This Is Me

The Truth?

Tori: I like your friends they seem cool.

She says as I pop in a movie

Jade: They are. I love them with all my heart.

Tori starts to get lost in thought. She thinks about why Jade has become nice all of a sudden and why nice to her. Why should I care though I wish I could spend even more time with her. She is the reason I live, I love her. She is being nice to me and I love it. Wait... Oh my god, I know why she is being nice to me. Cat must have told her my feelings. Thats the call she got, thats why she ran out so quick. Oh Cat you are dead meat, why would she tell her. I mean yea they are best friends but she promised. She must be being nice to me to suck me in then embarrass me. I should have seen it before, but now I know what's going on I can beat her at her own game.

Tori: You smile a lot.

I turn to look at Tori and I have a confused expression on my face.

Jade: Is that bad?

Tori: I don't know, is it?

Jade: Why are you being so weird?

Tori: I'm not being weird. You are being weird.

Tori's thoughts 'This was not as I planned, maybe I should stop here. I don't want her to know I know.

Jade: What are you talking about?

Tori: You know exactly what I'm talking about!

Jade: Are you ok? I have never seen you upset before.

Tori: That's because I've never hung around you before.

That hurt Jade to hear that, she thought that Tori liked her too until now. But she couldn't blame her. All She has ever done was bully the girl.

Jade: I thought you liked hanging with me.

Tori: I didn't mean it like that.

Jade: What did you mean?

Tori looks at Jade because she hears her voice crack a little

Tori: I just. I don't know. I don't know what to think. You were never nice to me and now you are, I just don't understand why.

Jade: I want to change and I just thought that if I start being nice to you then...

Tori: Then what?

Jade: Then people would like me instead of being afraid.

Tori: Oh, Jade. I'm sorry. I just wanted to know the reason I didn't meant to upset you.

Jade: It's ok, you wanna watch the movie now.

Tori: Sure.

Tori's thought ' Wait a minute... Why did she get over it so quickly? She is lying, but I'm not going to say anything else. I'm going to play alone and get her in the end.

After the movie

Tori and Jade is tangled up together after the movie ends and neither seems bothered to move.

Tori: Jade?

Jade: Yea

Tori: What was the call about?

Jade: I don't want to talk about it.

Tori untangles herself and turns to look at Jade and she follows suit.

Tori: Every time I bring it up you don't want to talk about it.

Jade: It doesn't matter what happened anymore because everything is fine.

Tori: Please Jade, I know there is something your hiding. Why don't you just tell me?

Jade: Because the problem is solved.

Tori: The problem might be solved but I still want to know.

Jade: Why?

Tori: Because I want "INTERRUPTION!"

Trick knocks on the door and hands Jade the phone. Jade takes it wondering who in the world would call at 1130.


Jade-Yes, who is this?

Jade-Is everything ok?

Jade-I'm seated.

Jade-Well what is it?


Jade-How long?

Jade-Thank you. Goodbye

Trick: What is it Jade?

Jade: Oh it was he said to make sure Trey's temperature is normal.

Trick: Was that all?

Jade: Yea.

Trick: Your face said there is more.

Jade: I was just thinking what if he temperature isn't normal.

Trick: It will be. Don't worry.

Then he left out the room closing the door behind him.

Tori: Why is a Dr. calling to check on your brother?

Jade: *sigh* Ok. I guess I will tell you what happened that day I got the call.

Jade tells her how her family got into a car accident and Jay came back that day and they were at the hospital the whole day and she sung her mom to an endless she didn't even get to say goodbye to her dad. And her brother was in a comma until yesterday and she called Trick who is like a older brother. Tori is silent for a few minutes after hearing that. Jade thinks she broke her so

Jade: Tori? Are you ok?

Tori lifts her head to look at her. Jade sees that Tori has tears running down her face. Jade wipes the tears and hugs Tori.

Jade: I didn't meant to make you cry.

Tori: You... you... you...

Jade: Shh it's ok.

Tori: You've been through so much. I couldn't imagine loosing my parents.

After a while Tori stopped crying. Jade thought if she gets so upset over something that happened to me I don't know what would happen if it happened to her. I don't even want to think about it.

Tori: I'm sorry.

Jade: Me too.

Tori: This is why you wanted to change.

Jade: Yea. Stop burning my bridges down. I was burning mine down with you for a long time but now I'm throwing water on it. Will you help me build it back?

Tori: I'm already starting on it.

Jade: Tori I need to tell you something.

Tori: Jade, don't freak out but there is a huge snake behind you.

Tori looks like she is about to have a heart attack seizure and stroke all at the same time.

Jade: Ugh I must have left the door open. It's ok Tori.

I place my hand on hers and she immediately calms down.

Jade: They are my pets. And that one is Nicki.

Tori: It's a girl.

Jade: I don't know. I think they are all boys. But it's just a name.

Tori: Hold on. You have more?

