This Is Me

The Call

*ring ring *ring ring

Jade grabs her phone off the floor remembering where she was and…

Jade "Hello?"

Jay "Jade?"

Jade "Who is this?"

Jay "It's me. Jay"

Jades eyes open and she smiles a little

Jade "Where the hell have you been? I've missed you so much."

Jay "I've missed you too but sadly I don't call for a good chat."

Jade "Oh… well what's wrong?"

Jay "I was coming here to surprise you guys and I was stuck in traffic because there was an accident. It was an 18 wheeler and a Blue and black Nissan Altima."

Weird my parents have the same car, jade thought.

Jade "Are you alright?"

Jay "Yes but, *sniff* your p… your par… your parents was in the accident and I'm up at the hospital with your mom and brother" He said really fast then starts to cry heavily but Jade heard all of it.

Jade "What?" She says her voice cracking

Jay "I'm so sorry Jade. They are at BMO hospital in room 914."

Jade "Wait, what about…"

Jay "He didn't make it"

Jade "I can't believe this is happening. I'm on my way"

Jade hangs up and wipes her tears forgetting where she is for a second. She gets up and as she is about to walk out the room she feels a hand grab her wrist.

Tori "What's wrong Jade?" Her voice full of concern

Jade "Nothing, I have to go. See you later Vega"

She yanked her arm out of Tori's grip and rushes out to her car. It is raining and she is crying so it's hard to see but she speeds anyway, she runs a red light and crashes into the side of a car. She gets out and sees a child in the back seat, so she gets the child out and puts him in her car. She gets what she thinks is his mother out of the passenger seat and helps her get in her car, she killed the man but she didn't really care about anything except getting to the hospital right now. When she gets to the hospital she explains what happened gets the child in the room with her mom and…

So. Leave reviews and tell me what you think of my newbie story. Until next time…

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