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If you guys like Miss Venable from AHS Apocalypse then you’ll love this fanfic The apocalypse happened and everything Jade knows is gone. She is scared, confused and lonely.. what happens when she arrives at outpost three and meets the woman in charge... Wilhelmina Venable.. when their friendship slowly evolves into something more they must keep it a secret especially from The Cooperative. Will Jade’s and Venable’s secret love be able to withstand all the trails and the test of time or will they have to let each other go?

Romance / Mystery
Age Rating:

Chapter One: Welcome To Outpost 3


‘I was sitting in the living room playing with my cat Oliver, all the sudden my phone, my dad’s phone, my brother’s phone and my aunt’s phone started going off at the same time, it was making some alarm noise. I picked up my phone a notification shows up on my screen, it had a black triangle with an explanation point in the middle of it’





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“What the fuck?” ‘My dad said’

‘I looked up in confusion wondering if this was actually real or not.’

‘That’s when my aunt decided to speak up.’

“No it’s bullshit. It’s a hoax..”

‘The tv showed emergency news’

News Reporter: Widespread panic has been reported in major cities around the country. We can now confirm that a ballistic missle alert was texted to the public around 3 pm standard pacific time. The pentagon has not yet released a statement and there has been no word from the White House. WBN Can now confirm Hong Kong, London, numerous sites in the balletic and Moscow have all been hit and destroyed. By nuclear missiles. This is it ladies and gentlemen. I can’t believe we actually did it. We just have been notified to evacuate. I’m not gonna make it home. So if my children are watching this. Daddy loves you very much.

‘Then the tv went off.’

‘We all sat there in silence, shocked.. couldn’t believe what we was hearing.’

‘Loud alarms started going off it sounds like something you would hear in the movie Silent Hill.’

‘All the sudden an army looking van pulled up in our driveway.’

“What is that?” ‘My aunt asked’

‘Whoever it was started banging on our door really hard and loud’


‘My dad went to open the door, a man and a woman both dressed in a suit and tie stepped inside.’

“Jade Barnes you need to come with us now.” ‘The man said’

“Who are you?” ‘My aunt asked while putting one arm around me trying to protect me. That’s when the woman spoke up.’

“Your niece has been selected by The Cooperative. We have a location prepared for her where she will be safe.”

‘My dad asked’

“What do you mean safe?”

‘The man spoke up and said’

“Your daughter’s genetic makeup makes her a prime candidate.”

“A prime candidate to do what?” ‘My aunt asked’

‘Then man gave a blank stare with a one worded straight forward answer’


How do you know what my genetic makeup is?

‘The woman spoke up and said’

“You submitted your DNA to an ancestry website.”

‘The man then walks over and stands directly in front of my dad.’

“You have to believe me sir, we are the only chance your daughter has to live through this.”

What about my family?

‘The woman looks at me and coldly says’

“We’re only here for you.”

Well then I’m not going.

‘The woman spoke up harshly’

“We cannot accept that!”

‘Then these two men who were dressed like they were apart of the swat team steps into my house.’

‘They grab me and rip me away from my aunt her screaming no and my dad holding her, watching with heartbroken eyes as they take me away, me fighting to get out of their string grasp.’


“Say goodbye to your brother and your aunt.”

‘He pushes my brother towards me to hug me.’

“No no if you can take Jade take her brother too!” ‘My aunt said’

“They’re not identical.” ‘The woman said’

“Come on” ‘said the woman’

‘My dad pulls my brother away from me. My aunt and my brother screaming now as my dad held them back and those strange people drug me out of my house.’

‘They throw me in the back of the army looking van and drive off as fast as they could. As I looked back I seen a huge explosion.. something you would see when an atomic bomb goes off.. a huge cloud of orange reddish smoke... tears started to fall down my cheeks.. everything I know is gone...’

‘After two weeks of traveling there was nothing but an empty road, smoke, fog and toxic gas filling the air.. dead trees everywhere.. no sign of life whatsoever.. making it look like a scene off of Silent Hill.’

“We are taking you to an outpost habitation.” ‘The man said.’

‘The woman spoke up’

“It’s one of ten around the world each constructed into a minimum fallout zone.”

Are there other people there?

“Others like you and those who could afford to purchase a ticket.”

Rich people of course...

“The money they paid helped finance this operation.”

‘After two long weeks of traveling in the back of that van we finally came to a stop. The man threw me a bright yellow biohazard suit.’

“Put this on”

‘I put it on and jumped out of the back of the van.. the heavy smoke filling the air.. the van drives off... I turn around to find myself in front of a huge wooden gate. The gate opens and I keep walking.. as I’m walking I notice these people dressed in these black scary suits.. they are also biohazard suits but for some reason theirs look different than mine.’

‘One of them motioned me to follow them so I did. I’m guessing they are a worker at this place.’

‘As I was following this person I noticed a male and a female except they weren’t wearing suits and they were on their knees begging for their life.. two of the workers dressed like the one that was guiding me standing behind them pouring a gun to the back of their head.. and one of the workers standing in front of them.’

“Please.. please it wasn’t her fault..”

‘The girl was crying and begging’

“Please we won’t do it again... we promise”

‘Then the two workers shot them both.’

‘I jumped.. tears started to fill my eyes.. what the hell is this place’

‘I watched as their bodies went limp and hit the ground.. I was shaking trying to keep myself from crying out loud’

‘As we went inside the underground fallout shelter we stepped in a room that cleaned it our suits we then pulled our suits off and I was guided to a room.. where there was other people.. we all sat in silence waiting.’

‘We heard footsteps and a cane harshly hitting the floor I looked up to find the most beautiful woman I seen out of all my years of living. She has on a long sleeve black dress coat that cake all the way to the floor.. a white frilly dress shirt that came up to her neck underneath the jacket.. dangling earrings.. red lipstick.. light purple eyeshadow.. her reddish brownish hair slicked back and up.. a golden buckle to hold the jack together.. one hand was on a cane.. and one was holding a candle..’

“I’m Wilhelmina Venable.. Welcome to outpost three.” ‘She said with a stern voice and a blank stare.’

‘She looked at me and her big beautiful brown eyes softened.’


‘As I walked in to see our new chosen ones I couldn’t help but to feel annoyed. Why do we need these people? Why are they so special? Couldn’t we just let them die off with the rest of the world? I think me, Ms. Mead and the rest of The Cooperative is all we need to make a new world.’

‘As I approached the room everything was silent and still.’

I’m Wilhelmina Venable. Welcome to outpost three.

‘I then looked over and seen the cutest girl I have ever seen in my life. She had orange hair down to her shoulders, soft pink lips, a black shirt with sunflowers over it and a pair of jeans... her beautiful soft brown eyes filled with sadness and fear.. I just realized how long I’ve been staring at this girl.. because she was staring back.. my eyes started to soften and my pulse started to speed up.. what is this I’m feeling?? Do I have a crush on her?? I could get lost in her eyes for entirety.. it’s like looking into another galaxy.. I gulped.. the butterflies in my stomach going crazy.. she started smiling... oh my god how fucking cute this girl is.’

‘Ms. Mead came up and gave me a confused look.’

“Why do you keep staring at Jade?”

Her name is Jade??! ‘I must’ve said that a little too loud because Jade giggled.. I looked up at her and said under my breath what a beautiful name. She blushed and looked down at her feet.’

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