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Last Day part I

Im sorry guys. I forgot to tell you what the moms ring looked like. It was a four loop ring, so it goes on all four fingers. From the index to the ring finger its a lion with wings and a snake wrapped around it. The pinkie Has a skull that represents death. I decided to not put the training because I typed it and seen that it was only like 200 something words. So use your imagination for that part.I will put the last day and transitioning though. This will turn into a song fic soon.I dont own Victorious the owners do. Enjoy!

End of training

Mom: Jadey! Come here sweetie!

Jade: Yes mom. 'Jade runs to the living room of the... mansion? that doesn't even describe how big it is. After 32 years she still hasn't seen all of the house.

Mom: This is going to be your last day here. Your going back to the hospital to get your brother then to school. You'll see your friends again and you will be 16 again.

Jade: So I wont see you anymore?

Mom: Im sorry but no you wont.

Trey: So then we should make our last day here the best day.

Jade: Yea. What do y'all want to do?

Trey: How about we fly to the top of the house?

Mom: It will take forever to get up there.

Jade: Has anyone every gotten to the top?

Trick: Only me.

Dad: So that means its off limits

Trick: No. No one has ever wanted to see the top

Trey: So we can go?

Trick: Yes we can go. You might wanna eat something first, it takes about an hour to get there.

Jade: Wow that's a long time but we can do it. You trained us to fly for days, we was tired as fuck but we can do it.

Trey: We can eat what was left over from yesterday.

Dad: Ok. I will heat it up.

Trick: Jade, could I talk to you for a moment.

Jade: Yea sure

Trick: I will be with you at first in the real world. Just to make sure your ok and can handle it, I know you can though.

Jade: Great, at least it wont be just me and trey.

Trick: And Jay

Jade: Oh yea. I almost forgot about him. Its been forever.

Trick: Don't worry. I forgot what time in life your going to be back but I know you will have hours to rest. When You get back home you wont recall anything but me and you going and coming back. I will put you to sleep than when you wake up you will have all the knowledge you learned here.

Jade: So, When I go back. I will just be getting my wings?

Trick: Yes. You will be in high school again, and see all your friends again.

Jade: Trey will be in the hospital. Will we still know what you taught us? Will we have to hide our life experience?

Trick: You will remember and know all I've taught you when you wake up. You wont have to hide anything except your wings and what went on here. It is easier then it sounds.

Jade: Ok well lets stop talking and eat so we can enjoy our last day together.

Trick: I dont want you to tell anyone that I will be with you ok.

Jade: Yea sure. Now come on lets go.

Dad: Jade! Trick! Food is ready! 'Her dad yells from the kitchen'

Trick: I guess we will get to it.

They finished eating then went outside and right as they where about to take off Trey asked what everyone was thinking.

Trey: When we go back I will be 10 again and in the hospital?

Jade: Yea 'She says as she looks down at her shoes'

Trey: I dont really care about that but... When we go back... 'He looks between his mom and dad' You two will be dead and gone? I will never see you again?

Mom: No. You wont see us again but look at it this way. Some kids only have a dieing second with their parent if that, but you... you two had 30 years to say goodbye.

Jade: Yea we are special.

Trey: Its never enough time to say goodbye.

Dad: Well its going to happen so lets act like we are saying goodbye today say hello tomorrow.

Jade: How about we go before this gets all sappy.

Everyone laughs

Mom: You never do change Jadey. She is right lets go.

Trick: First one there gets the booty.

Trey: What?

Everyone stares at trick like he was speaking a different language then Trick laughs.

Trick: I mean one of the boxes of money I have up there.

Trey was off when he heard money

Jade: Oh there is no way I'm going to let him beat me

And the rest of them were off too. Jade was the first to the top and she picked the biggest box of all.

Trick: So like you to be greedy Jade

Jade: Well I'm not the only one. Why do you have so much? You don't even use money here.

Trick: When I go to the real world I gotta have something

Jade: If you have all of this money why don't you wear or own any shirts?

Mom: Yea. Why is that? I haven't seen you in a shirt since I've known you.

Trick: Look at you shirts

They look at their shirts then remembered They only wear it once because it rips every time they fly.

Jade: Oh...

Trick: Yep

Jade: I have an idea. We can cut slits in the back so we don't mess them up like this any more.

Dad: That sounds like a good idea. Now that we have been up here lets go back down and get a new shirt and do that.

Trick: Alright. Lets go.

Jade: Last one there is a rotten egg!

After Jade carves her name in the wall she dives down to the ground. After they are all down they do as planned.

Jade: So when I get home I can just cut slits in all my shirts.

Trey: What if you get hot and take your jacket off?

Mom: What do you mean?

Jade: I think I know what he means. If they ask I will just say because I want to. They wont question me.

Trick: Yea that's a good idea.

Dad: How much longer do we have?

Trick: Until we go to sleep.

Trey: We probably shouldn't of stayed up so late last night.

Jade: We will just drink a lot of coffee and kick starts and monsters.

Trick: What do you want to do now?

Jade: I have something to show all of you. Follow me.

She flies up into the sky and they follow. Soon they get to a little cabin type thing in the sky just floating.

Jade: OK. Come in.

Trick: Wow Jade.

Mom: When did you do this.

Jade: While you were sleeping.

Trey: Oh my god! You got a hockey pool soccer table!

Mom: What the bloody hell is that?

Jade: Go look for yourself.

Ok. Thats it for now. Please leave reviews, good or bad but mostly good. Tell me how you liked it. Next chapter will be them going back to real life. Until next time...

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