This Is Me

The remembering Of Ashley and Me

It's Wednesday morning and as I'm about to leave the house to meet Tori Trick comes to stop me.

Trick: Where are you going? I told you I need you hear today.

Jade: No you didn't. When did you say that?

Trick: I told you yesterday before I left your room. Where are you going?

Jade: I'm going to school. I don't remember any of that.

Trick: It doesn't matter but its Saturday.

Jade: What?! No it's not its Wednesday I think.

Trick: Yesterday you came home complaining about Friday's sucking but now you're telling me it's Wednesday.

Jade: Are you ok Trick? You seem really out of it. None of that happened yesterday.

Trick: Are you being serious Jade or are you pulling another one of your pranks or whatever?

Jade: I know what I did Trick. Are you trying to mess up my brain or some shit?

Trick: What? No. Jade, have you come in contact with someone weird lately?

Jade: No. Get your hand off me. I'm fine you're the one acting weird.

Trey: Hey Jadey. Where you going?

Jade: To school. Same as you. Why aren't you dressed?

Trey: It's Saturday Jade.

Jade: Ok maybe im going crazy. It must have been a dream. But how much was a dream?

Trick: Are the dream so real that you think they are real when you wake up?

Jade: Yea. I mean I thought it was Wednesday. And I don't remember our conversation from yesterday.

Trick: What is the last thing you remember Jade?

Jade: Well I asked Tori out and she said yes and I was going to meet her at school early.

Trick: Ok. Thats what you want to happen. Are you sure there wasn't anyone in your dream you talked to thats not normally there.

Jade: Well someone named Ashley was

Trick: Ashley!

Jade: Is that bad?

Trick: That is very bad! Oh no she is still in you. You have to do exactly as I say Jade ok.

Jade: Ok.

Trick: Go get your cobra. You do remember you have a cobra right?

Jade: Yes I remember that.

I run and get my cobra then run back to Trick not really know whats going on.

Trick: Ok. Now bite it's head off.

Jade: Excuse me?

Trick: I know it's nasty but you have to do it now.

Jade: I can't do it. It's not even cooked.

Trick: Jade, listen to me right now this is very very important. If you do not chew that head you will die. I don't want that to happen. SO DO IT NOW!

I was startled when he went from being quiet and calm to loud and stressed.

Jade: Oh man I'm going to hate this.

I close my eyes and bite my Cobra's head off and oh my god it tasted better then you could imagine. After I swallowed it everything went black.

Trick: Jade? Jade? Wake up Jade?

Jade: What happened?


Jade: What the hell!

Trick slapped the hell out of me so I raise a hand to slap him back but he catches my hand.

Trick: Sorry but you had to be sure that this is real. You have to tell me everything from the fist thing you remember to the last thing.

Jade: Well you slapped me then

Trick: No no no. I mean of your life. The very first thing, all details.

Jade: Why?

Trick: Because someone named Ashley came to you and jacked your head up, but she can't do it anymore. You have to tell me so I can fix whats wrong though.

Jade: Ok. Well the first thing I remember is Jay calling me telling me my parents got into an accident...

Jade: And then I woke up and got dressed and walked up stairs to go to school and you stopped me

Trick: Ok ok I'm caught up. I was there for the rest of it. Gosh Jade, if I had not of stopped you I don't know what could have happened.

Jade: Before you tell me the right thing that happened can you tell me who Ashley is?

Trick: It's best if I tell you at the end.

Jade: Ok, how will I know your telling the truth though?

Trick: After I tell you, you will remember the right way.

Jade: Ok. Im ready to remember.

Trick: Stop me when you remember all of it ok, or when you know who Ashley is.

Jade: Alright.

Trick: First off your 16 but your parents didn't die recently, they died 6 years ago. You were 10 years old and you and your brother was at home. Both of your parents was fighting in the greatest war against Ashley. It was Valkyrie's versus Goblin's, Ashley was the queen of Goblin's and Your parent's was Odin and Herja but of course those were just titles. They ruled over all Valkyrie's, but they were in a car accident. Everything you said about the accident was right but it wasn't a truck, it was Ashley. She stopped the car and killed your father and mother but left the child, she never could bring herself to kill the child. He was so young. Your training was in a different world and you only took a day but you lived your life nothing happened. You didn't change and you are not dating Tori, but you did say you were going to ask her out. Your teacher gave you an assignment but it wasn't all that. He did make you too go on a fake date before but it wasn't all that intense. The assignment is the short film and thats all, no one knows where you live and you do have all the animals you say. Well, you don't have a cobra anymore. Sorry you had to do that. And what I told you mostly straightens everything else out but you said you got a call and you didn't tell anyone about it, that is true. You got a call about a week ago and you won't tell me what it's about, but I trust that you will tell me in time. And...

