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I'm woken up by my phone once again so I get up to see who is calling. Unknown number I just let it ring and ring and ring... and ring. Since it doesn't stop I answer it and it Trick just to give me his number. He is sweet but sometimes can just be annoying. I save his number then check the time on my phone 5:30. Wow, well he didn't let me over sleep. I sit up in my bed then feel my bed moving under me. I get up and turn on the light then just stand there like a statue when I see lions and snakes around me. Then I remember what is going on and I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding.

Jade: Yea I'm going to have to get use to you guys. I didn't notice how many there is of you.

Knock knock

Jade: Come in!

Trick: Are you decent? 'He walks in backwards covering his eyes'

Jade: No... that's why I let you in. 'He peaked through his fingers' Pervert 'She says playfully'

Trick: Well I don't want to brag 'He smiles'

Jade: So what are there names?

Trick: You have to name them.

Jade: Oh ok... I know the perfect name for them. 'She turns to the first male then goes in order father mother son daughter' Your name will be Mufasa 'Then the lion bowed' Yea I can get use to that. Your name is... I forgot what her name is. 'she turns to Trick'

Trick: Sarabi

Jade: I don't like that name. What is Simba wife name?

Tick: Nala

Jade: You are Nala 'She bows just as the other' And you two are Simba and Kiara. 'They bow together and all rise at once'

Trick: You are the first to name them after The Lion King.

Jade: Well that's the only good Disney movie made. No one can say anything bad about that movie.

Trick: You have 3 snakes to name too

Jade: Oh yea... I haven't seen any snake movies where they named snakes.

Trick: Just think of names then.

Jade: OK. The anaconda name is Nicki and the py...' Trick cuts her off mid sentence'

Trick: Why Nicki?

Jade: Because Nicki Minaj made that song and it was super popular.

Trick laughs

Jade: The python will be named Pie

Trick: Good one 'He chuckled'

Jade: And the cobra is named Kobe.

Trick: OK now you need to remember those names because they will.

Jade: Sure thing.

Trick: Now get ready for school and I kinda crashed your car.

Jade: What! Dude! Now how am I going to get to school!?

Trick: I'm sorry. I just wanted to surprise you with breakfast and You only had eggs and milk in the fridge. But I do have a chef in the kitchen.

Jade: I thought I smelled food. Is it done?

Trick: Give him 10 minutes.

Jade: OK. Get out so I can get dressed.

Trick: Yes ma'am.

Few minutes later

Jade: Wow this is the best bacon and ham omelet I've ever had.

Trick: I take it you like it then. 'He smirks'

Jade: Umm yes, it's like it was made in heaven and sent down just for me! Mmmmmm...

Trick turns to face the chef and dismisses him.

Trick: After you finish head on to school. I'm going to wait for your brother to wake up.

Jade: Wait a minute.

Trick: What?

Jade: You broke my car.

Tick: Well you will have to walk.

Jade: I'm not walking to school.

Trick: Well call a friend.

Jade: They will ask what happened to mine.

Trick: Well then fly, I really don't care as long as you get there!

Jade: Well what if someone sees me.

Trick: That's laughable.

Jade: Its possible.

Tick: No it's not. When we played hide and seek you hide in plain sight and none of us could find you. You'll do fine.

Jade: Yeah I guess your right.

Trick: I'm always right.

Jade: Where is Jay?

Trick: He got a call this morning and said he will be back tomorrow. Now I need to go, I need to be there when he wakes up. See you later Jade!

Jade: Bye!

Hey guys I think I have writers block or something but, I just can't seem to write anymore. Don't worry though, I will still post little chapters like this until I can do more. Stay with me. I'm planning to put someone from Lost Girl in here so check out that show so you won't be lost. Leave Comments and Reviews. Oh and thanks for the names. Until next time, be breezy!

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