This Is Me

Final Line


Trick and Mr. and Mrs. Vega are kicking us out of the group. We walk out then I remember I didn't drive my truck so we just walk where ever the sidewalk takes us. Neither one of us talk for the first few minutes. I try to say something but nothing comes to mind for me to say. She is the first one to break the ice.

Tori: Is that your brother?

Jade: Uh... sure.

Tori: How old is he?

Jade: I don't know.

She looks at me with an unbelieving look then I realized what I just said.

Jade: Oh I mean he is 17.

Tori: He looks older than that.

Jade: I meant 27.

Tori: Right. So what did you want to tell me?

Jade: Huh?

Tori: Your brother told my mom you had something very important to tell me.

Jade: Did he now?

Tori: Yea

She continues to look at her shoes as she walks and I keep looking from her to whats in front of me to my own shoes.

Jade: Are you, ummm... are you with someone?

Tori: You mean like dating?

Jade: Yeah.

Tori: No.

Jade: Well do you want to hang out sometime?

Tori stops walking and I stop with her. She look at me with confusion and hope

Tori: You mean like a date?

Jade: Well yeah. Unless your busy than I will understand. I mean I get it if you don't want

Tori: Hey! Chill. I want to.

Jade: Seriously?

Tori: Yea but... I thought you hated me.

Jade: Well there's a fine line between love and hate.

Tori: I guess so.

Jade: So where are we going?

Tori: We just keep walking in circles.

Jade: Well are you hungry?

Tori: A little.

Jade: Well lets go pick something up then we can go to my hang out palace.

Tori: Hangout palace?

Jade: Yeah its a cool place.

Tori: How far away is the nearest fast food place.

Jade: Like 30 mins

Tori: Ugh! thats a lot of walking.

Jade: Don't worry about that. You won't have to walk.

Tori: You have your car?

Jade: No. Follow me and we will go.

We walk back to the restaurant and go behind it

Jade: Ready?

Tori: I guess.

I spread my wing, slowly so she doesn't get too freaked out and then hold my hand out for her to grab. It takes her a while to get over the realness but she eventually takes my hand. I pull her close and she holds on tight, I fly up and she looks down and smiles.

Tori: Wow. We are high up.

then she looks at me

Tori: Is this real?

Jade: No, it's just a story.

Tori: Of course it is.

Jade: Where do you want to go? There is a burger king, McDonald's, Wendy's, and taco bell in the same area.

Tori: Wendy's. I haven't been there in a while.

Jade: Alright now hang on tight.

She squeezes the life out of me when I say that

Jade: But I do need air to live.

She lets her grip loosen a little. Right as I started to fly in the direction of Wendy's it got super foggy and then before I knew it I seen an air plain headed right for us. I moved out the way in time thought and turned to see the back of the air plain. I should not have done that though because the next thing I seen when I turned around was helicopter rotor blade. Tori screams and I try to fly up but I'm so shocked I drop Tori and get CHOP CHOP CHOP up and Tori gets SPLAT on the ground!


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