Jade: One python and cobra. This is an anaconda. Do you want me to put it up?

Tori: Uh.. Not unless it will it try to touch me?

Jade: Are you scared of it?

Tori: Yes.

Jade: Then it wont touch you. Oh crap if she is out that means

Tori: What?

Jade: Do you trust me?

Why did I ask that of course she doesn't trust me

Tori: Yes.

Huh, I was wrong

Jade: Close your eyes until I say open them. Ok?

Tori: Ok.

She closes her eye then feels Jade get up. She feels a lot of weight on the bed next to her now and hears Jade say' Damn it. Off the bed!' trying to whisper and yell at the same time. It makes me giggle a little.

Tori: Do you have a dog or something?

Jade: Something, yea.

Tori: What is this something that I can't see? You told about your snakes.

Jade: I don't want you to scream like a little baby.

Tori: I will not.

Then Tori opened her eyes to see a full grown lion next to her and she jumps up and runs behind Jade shaking.

Jade: I told you not to open your eyes. You just don't listen do you.

Tori: Is it going to eat me?

Jade: Vega, don't you think if he was going to eat you he would of done it by now.

Vega: Why do you have a lion?

Jade: Whispering won't help. He can still hear you.

Then I go to grab my belt and I pull Tori out of the way.

Jade: Now don't move. I mean it. Don't. Move.

I walk over to my bed

Jade: Get off the bed Simba. Now!

The lion sits down then lays down like she didn't say anything. She wraps the metal end of the belt around her hand a couple times and hits the bed hard. The lion doesn't move at all and Tori is kinda scared of whats about to happen but does as told and stays where she is. Jade again hits the bed with twice the force as first time, lion just turns and looks at her then back. Right after Mufasa walks in and Tori almost faints at that.

Tori: J J Jade. How many do you have?

Jade turns around to see Mufasa enter the room and walking over to Tori

Jade: God damn it! I have four.

Tori: Will he come close to me?

Jade: Yes, but don't panic. None of them will hurt you. They are just hard headed.

Tori: I think I might die if I see another.

Jade: If you die I will kill you.

Tori laughs at that and Jade laughs too.

Tori: How do you control them?

Jade: With my charm and good looks.

Tori: So you don't.

Jade: Hey! I can control them. They just don't know how to act around company.

Jade turns back around to Simba

Jade: Two can play at this game.

Then she calls out Nala! Kiara! Then the other two lions walk in followed by trick with a terrified look in his face.

Jade: I got this Trick. Wow! Trick see I told you, you would look good in a shirt.

Trick: I like how this one fits but none of the others.

Jade: I will get you more like that one then, but you have to where a shirt when your out in public from now on.

Trick: Mmm ok but can I be free in the house? Please?

Jade: Yea sure.

She turns back to the hard headed lion on her bed.

Jade: Now you have 5 seconds until you get embarrassed Simba

He just yawns so Jade starts to count down

Jade: 5, 4,

The lioness turn to face Tori

Jade: 3

Mufasa turns too

Jade: 2

They sit down facing Tori and she is a little confused at the moment

Jade: 1

And with that Jade hit that lion as hard as she could and it roared then got off the bed. It walked over to Trick and he rubbed where Jade hit it. Trick walked out and all but Nala walked out and slithered behind him.

Jade: Sorry you had to see that. He has always been a show off.

Tori: This one didn't follow after the rest.

Jade: She knows she is my favorite. She always stays. I can send her away if she scares you.

Tori: No it's fine.

Jade: Come here sweetie

Nala walks over to her and hops up on the bed next to her. Jade pets her like she would pet a dog. Tori walks over and sits on the other side of the lioness and pets it head.

Jade: I don't know anything about you miss Tori Vega.

Tori: You know the basics.

Jade: Why aren't you all like 'Oh my god Jade is a psychopath I have to tell everyone' like everyone else would do.

Tori: Before my dad became a cop he was at the zoo all the time. He volunteered a lot. He took me with him a lot so I was around a lot of wild animals.

Jade: Cool, so does this mean I don't have to lock them up tonight.

Tori: No let them roam.

She is so much better then I thought. I just love her more and more.

Jade: Tori I need to say something important.

Tori: Im all ears

Tori takes the lioness ears and wiggles them.

Jade: Your silly but on a serious note.

Tori: Im listening

She turns her whole body toward me giving me all her attention

Jade: I've known this for a long time but was too afraid to say anything. I lo

*Knock knock*

Jade: Will I ever be able to say it' I whisper under my breath' Come in!

Trey: Someone is at the door asking for you.

Jade: I will be right back

I get up and go up stair and see a blonde standing in the living room.

Jade: You should of closed the door back. Now go to bed.

She kind of looks familiar from behind but I'm not sure.

Jade: Someone looking for me?

She turns around and I freeze on the spot

Hello Jade

Who is this mystery woman? And I need a name for her too. After someone gives me a name you will see the next chapter. Until next time. Be breezy!

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