This Is Me

The Reason

I drive home kinda happy and mad. Happy because Tori kissed me but mad because I couldn't kiss her back. I pull into my driveway ready to jump out and yell and scream at Trick but when I got inside and seen Trick staring at the TV I thought not to. The TV wasn't even on.

Jade: Trick? Are you ok?

Trick: She will be the end of you Jade.

Jade: What are you talking about?

Trick: She will break you.

Jade: You need to go home because you have went to the loony town.

Trick: Oh Jade, this is home now.

He sound a little creepy like horror movie creepy.

Jade: I love her and she loves me. You need to accept that.

Trick: Please Jade. You must not tell her. Please.

I have never seen him like this and it really is bothering me but I don't understand why he doesn't want me to tell her. So I walk over to him and gently ask

Jade: Why don't you want me to tell her?

Trick: She will break your heart Jade.

Jade: How do you know?

Trick: I seen it, you told her that you love her then she denied you and it was over.

His voice starts cracking so I stop him because her is worst then me with crying. He absolutely hates it I just dislike it.

Jade: It's ok Trick.

Trick: No it's not. I don't mean I seen it in a dream, I really seen it. The future, it will come true.

Jade: What?

Trick: I have lived for many many years Jade. I was told when I was i training that I will have a vision and when I have that vision it means the end of the me.

Jade: Why would you go?

Trick: My vision showed you gone and if you are gone there is no purpose for me.

Jade: Trey will need you.

Trick: Jade, have you noticed how your grandmother has the name West?

Jade: Yeah.

Trick: And your great grandmother.

Jade: Yes. What are you getting at hear Trick?

Trick: The name doesn't pass on through the man, it passes through the women in your family.

Jade: Oh, I never really thought about that, but what does that have to do with you?

Trick: *sigh* Jade. I die with the women. You are the only girl your mother had and she has no sisters or nieces alive. I can't choose to stay, it has never been that way. Trey will still have Jay.

Jade: So when I die our family legend dies with me?

Trick: Yes.

Jade: What if Trey has a little girl when he is older?

Trick: Honestly I don't know. It's always been passed along the women and the first born was always a girl. So it is possible.

Jade: If it's possible then you can't die.

Trick: I will be replaced. Someone that has all the knowledge I have would train her. It would not be me but she or he would know every little thing I know.

Jade: There has to be a way to change the future Trick. Now that we know we can change it.

Trick: There is no changing the future Jade. It always works it self out.

Jade: There has to be a reason why you know. We can change the future.

Trick: I have seen someone try to change the future and it didn't turn out well at all.

Jade: We have to try.

Trick: You will kill yourself and others trying to change it. Just leave it Jade.

Jade: Fine. Ok I will leave it. But

Trick: No! No buts Jade. Please.

Jade: Ok.

Trick: Thank you.

Jade: I'm going to take the lions for a walk.

Trick: What?

Jade: I'm kidding. Geez.

Trick: Of course, right.

Jade: I'm going to bed though.

Trick: Ok and I am sorry Jade.

Jade: It's cool I guess.

I walk down stairs to my room and have other ideas then going to bed, I think about what Trick said long and hard. You know what... He said not to tell her I love her not that I can't ask her out or tell her I like her. BINGO!

After the weekend I went to school Monday told all my friends that I'm going to change. They laughed so I insulted all of them and punched everyone but Cat and Tori. After school I talked to Cat and told her to find out if Tori had feelings for me and she told me yes. I wanted to know why she didn't tell me before and she said Tori made her promise so I let her go. Tuesday after school I went up to Tori at her locker and gave her a white rose and asked her to be my girlfriend, she gladly said yes. She looked bothered by something but when I asked she said it was nothing. I let it go for now because she usually tells someone her problems. When I got home I told Jay and he said he is proud and I also brought my parents back and told them. I found out that I could only talk to them and see them. They are holograms so I couldn't hug them and that made me sad but I will be with them soon enough. I told myself I would tell them sometime next month about me.

Comment! Review! Am I still keeping you all engrossed in my story or is it getting boring. I plan to have maybe 5 more chapters then call it quits for this story. I'm thinking about having another story but it will be alternate endings for this story but idk. We'll see, I sure am having fun with my first fanfic though. Until next time. Be breezy!

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