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Family Secret

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To The Dr. No she wasn't that close to her dad but he was always there.

To Truu, This is a tragedy but its not the big one. And I will put supernatural stuff in this.

Jade walks into the room and first person she sees it her mom in the bed, she rushes over to her and starts to burst out in tears. Her mom moves to hug her but all she can do is open her arms. Jade hugs her mom and lays next to her on the bed. They just hold each other for a little while then her mom tell her a story about a family with wings and powers over 2 species of animals.

Jade: That sounds like a pretty awesome story

Mom: Now the thing is, Its true.

Jade: How is it really possible to have wings? And have rings that make animals obey you?

Mom: You will find out all of that. Go outside and tell Jay to go home and wait for you.

Jade: I'm not leaving you or trey tonight. I'm staying here.

Mom: Jade. Trey will not wake up until tomorrow. Trust me. And I'm... Just go, now.

Jade does as she is told and Jay tells her its time before he leave. She didn't understand what he meant by 'its time' but she didn't think too much about it because she had other things to worry about right now. She walks back in the room to find her mom sitting on the edge of the bed trying to stand. Jade runs over to her placing her hands on her shoulders.

Jade: Mom your too weak to stand, you will hurt yourself.

Mom: Babe, I love you but you are either going to get out my way or help me get up. Now its your choice.

She moved Jades hands from her shoulders and started getting up again, Jade seen the pain on her moms face and knew she could do nothing but help because her mom is even more stubborn then herself. She grabs her moms arm and helps her over to her destination, treys bed. She sits down in the chair next to his bed and holds his hand.

Mom: I'm so sorry I wont be here when you wake up. I will always be in your heart though.

She turns to look at Jade

Mom: Grab my purse sweetie. Thank you, sit down.

Jade grabs the chair from across the room and pulls it up to her mother so they are touching arm and arm. her mom reaches into her purse and takes a necklaces out with wings that made a heart on it. Just like the one from the story she just heard. 'oh my god. my family is that story' Jade thought. Her mom put the necklace on Trey after a few seconds it disappeared like it was never there. Then she took out two rings and turned to Jade then handed her the rings.

Mom: Put one on each ring finger

Jade slips a ring with a silver lion wrapped up in a silver snake on her right hand. She slips the one with golden wings on her left hand. After a few seconds they disappear just like the necklace she put on Trey.

Mom: Help me over to my bed baby

Jade looked at her mothers hand after she got her to bed and she notices something that wasnt there before.

Jade: Mom? Where you wearing this ring earlier?

Mom: No. 'she starts crying' No I wasn't.

Jade: Are you in pain mom? Do you want me to get a nurse?

It was a four loop ring, so it goes on all four fingers. From the index to the ring finger its a lion with wings and a snake wrapped around it. The pinkie Has a skull that represents death.

Mom: No, I just... *sniff sniff* I just need to tell you something. we dont have much time so listen closely.

Jade: OK. I'm all ears.

Mom: I need you to go straight home and close your door. Make sure its locked and tell Jay not to come in no matter what. I cant tell you whats going to happen but i can tell you to take this.

She takes off her ring and it turns into a pill. A horse pill at that. Jade looked at it like it was an alien from a different planet.

Mom: Take this now and by the time the thing happens you wont be in unbearable pain.

Jade: OK. 'She went to go and take the pill then came back immediately' I took it.

Mom: After your pain calms down there will be a man there. He will train you, he has been with this family since the beginning of time. You can trust him. He will take you somewhere you've never been and you brother your father and I will be there. It will be the last time we see each other. His name is trick, and don't worry about a funeral because he has got that covered. 'She murmurs the last part trying not to cry' He will have already of talked with your friends.

Jade: I don't want them there.

Mom: I'm sorry Jade. You don't have a choice, its already done. Only the ones your heart desires to be there will know.

Jade: I don't want anyone there. I don't want you to go. 'She says her voice cracking'

Mom: Come here baby. Lay down with me.

Jade does as told and they hold each other. Jade starts to cry hard.

Mom: Stay strong for me Honey. Stay strong for all of us.

Jade: I will stay strong for all of us.

Mom: Do you remember what song I use to sing to you to help you sleep when you couldn't?

Jade: Yes

Mom: Do you remember the last time I sung to you?

Jade: Yea, It was the beginning of my freshman year at Hollywood Arts

Mom: When you thought Tori Vega was going to steal your boyfriend Beck from you.

Jade: Yea and now I'm paired with her for a project. I dumped Beck about a month ago, I didn't love him like that anymore, but we are still friends.

Mom: I'm happy for you babe. Do you still hate her.

Jade: No but I cant let her know that. I broke up with Beck because I have feelings for her.

