years. I remember you left when I was 10.

Jay: Trey was only a little boy I think he just stared school. He said he remembered me though.

Tori: Who is Trey?

Jay: That's Jades little brother.

Tori: What? Jade I didn't know you had a little brother.

Jade: No one did until now.

Tori: Does Beck know?

Jade: No. Only you and Cat.

Tori: Why didn't you tell the rest of us?

Jade: No one ever asked.

Tori: Oh.

Jay: You two need to get going its 1 pm.

Jade: Yea you're right, I wrote a note for you it on the kitchen counter. You should read it now.

Tori: Do we have to walk?

Jade: No we are taking my motorcycle.

Tori: Oh ok.

Jade: You sound nervous. Have you ever been on one?

Tori: No but I will try anything once.

Jay: She sounds like you Jade.

Tori: Really. Hows that?

Jay: When She was younger she would do anything you ask or tell her. And if she never did it before she would say " I will try anything once" whenever I hear someone say that it always reminds me of Jade.

Tori: Aww that's sweet.

Jade: Ugh, its not sweet. Sweet is gross now come on Vega. 'I say in an annoyed tone'

Tori: Bye Jay, Hope to see you again.

Jay: Same to you Tori.

We walk out to my garage and I get one my black and purple motorcycle and Tori follows suit.

Jade: Now hold on tight because I don't go slow.

That caused her to wrap her arms around my waist and squeeze. I tense up then eaze into it. I start it and drive off to the dealer. The more we ride it seems the closer she gets, but I'm ok with that. I kind of want to miss my turn so I can ride like this a little longer but I need to feed my pets too so I don't have time to waste. We pull into the dealer and I don't know what kind it is but its all kinds of cars and trucks here. Matter of fact I want a truck now, I will get Jay his car first though.

Dealer: Hello may I help you?

Jade: Yes I want a Nissan Altima and a Truck.

Dealer: Ok What color will the Nissan be and what color truck and brand?

Jade: The car can be silver and the truck black. I think I want a Ford. But I want to see them first and take both for a drive.

Dealer: Ok. If you tell me your price range we can get started.

Jade: There isn't one. I want your best.

Dealer: Yes Ma'am.

Jade: Let me see the car first

Dealer: Right this way miss…

Jade: West

Dealer: Right this way miss West.

Jade: Oh wait! What is that?

Dealer: That's a Dodge Charger. Do you want to take a look at it?

Jade: Hell yeah, I wanna drive it too.

Dealer: Let me get the key for you miss West.

Tori: This is a nice car.

Jade: Yea I think I'm going to get this one too. I don't think I would have room for my motorcycle though.

Tori: You could put it on the wall. Like have one of those lifty things.

Jade: Hmm, yea that's what I will do. You going to ride with me or look around, I over heard that you wanted a car.

Tori: Yea I think Ima look around a little.

Dealer: Here are the key to the car miss West.

Jade: Thank you. Treat her right and I will treat you right.

Dealer: Yes miss West.

Jade: Back in a sec.

Tori: What kind of car is that?

Dealer: Which one miss.

Tori: You can call me Tori and the one with purple flames.

Dealer: That is a Lamborghini Veneno, it's the most expensive car in the lot.

Tori: How much?

Dealer: $400,000.

Tori: $400,000! That's a fortune!

Dealer: You get what you pay for.

Tori: It's nice and all but I could never afford it.

Dealer: Well I'm here to serve you. Do you want to drive it?

Tori: Well, uhh, yeah!

Dealer: Here you go. If you don't get back before she does I will tell her you took this one for a ride.

Tori: Ok thanks.

Jade: Hey where is Tori at?

Dealer: There was a special car the caught her eye. She is taking it for a spin.

Jade: Cool. I'm glad for her. What kind is it?

Dealer: Lamborghini Veneno.

Jade: That's a really nice car. I use to have one. Well it was a mini custom made.

Dealer: How did you get a custom made Lamborghini?

Jade: My dad got it for me, but I wrecked it racing.

Dealer: Wow. You have a great dad.

Jade: Well had.

Dealer: Oh, Im sorry.

Jade: Yea. Me too. Don't mention it though.

As we end our conversation Tori pulls back up. And she is absolutely glowing when she gets out. I don't know if it's just me or if the sun is giving her that glow but she looks amazing.

Tori: That was great, thank you for letting me take it for a ride.

Dealer: No problem. Do you want to look at the trucks now?

Jade: Yes. Are you going to buy that Vega?

Tori: I can't afford that. I couldn't even afford the car note.

Jade: How much is it?

Dealer: $400,000.

Jade: Oh wow. That is a lot.

Tori: Yeah lets go look at trucks.

Jade: Yea, come on.

Dealer: Ford, right?

Jade: Yes.

Dealer: Follow me.

Jade: Oh wow, this one.

Tori: That a big truck.

Jade: Yea, do you like it?

Tori: Yeah it suits you.

Jade: I want you to drive it. I know how it rides but I want to see it.

Tori: Um ok, sure.

After I see Tori go around the corner I work fast.

Jade: Ok that car that she liked so much, I want it shipped to this address. Put it on my bill though. When she gets back say nothing about it.

Dealer: Will do. I will put it in with the other papers. Anything else you would like?

Jade: Yes but she coming back around, give me your number and I will send you the details.

Dealer: I will put it in your phone.

I give him my phone and he puts his number in. Tori is getting out of the truck with a smirk on her face as she approaches me.

Jade: What do you think?

Tori: I like it.

Jade: Great. Lets get out of here.

Dealer: I will get your paper work, you can fill it out here or come back for it.

Jade: I will fill it out here. Do you take checks?

Dealer: Yes, let me get you seated so you can fill these papers out.

Jade: Ok.

Dealer: Right over here ladies.

Tori: Thank you.

When he walks away Tori gives me that smirk again.

Jade: What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Tori: He gave you his number. He liiikes you.

Jade: Eh. He isn't my type. He is probably 18 anyway.

Tori: Well lets see.

Jade: I know your not going to

Tori: Hey! Yea you!

Jade: Stop it!

Tori: Come here!

Jade: Tori...

Tori: How old are you?

Dealer: I turn 17 today.

Tori: What is your name?

Dealer: Cameron.

Tori: Happy early birthday Cameron.

Cameron: Thanks miss Tori.

Tori: Your welcome.

Cameron: Can I get you ladies anything else?

Jade: No thanks. Here go. I will drive my truck home and I will send you the details of where to send the others too.

Cameron: Will you need help putting your bike in your truck or do you want me to ship it to your house.

Jade: Ship it to my house. Thanks Cameron.

Cameron: No problem. As long as I work here you will have a 10 percent discount.

Jade: Cool. See you around then.

I open the passenger door to my new truck and help Tori in then walk around to my side. I am just loving it and I just got it.

Tori: Im happy to see you happy.

Jade: Whatever.

Tori: You know, ever since you got that phone call you have been...nice.

Jade: Yea, so.

Tori: So, you have been different.

Jade: Well I can go back.

Tori: No, I like you. I mean I uh I like the new you.

Jade: Well thanks 'I whisper as I feel my checks getting warmer'

Tori: What happened that day?

Jade: When?

Tori: Tuesday morning. When you got that call.

Jade: A lot happened to me but lets leave that story for another time.

Tori: I'm going to hold you to that.

Jade: Fine by me. Now come on, let get meats.

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