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Last Day part II

I do not own Victorious the owners do. Love the reviews please tell me what you think. I want to give a shout out to Invader Johnny, The Dr, and Truu for always giving a review. Enjoy this little chapter I put together.

Last Night

Trick: Its getting late guys, we need to get going so you can return to your lives.

Jade: That is what is so good about this place. 'Everyone looks at her funny' We never have to leave. We can be together forever.

'Trey goes to the door and pulls on it but it doesn't open so he pulls harder and harder'

Trey: The door won't open

Jade: Why should the door open? You want to leave.

Trey: Well yea. We have to go back to our life.

Jade: No we don't! We will be together forever and ever!

Dad: Honey, it doesn't work like that.

Jade: No one is leaving! 'Everyone looking at each other'

Mom: Jadey 'Her mom speaks calmly' You have to let us go.

Jade: But I don't want you to leave. We can be together forever. Don't you want that? 'She says with her voice cracking'

Mom: No. I want you to live your life. That's what I want.

Jade: I did this for you, and you don't want it.

Dad: We had our time honey.

Trick: They lived their lives Jade.

Trey: Now its time for us to live ours.

Mom: You have to let us go Jade. 'She walks to Jade and puts a hand on her shoulder'

You cant hold us hostage. You have to let us go.

'Jade starts to tear up but fights it'

Jade: Why don't you want this?

Dad: We have had all our life with you, we grew old together and now its time for us to go for good.

Jade: OK. I don't want you to be mad.

Trey: Just open the door Jade.

Jade: I can't.

Mom: You have to Jade.

Jade: No, I mean I literally cant.

Trick: I don't understand.

Jade: Its a one way door.

Dad: There's gotta be another way out.

Jade: I'm afraid not.

Trick: Yea there is one way. Did anyone help you build this?

Jade: Only T.J.

Trick: There is 2 gun under the floor board.

Trey: Oh, I get it. Your going to shoot a window.

Jade: That wont work. The windows are bullet proof.

Trick: Found it!

Dad: She said the windows are bullet proof.

Trick: That wasn't the way out.

Mom: Well whats the way out?

Dad: Wait Jade, How about you and your brother do a song for us before you leave.

Trey: No offense but we are trying to figure out how to get out of this place. and you want to hear a song?

Mom: No Trey, your father is right.

Dad: I am? Oh... Yes I am.

Trick: I say go for it. I mean its their dieing wish.

Jade: Are you kidding me?

Trick: You are the one who trapped us here. The least you can do is sing for us, you have a beautiful voice and your better together. Please.

Jade: No.

Trey: Please Jade...

Jade: I refuse to sing a song. It would just be a goodbye song. 'Her voice getting low as she said the last part'

Mom: Maybe that's what we need, a goodbye song.

Dad: I just want to her my babies sing one last time.

Trey: Please Jade.

Jade: OK Fine! But its so hard to say goodbye.

Dad: Say goodbye today so...

Mom: You can say hello tomorrow.

Trick: And what is today but yesterday tomorrow and tomorrows yesterday.

Jade: Come on Trey. Lets go make a song. 'They head down the hallway to the far right'

An hour later and Jade and Trey come back out and lead the rest into the room they just left. Its kinda dark so no one can really see. Jade gets them seated and then runs up to the "stage" she build right before they came in. Lights shine on the stage then the curtains get pulled back. Trey starts the music as they get ready to sing.

(Its so hard to say goodbye by Boyz II Men)

How do I say goodbye to what we had?

The good times that made us laugh

Outweigh the bad

I thought we'd get to see forever

But forever's gone away

It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

I don't know where this road is going to lead

All I know is where we've been

And what we've been through

If we get to see tomorrow

I hope it's worth all the wait

It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

And I'll take with me the memories

To be my sunshine after the rain

It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

And I'll take with me the memory

To be my sunshine after the rain

It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

They clap as Jade and Trey bow and walk of "stage".

Mom: That was amazing!

Jade Trey: Thanks

Dad: That meant the world to us. Thank you.

Trick: Are you two ready to go?

Trey: Not yet

Trick: Not you... 'He turns to face their parents' you two?

Mom: Yes we are ready to go. 'She reaches behind Trick to grab the gun from earlier and puts it to her head and the father does the same'

Jade: NO! DON'T!

Mom: Its the only way. Remember what I said to you last year on your birth day. Treat the animals right but be firm and stick to your word.

Dad: And don't leave the door open. They are friendly but they might scare people.

Mom Dad: Goodbye 'They smile at Jade and Trey then hold hands'



Mom: We love you

Jade: We love you too...



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