This Is Me

Day Back

I arrived at school so early that only the teachers were there. I see Sikowitz enter the school and I make sure no one is looking as I land right in front of the school. I walk in the school and go up to Sikowitz and yell in his ear

Jade: Boo

Sikowitz: Jade! 'He screams as he turns around' What the devil are you doing here?

Jade: I learn here and you teach me.

Sikowitz: That's not, never mind. I'm glad to see you feeling better.

Jade: What are you talking about?

Sikowitz: Tori said you wasn't feeling well.

Jade:She did? 'why would she do that? jade thought'

Sikowitz: Yep.

Jade: Well can you open the music room for me?

Sikowitz: Umm... Sure I don't see why not.

Jade: Thanks but don't mention this ever happening like EVER.

Sikowitz: You really have to lighten up Jade but, ok see you in class.

Jade follows her teacher to the music room and shuts it after he leaves. She really doesn't know what to do so she sits down at the piano and plays random keys for a few seconds then starts sing.

(This Is Me "Acoustic Version by Demi Lovato) With a few changes

I've never been the kind of girl

That hid my face

but afraid to tell the world

What I've got to say

And I have this dream

Right inside of me

I'm gonna let it show

It's time to let you know

to let you know

This is real

This is me

I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now

Gonna let the light shine on me

Now I've found who I am

There's no way to hold it in

No more hiding who I wanna be

This is me

Do you know what it's like

To feel so in the dark

To dream about a life

Where you're the shining star

Even though it seems

Like it's too far away

I have to believe in myself

It's the only way

This is real

This is me

I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now

Gonna let the light shine on me

Now I've found who I am

There's no way to hold it in

No more hiding who I wanna be

This is me

You're the voice I hear inside my head

The reason that I'm singing

I need to find you

I gotta find you

You're the missing piece I need

The song inside of me

I need to find you

I gotta find you

This is

She hears something being knocked over and turns around to see what it was

Jade: What are you doing in here? 'She ask in a low voice'

Tori: Uh... I umm... you... I... uh

Jade: How long have you been standing there?

Tori: About a minute. I come in here sometimes to think. Last year I came in here every morning to get away. What are you doing here?

Jade: Well its free for all, I just thought I locked the door.

Tori: Oh. You did... I have a key 'She said almost afraid of what was about to happen'

Jade: Give it to me. 'She said showing no emotion in her voice'

Tori: But...

Jade: Now 'She says in a deadly low voice'

Tori: No

Jade: No? No? Give it to me now!

Tori: It's mine.

Jade gets up and starts moving toward Tori slowly and Tori starts backing up as she gets closer.

Tori: Now Jade remember we have an assignment together and if I'm injured you will fail. 'Her voice shakes but Jade keeps walking with a smirk on her face' Jade? Come on Jade. OK. Here take it I don't even want it. It's yours please don't hurt me! 'Jade's smirk turns into a grin and she takes the key from Tori'

Jade: I wasn't going to hurt you, I was just going to snatch the key out of your hand. But this was easier... Who gave you this anyway?

Tori: Sikowitz, why?

Jade: Don't question me. 'She gives back the key then looks at her watch 7:00' What time do people normally start to show?

Tori: 8:30. That gives me alot of time to think and write.

Jade: What do you think and write about?

Tori: Alot of stuff. What about you?

Jade: What do you mean?

Tori: Why are you here so early?

Jade: I just thought the early bird gets the worm.

Tori: What were you singing?

Jade: Nothing. I was just singing. I can't even remember what I said. 'Tori looks at her confused' I do it alot, just sing from the heart.

Tori: I didn't know you had one of those ' she says with a smirk' it sounded really good. What were you thinking about?

Jade: Everything and Nothing at all. 'She says as she walks back over to the piano and sits down. Then Tori follows and does the same making Jade scoot over'

Tori: Well that seems impossible to do but, leave it to Jade West to do the impossible. 'She smiles and Jade gets a funny feeling in her stomach'

Jade: So what was on your mind this morning Vega?

Tori: Ugh my parents. I wish they would just go and never come back.

Jade: Don't say that. 'Tori looks at her weird' I mean... Why do you say that?

Tori: I just... they... never mind. Its not anything to worry about. I don't want my girlfriend worried. ' She turns to Jade and winks at her'

Jade: Excuse me?

Tori: We are going to be doing this for a while so just get use to it. 'Jade looks at Tori confused' The assignment. Don't tell me you forgot.

Jade: Right, the assignment. Umm... humor me.

Tori: Sikowitz said we have to date for first semester and we have that short film.

Jade: Right right right. Well see you later Vega.

Tori: Hold on! Where you going?

Jade: Coffee

Tori just follows her in silence til they get to the sidewalk

Tori: Why didn't we take your car?

Jade: I don't have one.

Tori: what happened to it?

Jade: Someone broke it.

Tori: Who?

Jade: Doesn't matter.

Tori: Where are were going anyway?

Jade: Lakewood.

Tori: Lakewood!

Jade: problem?

Tori: That's hours away if we walk!

Jade: Yep.

Tori: Jade! ' she grabs her shoulder and turns her around to face her '

Jade: What?!

Tori: It will take forever! What is wrong with you?

Jade: Chill Vega. We will be there in a few minutes.

They walk a few more minutes and now they are in a park.

Tori: Why are we in a park?

Jade: Because no one ever comes here. Now close your eyes.

Tori: Why? ' here voice shaky '

Jade: Do it or go back to school. 'She says in a serious tone' And don't open them until I say so. I mean it, no matter what you feel or think keep them closed.

She closes her eyes and then Jade slaps her

Tori: Hey!?

Jade: Good. ' she kisses her cheek that she slapped ' Sorry I had to make sure. 'She wraps her arms around Tori then spreads her wings and flies up. Tori wraps here arms around Jade's neck which made both girls shiver.'

Tori: Why is there no ground? 'See says way calmer then expected'

Jade: No questions either.

Tori just signs and holds on to Jade tighter. They land a few minutes later and Jade tells Tori to open her eyes. She does as told and backs a little but not enough to take here arms back. They stand there for a few more seconds then back up so they have breathing room. Jade grabs Tori's wrist and walks to the side of a Walmart and Jade Knocks 4 times then places both hands on the brick wall then it flips (like u see in movies when the pull a book and the wall turns they enter and it closes back like you wasn't even there) she drags Tori in by her wrist and at first its nothing more then a normal cafe. Jade walks into employees only and yells 'open up you got high schoolers' then a man with a wide grin come out and says right this way. He take them to a hallway that has 4 doors. First one says elementary second middle third high fourth college. She opens high and Tori links arms with Jade as they enter. (Its a fancy cafe look up conduit restaurant then imagine it being just a cafe.)

Tori: Wow. ' she says in awe'

Jade: I know.

Tori: There is no one here.

Jade: That is the good thing about this place.

Tori: No one is ever here?

Jade: It goes by what you want, see... you wanted people now there is a few students over there.

Tori: How did you find out about this place?

Jade: My parents showed me this place when I started school but didn't bring me back until my 6th grade year.

Tori: Why did they wait so long?

Jade: There was dead bodies everywhere.

Tori: What?

Jade: You ask alot of questions Vega. Come on lets get Coffee.

Thanks for the reviews keep commenting, don't stop. Don't ever stop! To sia Morgan, I couldn't have her fall and her lions and snakes save her because she has wings BUT! you did give me a wonderful idea and I want to thank you for that. Until next time. Be breezy!

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