This Is Me

Skipping part II

Jay-Trick and Trey are on their way home now. They will be back around 7.

Jade-Ok, I'm just hitting up Walmart now, I'm going to Pet Smart after.

Jay- I bought a big freezer. Was that ok?

Jade- Yeah that's cool. You can do where ever you want as long as you leave my room out of it.

Jay-Ok cool. C u l.

Jade- C u

Jade: You will meet my brother when we get home.

Tori: Ok. How much meat do we need and what kind?

Jade: All you can fit in the cart.

Tori: Are you serious?

Jade: Yep. Do you like shrimp and crab legs?

Tori: Love them!

Jade: Great, its dinner.

Tori: Good because I'm starving, we haven't eaten all day.

Jade: I guess I didn't really notice.

Tori: You didn't eat all day and your not hungry.

Jade: Well yea I'm hungry but I just didn't notice how hungry I was until you said something.

Tori: Lets just hurry up and fill the cart up. Please tell me you have a card.

Jade: Sorry I have cash.

Tori: Oh no!

Jade: I'm kidding.

She hits my arm and mumbles something under her breath. I rub my arm acting like it hurt. After we finish in there we go to the pet store. I buy all their rabbits and rats and mice. Now we are on our way home.

Tori: Why did you get so many animals and so much meat?

Jade: Because

Tori: Because what?

Jade: Because I want to.

Tori: How come you seem to be rich but don't act like it?

Jade: What do you mean?

Tori: You bought a car for your friend a car for you and a truck for you all at the same time. But you live in a middle class house. You seem like you could have 3 Mansions on top of each other.

Jade: I'm modest and I'm not a fool.

Tori: What do you mean your not a fool.

Jade: When people notice you have money they like you. I mean they act like they like you so they can get to your money.

Tori: Oh, I never thought about it that way. Is that why you don't tell people where you live?

Jade: I just didn't want people showing up at my house all willy nilly. Like how people do you.

Tori: I see your point.

Jade: Now all of that is ruined.

Tori: Why?

Jade: You.

Tori: I'm confused.

Jade: You are going to tell everyone where I live and I'm a billionaire.

Tori: I wouldn't do such a thing without your approval.

Jade: Good to know.

Tori: Do you know how to cook?

Jade: Why?

Tori: Because you said shrimp and crab legs was dinner. I just wondered if you were going to make it.

Jade: Trick will make that but I am probably the best teenage cook alive.

Tori: I would have never imagined. Who is Trick?

Jade: He is my friend. I've known him for over 30 years.

Tori: What?

Jade: I mean it feels like that because I've known him so long.

Tori: Yeah I know what you mean.

Woo I can't slip up like that anymore 'Jade thought'

Jade: Trick will get started on the food while we put the other food up.

Tori: Ok, sounds good to me.

Jade: Oh you haven't been home since yesterday. Do you want me to take you home so you could get close, I mean if you want to stay the night again?

Tori was thinking about it for a few moments and Jade was getting anxious of being turned down. Tori notices then smiles and says

Tori: Yea I want to go home. 'Jade feels like her insides are crumbling down on her' Only to get some close. 'Jade lets out a breath she didn't know she was holding'

Jade: Ok, we will get the bags and animals in the house then we will go to your house and by the time we get back food should be done and put up.

Tori: Sounds like a plan.

Invader Johnny you would be right about that. But will she get it out of her?

Comment! Review! If you don't I will murder you in your sleep like Freddy then when you wake up I will be like Micheal Myers. After I kill you like Chucky then I will wake you up and give you a hug and say everything will be alright... Then shoot you with my shot gun. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Until next time. Be breezy!

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