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I do not own Victorious, Victorious owns me. Thanks for the reviews guys. I try to keep it going, don't want you to get bored ;).Please give me names, alot of names, boy and girl names, it is very important. Enjoy!

Jade: What the hell! 'Jade shoots straight up from her bed' That was some fucked up dream.

She gets up and goes into the kitchen to get a drink. She notices something moving from the living room and...

Jade: Who's there? I have a gun.

Trick: Ha, no you don't.

Jade: No. Cant be.

Trick: It wasn't a dream. I'm sorry Jade.

Jade: No, Mom! Dad! 'She runs up the stairs into her parents bed room and finds nothing' No. Trey! Please be in there please be in there 'She runs to his room and finds nothing' No no no no no no no.

Trick: Remember what we taught you Jade. Don't give in.

Jade: Right. Don't give in, don't give in, wait... What am I not giving into.

Trick: Crazines.

Jade: Right, I can do that.

Trick: You need to get some rest you have school in less than 6 hours.

Jade: Why cant I stay here?

Jay: Because I called you when you was at a friends house.

Jade: I wasn't at a friends house.

Jay: So where were you at when I called?

Jade: Ummm... I was... ummm... Oh I was at Vega's house.

Trick: You don't consider her a friend but you was at her house? 'He ask with a confused expression'

Jade: I was working on something and then I fell asleep.

Jay: Well either way, she knows something wasn't right.

Jade: Fine 'she sighs' Goodnight guys.

Jay: Wait!

Jade: What?

Jay: The lions and snakes are in your room so don't be scared.

Jade: Wait what?!

Trick: Oh right... I will train you later for them.

Jade: Why lions and snakes?

Trick: Out of all the generations none would tell me why but, they found out later. They would not tell me why though.

Jay: They are really cool. I was scared when I seen them but they didn't do anything.

Trick: They only attack in battle and they are really sweet and playful.

Jade: Wait... How do you know about me?

Trick: I gave him a shot oh and Trey will remember when we go get him tomorrow. You can choose someone to tell your secret to if you want but, make sure they don't tell anyone.

Jade: I don't want anyone but us to know.

Trick: Ok that's fine.

Jade: Don't let me over sleep. Night.

Jay: Goodnight.

Trick: Sleep well.

Ok. Tell me what you think. Sorry it was short. Song fic will start soon. Does anyone remember what the stage at lunch is called if not I just call it stage. Leave reviews and names thx.

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