This Is Me


I wake up and rub my eyes remembering all that took place last night makes me want to smile laugh cry ans cream all at once. I didn't get to tell Tori I love her but I told her my story, well part of it. Ashley came back and so many other emotions was flowing but I think hate was the strongest. And we stayed up all night and well I guess Tori is a cuddlier, but I don't mind. And...

Jade: Oops. It's 1200, I was suppose to wake up so I could wake her up.

I turn to Tori knowing that she wasn't going to be happy

Jade: Tori wake up, Tori... Vega!

Tori: What?! Jade, do you have to yell?

Jade: Sorry, but we are going to be late.

Tori: What time is it?

Jade: 12 'I say in a sorta whisper'

Tori: Jade! You said you would wake me up!

Jade: Well I did, just a few hours later.

Tori: Im going to be in so much trouble.

Jade: No you wont. I got it covered.

Tori: What do you mean by you got it covered?

Jade: I will just do the same thing I did yesterday and the day before that.

Tori: Which is?

Jade: Pay them to keep their mouths shut and count us in.

Tori: That has to be illegal.

Jade: They take it so I guess it's not.

Tori: It's still wrong.

Jade: Don't be such a poopy head Vega. Get ready because we are getting coffee on the way.

We get ready and head to the cafe down the street and it was flooded. They really are the best but I cut in line because I've been coming her since I was 10. So I'm kinda like there number 1 costumer. After we get our coffee we leave and drink on the way to school. When we get to school we go our separate ways to class then our last class which is Sikowitz. He asked so many question about us after class it was giving me a head. I yelled at him everything is fine and grabbed Tori's hand and stormed out the room. Now I remember why I was always so ganky, people are annoying.

I start driving to Tori's house when I remember that her car was going to be there so I took another route because I didn't get to tell her yet. We went to the mall and got her a dress that caught her eye and I got one that caught mine. Her's was a plain fuchsia color that was about 2 inches about the knee and form fitting. Mine was black with gold spikes on the shoulder's. I want to tell her how I feel now so I make a quick call and get a special table for us, she knows nothing about it yet though. This is why I don't burn my bridges anymore, my parents knew people so now I know people. The people I know now might help me in the future, well if I had a future but thats not the point of tonight.

Now I drive to fancy pants which looks groggy on the outside but is super nice on the inside. Once we get there she looks really confused because it looks like a dirty bar or strip club from the outside.

Jade: It's really not what you think.

Tori: I don't think I will say anything.

Jade: Well come on then

I grab her hand and lead her into the restaurant

Tori: Wow. You keep surprising me.

Jade: I plan to keep doing it too.

Waiter: Name?

Jade: West

Waiter: Oh yes. Right this way.

On our way back I pull to the side of the road a couple blocks away from her house. And I'm just trying to figure out how to tell her. There could not possibly be a way to interrupt me this time.

Tori: Thank you for this Jade

Jade: No need to thank me

Tori's thoughts - Oh she thinks she has me but she doesn't. I love playing her, I will crush her soul. Huh, that doesn't sound very nice but what do I care, I mean she was planning to do the same thing.

Tori: I really had a good time tonight but I really should get home

Jade: There is something I want to tell you first. I have tried to tell you be fore but kept getting interrupted. Tori, I *ring ring*

Jade sighs then picks up her phone relentlessly.


Trick- Don't tell her Jade!

Jade- What? Why not?

Trick- I will explain when you get home. Just don't tell her. You have to trust me.

Jade- Fine...

I hang up and turn towards Tori, she looks expecting of something.

Tori: So what did you want to tell me?

Jade: That I... I think that you are a very good friend.

Oh yeah, that won't really explain the car.

Jade: And that I think you should have something from me since you gave me a chance to be your friend after all I've done. So I got you something almost as beautiful as you.

Tori: Oh you didn't have to get me anything Jade. I mean you already bought me this wonderful dress.

Jade: I know I didn't have to, but I wanted to.

I turn back to the road knowing that Tori is now confused because I didn't tell her what it is or give it to her yet. I start the truck then look over at her.

Tori: So then where is it?

Jade: We are close.

As I pull up in her drive way I have a huge smirk on my face knowing that she is still clueless. I walk over to her side and open the door for her.

Jade: Ok. Now open your garage.

Tori: Why?

Jade: Just do it.

She does as told and when it is opened she just stands there frozen. Until...

Tori: *loud scream* Oh my god Jade!

Jade: I guess you like it then.

Tori: I love it love it love it! Oh thank you Jade! This is the best thing I have ever gotten! Your the best!

My ears have to be bleeding by this point because she is so loud. Now she is hugging me to death, I guess this is a good way to die though.

Jade: What are friends for right?

Tori: Wait... I can't afford

Jade: It's paid for and everything is in my name. You don't worry about a thing. Now I have to go home, Trick needs me.

Tori: Thank you for everything Jade.

Then she kisses me on the cheek. If Trick had not stopped me it could have been on my lips. Damn you Trick, you sure better have a good excuse.

Well well well. How about that. Review! Comment! Love me! Until next time. Be breezy!

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