This Is Me

Assignment part I

After school on Wednesday

Tori- What time r u coming
Jade- I'm kinda house bound right now
Tori- I can come over to ur place
Jade- Nah its ok
Tori- Oh... ok

Jades POV

Gosh why did she have to type it like that. I can practically see her pouting.

Jade- U can come
Tori- Yay! XD
Jade- But I can't tell u where I stay
Tori- Ugh, then if u dnt tell me how will i get there
Jade- I will pick u up
Tori- If u come over y not just stay
Jade- If Im gone more than 5 mins then I will be in trouble
Tori- Unless u live around the corner its going to take more then 5 mins to get here
Jade- Just get ready
Tori- Im ready
Jade- Come outside and close your eyes
Tori- Why do I have to close me eyes
Jade- Just do it, Im almost there and don't open them until I say so
Tori- Sure

No one POV

Jade comes almost right after she closes her eyes

Jade: Ok, hold on tight. And no questions.

'Tori does as told and holds on until they are at Jades window'

Jade: Your at my window and climb in carefully. Don't open your eyes yet either.

Tori does as told and after they are inside Jade takes her to what she thinks is a couch and sits her down and tells her not to move. She hears alot of moving around and hissing. Not long after that Jade plops down next to her.

Jade: Open up

Tori: Is this your room 'she says as she looks around seeing all the stuff she has'

Jade: Yep, do you wanna stay the night?

Tori: What?

Jade: Do you/

Tori: No I heard you I mean why? Are you feeling ok? Ever since this morning you have been very weird. Is it because you missed school? Is it because that call you got the other morning at my house?

Jade: Whoa whoa whoa. Stop. Too many questions.

Tori: What happened after you left me house the other morning? 'She ask with concern in her voice'

Jade *sigh* Alot happened and I'm just trying to be friendly.

Tori: Yea and that's how I know something is wrong.

Jade: What do you mean? I just said I wanna be friendly.

Tori: Yea and the Jade I know doesn't do friendly. Please tell me what wrong.

Jade: Nothing is wrong! Why would you think something is wrong?

Tori: I know, Jade I just know. 'She reaches over to grab Jade's hand' I will be here for you, no matter what. You can tell me anything.

Jade thinks about what her mom told her in that world.

FlAsHbAcK fLaShBaCk

Mom: You have to tell her how you feel Jadey

Jade: What if she doesn't feel the same way

Mom: What if she does

Jade: *sigh*

Mom: If you don't tell her you will never know

Jade: She wont like me

Mom: Of course she will baby

Jade: I'm just mean to her all the time. She could never love me.

Mom: I'll tell you what. Take her for coffee then have her come over and tell her. Maybe make her diner or something. Maybe have her stay the night.

Jade: Do you think that will really work?

Mom: Oh yeah

Jade: Well I guess I should at least try

Mom: That's the spirit honey. Tell me how it goes

Jade: I thought you had to stay here

Mom: Oh, I forgot to tell you. You have 3 times to see us again. You choose when that will be. Just let that be 1 time.

Dad: I want to be at your wedding

They turn their heads to look at him

Jade: So after I confess my feelings and at my wedding so I have 1 time to myself, its perfect.

Mom: Always know that I will always love you

Dad: But I love you more

He said as he wraps his arm around Jade and kisses her head then leaves the room

Mom: Now you know I love you more then him right

Jade: I know that you love me and he loves me alot

Mom: Good, now go train. I love you.

Jade: I love you more

Mom: I love you the most


Jade: Tori, I need to tell you something very important.

Tori pulls her hand back and covers her mouth and opens her eyes wide in shock

Tori: Oh my gosh

The first thing Jade thinks is her lion opened the door and was standing behind her. Why they know how to do that, i don't know.

Jade: Mufasa! 'She turns around and sees nothing' Crap 'She says under her breathe and then sees him walk behind Tori'

Tori: You called me Tori, you never call me Tori.

Jade: Stop

Tori: What?

Jade: Nothing. Did you say oh my gosh because I said your name?

Tori: Yeah, you never say my name. Well not my first name.

Jade: Sit

Tori: Do you have a dog? 'She ask closing her eyes'

Jade: I use to but not anymore. Why?

Tori: Because your talking like you have a dog and its standing right behind me. Please tell me its not a big dog.

Jade: Its not a big dog.

Tori opens her eyes and gives Jade a look

Tori: Are you just saying that because I told you to say it or is it true?

Jade: Both. but don't turn around.

Tori: Do you have a cat?

Jade: Yes I do

Tori: Is it behind me?

Jade: Yes

Tori: Is it big?

Jade: Oh yeah

Jade looks at the over grown house cat and sees him stand and inch closer. Dang it he hasn't been fed in weeks and I forgot to feed him after training him for starts to turn around and Jade grabs her shoulders and turns her face to face her.

Tori: Umm... Jade?

Jade: I'm sorry for what im about to do but I just want you to know I love you.

Then she leans in and kisses Tori but pulls back before she can react after the shock. She spreads her wings then crawls out her window but, before she flies away she turns to Tori and Tori gets up and walks toward her

Tori: Jade... I love you too but why are you sorry?

Jade: There always something that is twisted about my life. Rest in piece Tori.

Then she says "eat" and closes the window. Tori looks confused then turn around to see the lion and turns back around in an attempt to run. The last thing Jade seen before taking off is the look of love turn to betrayal.

Wow. That was something wasn't it guys. Not what you were expecting huh. Well with me you have to expect the unexpected. Is there going to be a next time. Stay and see. Be breezy!

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