Jade: Stop!

Trick: What?

Jade: I remember. I'm Herja but I made everyone call me Jade because I kept telling them how stupid a title was.

Trick: That is what we did yesterday after you stopped talking about what happened at school.

Jade: Trick?

Trick: Yes.

Jade: Are you sure she won't do it again?

Trick: Even if she tried she couldn't. I made you remember and eat the head of a cobra. You can never be fooled again by her.

Jade: What about

Trick: No one else can either. I will take care of everything. You just enjoy your time being normal.

Jade: I just hate that all that was a dream.

Trick: Well, you can try to change and be nice Jade. And you should take this pill tonight before you sleep Jade.

Jade: Why?

Trick: Well I don't know how you knew in the dream but there is a way you can talk to them. And your mom told me to give you this tonight. You have another but she told me to save that for your wedding.

We both laugh at that. My mom always did push for marriage.

Jade: Ok. I can't remember what you told me I was suppose to help you with though.

Trick: Thats because I didn't tell you..

Jade: Well what's happening?

Trick: I got in touch with Tori's parents and invited them to lunch while you and Tori do something. They agreed and we are having lunch at Chanel's.

I just stand there staring off into space when I see Trick waving his hand in front of my face.

Jade: Oh I misheard you.

Trick: I said I called Tori's parents

Jade: I heard right! What did you do?!

Trick: I invited

Jade: Shut up! Why did you do that? What is wrong with you?

Trick: Well I thought you would like that.

Jade: Ugh! Now you have to cancel! What would give you that idea?

Trick: You said that you chickened out at school and you want to get her alone so you can ask her without your friends staring. I'm not canceling either, I'm not that kind of man.

I sigh and think about it for a minute. I mean he was just trying to help.

Jade: Thank you Trick, but please don't do something like this again without me knowing. I know you meant the best but this wasn't what I mean't. But you do know you will have to put on a shirt, right?

Trick: What? We have been there before many times and I don't where a shirt. No one is bothered by it.

Jade: That's because I used my power to make them think you have on a shirt. I'm going to be way too nervous to do that today. So grab a shirt because it's almost lunch time. When are we going to meet them?

Trick: 12:00

Jade: Trick! It's 11:45. It takes at least 30 minutes to get there. We will show up at 15 minutes late and thats if we leave now!

Trick: Sorry! Geez. I had to get you squared away first. We can just fly there. It will take 10 minutes, tops.

Jade: Go put on a shirt I will grab some money.

Trick: I will need some too so grab my card for me!

He yells running down the hall

Jade: That card is out of money, I have to buy you another one. I will just grab a stack and give you some out of it when we get there!

He comes out with a dirty shirt on

Jade: Get a clean one.

Trick: I don't have any others.

Jade: I constantly buy you shirts, where do they go?

Trick: After I wear them once I give them to goodwill.

Jade: Your suppose to wear them more then once. I will text Jay and tell him to grab a shirt for you and run outside. He should be starting his shift about now... He said ok, grab your shoes I will meet you there. I might get there before you.

Trick: Ok.

While trick runs back down the hall for his shoes I fly out to Wal mart to get a shirt from Jay. I'm lucky he works there or there would be a problem taking a shirt and walking out the door. When I see him at the back employee door I fly down grab the shirt drop a 20 and yell thanks as I fly away. I don't understand why he has a job when I pay for his house and everything else he has. He literally live right across the street. When I get close to the restaurant I see trick flying towards it so I guess he threw on a pair a shoes instead of take his time like he usually does. I fly over to him give him the shirt and as he puts his shirt on I see Tori's car or I guess her parents car drive in the parking lot looking for a place to park. They find on quickly but a little way away from the door so that gives me and Trick enough time to fly down go inside say our name and tell the waiter to hurry because we are late. Since I know all the workers and they know me the one that was seating us hurried. When we sit down the waiter goes to bring the Vegas over to our table. We sit down and talk a bit well they sit down and talk a bit while me and vega look at each other with all kind of different expressions.

Yeah I know I said a few more chapters but I think it's going to be more then a few or should i do a few and start another story so there wont be like a thousand chapters? You tell me. Oh and sorry I didn't make her the girlfriend. Until next time. Be breezy!

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