Mom: You should tell her how you feel

Jade: I don't think she is like that mom

Mom: You have to try to find out. I wouldn't have... 'Her grip tightens on Jade and Jade looks at her'

Jade: Whats wrong? 'She ask with tears in her eyes again'

Mom: Do you remember when I asked you what song you would sing at my funeral about 3 months ago?

Jade: I remember.

Mom: Did you pick a song?

Jade: I started writing a song.

Mom: Did you finish the song?

Jade: Actually I finish a week ago. Why do you ask?

Mom: I want you to sing it to me. Sing me my song baby.

Jade: Mom ' she starts to cry again' please

Mom: Don't cry baby. Please don't cry... I just wanted to hear it before I... You don't have to.

Jade: I will sing, I wouldn't want to do anything else.

Mom: I love you honey

Jade: I love more

Mom: I love you the most

They hold each other tight and Jade starts to sing

(Heaven by Beyonce)

I fought for you

The hardest, it made me the strongest

So tell me your secrets

I just can't stand to see you leaving

But heaven couldn't wait for you

No heaven couldn't wait for you

Heaven couldn't wait for you

No heaven couldn't wait for you

So go on, go home

We laughed at the darkness

So scared that we lost it

We stood on the ceilings

You showed me love was all you needed

But heaven couldn't wait for you

No heaven couldn't wait for you

'Jade feels her moms grip loosen but still feels her breathing'

Heaven couldn't wait for you

No heaven couldn't wait for you you you you you you

'She feels no movement from her mom at all'

Heaven couldn't wait for you

No heaven couldn't wait for you

Heaven couldn't wait for you

'Now she feels her body getting cold and she knows shes gone'

No heaven couldn't wait for you

So go on, go home

She kisses her moms head and gets out of the bed then walks out without looking back. The whole way back down to her car she cries. She gets into her car and drives home

She gets home tells Jay not to come in her room no matter what he hears then goes down to basement where her room is and locks the down behind her and she sits on her bed ready for whatever that's about to come. About 10 mins of waiting her back starts to feel weird then a pain. Then all of a sudden she is down on the floor in pain she cant describe. Its like hell on her back then someone tries to put out the fire with cannons. The pain lets up after a few mins, instead of feeling like that it feels like a needle in her back but its sore. She gets up off the floor and a tall black man without a shirt is looking at her. He pulls out a mirror seams out of nowhere and Jade stares in shock. She reaches back and OH MY GOD, there are real. She has full grow white wing with 2 black feather on each wing.

Trick: My name is trick and I will be helping you learn how to use your wings and hide them.

Jade: Is there anything for the pain

Trick: You must endear the pain until it goes away.

Jade: So when do we get started?

Trick: Right now

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out something that looks like a marble and throws it on the floor, black fog everywhere you can see nothing. Once the fog clears they are not in her room but outside. Not outside her house, somewhere else. Its a field with something next to them that looks like a latter but is attached to nothing.

Trick: OK, now first thing you have to do is stretch your wings. Second, I will fly you up a few yards and you will try to fly until you get it down. Third, we will climb that 'He points up to the latter' and you will fly off. Fourth, you will get to sleep in the house after we fly to it. Fifth, I will teach you how to retract your wings and control them. Last but not least I will teach you how to fly without being seen, no matter how many people are around.

Jade: Wait, what about school? What about my friends? This sounds like it will take a while.

Trick: Time is different here

Jade: What do you mean?

Trick: 1 hour here is only 2 second in the real world

Jade: So if I'm here 1 day in the real world I'm here for 48 seconds, right?

Trick: Right

Jade: So if I'm here for a year in the real world it would be...

Trick: It would be

Jade: Don't tell me... It would be... 17472 second which is... 28 minutes. So if I'm here for a year I'm here for 28 minutes.

Trick: Yea that's sound right

Jade: Wow! That is weird. So how long in this world do you think it will take me?

Trick: Somewhere around 32 years

Jade: 32 years!

Trick: Yep that's it

Jade: That's it!

Trick: Are you having a hard time hearing me?

Jade: What about my friends and my brother I cant stay here that long!?

Trick: 32 years here is only 14 hours back home

Jade: Do I age here too? Like I do in real life

Trick: Yes you do

Jade: When I get home it will only be what? 1 am? 2 am?

Trick: Yea something like that

Jade: Well... Okay. I'm going to miss my friend though because it will be 32 years without them.

Trick: Don't worry, The time will fly by quicker that you know it.

Mom: He is right

Dad: He is always right

Jade turns around hearing their voices and runs to them and hugs them tight.

Jade: I thought I would never see you again

Mom: We are only going to be here for the end of each course you pass.

Dad: After you learn how to fly without being seen we will no longer be here

Mom: We will always be in your heart.

Dad: Now we must go and show up at Trey's introduction

Mom: See you soon honey

And they disappeared into the air

Jade: Lets get started

Ok leave reviews, tell me what you think and I will continue. Im not sure if Im going to put the training in there or not. You will have to see.

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