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By iwritesadsongs

Other / Erotica


My first fanfic please let me know what you think

Chapter One: Welcome To Miss Robichaux’s Academy

*Cordelia’s POV*

‘I was laying In bed about to drift off to sleep. It was 3 AM.. just another ordinary day at Miss Robichaux’s Academy. I heard my door open. I bottled up and Madison was standing there.’

Madison what are you doing in here ‘I said quietly.’

‘She shuts the door and walks forward until she is standing directly in front of me. I groaned I knew exactly what she wanted. The same thing she’s always wanted since she first arrived her.. me’

‘She was wearing a white oversized t-shirt and black underwear.’

“Come on Miss Cordelia” ‘she cooed’

No Madison.. go back to bed it’s 3 Am!

‘She reached out trying to grab my arm. I stopped her. She looked hurt. I’ve been rejecting her for years now and it always goes in the same cycle. She comes in my room late at night tries to sleep with me, I reject her, she gets hurt and goes back to her room crying. Then she doesn’t speak to me for a few weeks then she’s back at it again. It’s a never ending cycle with her.’

‘I seen tears threatening to flood from her eyes. She makes her way back to the door.’

“You know it’s only a matter of time Miss Cordelia. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.”

‘She walks out of my room and shuts the door.’

‘It’s not that Madison isn’t beautiful. She’s a very beautiful girl. Slender, medium blonde hair that’s well past her shoulders.. beautiful brown eyes. The only thing is she’s sassy and kind of rude to the other girls. That’s a huge turn off for me. Plus I have a rule. I don’t date my students.’

‘Thoughts kept flooding my head I finally snapped out of it and looked over at the clock it was 4 am. I groaned and fell back into my bed. It’s been a long night and I have a new student coming tomorrow. I hope she’s nothing like Madison.’

‘I finally drifted off to sleep.’

~The Next Day~

*Violet’s POV*

‘It was early in the morning and the sun was starting to rise. My dad was taking me to some school and leaving me there. He said it was because he didn’t trust Tate. I hated him for it. I loved Tate and I knew deep down Tate was my soulmate. I also think my dad is sending me off for his own benefits as well. He cheated on my mom with a girl.. one of his students in fact and she’s not much older than me. That’s pretty disturbing and gross. My mom is pregnant and he had her locked up in a psych ward. First mom? Now me? I guess he’s doing it so he doesn’t have to feel any guilt about being with that girl.’

“You should be excited Vi you can stop smoking cigarettes and start taking deep breaths.”

*I rolled my eyes.*

‘We arrived at the school and the sign said Miss Robichaux’s Academy. What a stupid name for a school. I snorted..’

‘I hoped out and my dad grabbed my bags from the back he knocked on the door. The door finally opened. A older women with red puffy hair and glasses answered the door.’

“My name is Myrtle Snow.”

“Hi I’m Dr. Ben Harmon. We spoke on the phone.”

“Ah yes”

‘The woman turns around and looks at me’

“You must be Violet.”

‘I nodded.’

“Come In I will go fetch Miss Cordelia.”

‘We came in and sat down. The place was actually really beautiful.’

‘I heard footsteps approaching.’

‘I looked up and seen the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid my eyes on. She had blonde hair that had a slight wave to it that came past her shoulders. Soft pink lips and big brown chocolate eyes that could make your heart melt. She wore a white long sleeved sweater dress shirt. Blue dangling earrings and black dress pants.’

‘She looked at me and I saw her eyes light up instantly and the biggest smile crept across her face.’

‘I heard someone scoff and seen this young blonde headed girl who looked about my age. She was skinny had eyes so dark they almost looked black and has beautiful blonde hair. She looked at me.. looked at the woman then stormed off. She’s pretty but she seems snobby.’

“Hello, I’m Cordelia Foxx. I’m the supreme here. Welcome to your new home.”

‘Her voice was soft like honey. I could feel myself melt.’

‘I stuttered while trying to speak to her.’

I- I’m Vi- Violet Harmon.

‘Damn what the hell is wrong with me? I never acted like this when I met Tate! Why the hell am I so nervous around her?’

“Nice to meet you Violet.”

‘She looked at me and bit her lip. Damn did she have to do that it’s so distracting and sexy.’

What is this place exactly?

“It’s a school for young girls with magic abilities. We help them reach their full potential.”

“It’s still pretty earlier and I say you’re tired so about I give you a quick tour and show you to your room.”

I am.

‘We both laugh.’

*Cordelia’s POV*

‘I was sound asleep when I heard a knock at my door. I sat up.’


‘Myrtle steps in.’

“The new girl has arrived.”

I will be down as soon as I get dressed.

‘Myrtle turns around and walks out the door.’

‘I put on a white long sleeved dress shirt. Blue dangling earrings and black dress pants.’

‘I walked downstairs down the hall to find the most beautiful girl I have ever seen out of all my years of living. She had long blonde straight hair with brown roots. Soft thin pink lips; and beautiful hazel eyes. She was wearing a orange dress. It showed off her nice toned milky legs.’

‘She didn’t look at happy to be here and I felt my heart shatter but when she saw me her expression changed.’

‘We were staring at each other what felt like forever not saying a word. Madison was giving us dirty looks and huffed off. I guess she was jealous.’

Hello, I’m Cordelia Foxx I’m the supreme here.

“I’m Violet Harmon.”

‘Her voice was soft and gentle.’

‘I bit my lip.’

Nice to meet you Violet.

“What is this place exactly?”

It’s a school for young girls with magic abilities. We help them reach their full potential.

It’s still pretty earlier and I say that you’re tired so how about I give you a quick tour and show you to your room.

‘I showed her around and took her to her room. I went back to my room and changed out of my dress clothes took my bra off and slipped on an over size t-shirt. I crawled in my comfy bed. I couldn’t stop thinking about Violet. How nice it would be to have her in bed with me cuddled up to me. With these sweet thoughts I drifted off to sleep.’

*Violet’s POV*

‘Miss Cordelia gave me a quick tour and showed me to my room. I changed into my pjs and crawled in bed. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Everything about her is so perfect. Her voice, face, eyes, hair and personality. I guess this isn’t such a bad place to live after all. I wish I was cuddled up next to Cordelia. I slowly drifted off to sleep with Cordelia on my mind.’

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