50 Shades Of Zoe and Madison

By iwritesadsongs

Romance / Drama


Zoe Benson is a sweet, smart, loving girl who has always had a crush on Madison Montgomery. Madison is a stuck-up, snarky, sexy, rude, wanna be badass, who thinks that she knows it all and the world revolves around her. Where Madison thinks she’s above everyone and is too good for everyone, Zoe has always kept her feelings to herself; but what happens when a few girls in the coven get together one night and play a game of truth or dare?

Chapter One: All fun and Games

*Zoe’s POV*

‘It was just another ordinary day at Miss Robichaux’s Academy. Fiona was almost over with you lesson. All the sudden we heard footsteps approaching. Fiona stopped teaching and well turned around. In walked Madison. She was always fashionable late.. especially for class.’

“Miss Montgomery, why are you late to my class again?!”

‘Fiona was getting tired of Madison showing up and leaving whenever she pleased.’

“Sorry, can’t a girl go to the bathroom?”

‘A few of the girls giggled but the giggling stoped when everyone seen Fiona had a stern look on her face.’

“Moving on..”

‘Fiona went back to teaching’

‘Madison wasn’t in the bathroom. Well she probably was but she wasn’t using the bathroom. She was in there getting high and it’s hard not to tell. She was wearing a big pair of black sunglasses to cover her eyes.’

‘Madison is rude, snarky, sexy, wanna be badass, druggie, who thinks she knows it all and that the world revolves around her. I’ve always had the hugest crush on Madison of course I’m never going to tell her that. She acts like she’s too good for everyone, I know she will would reject me.. I don’t make the cut.. nobody does. Madison has very high standards so high I think she can’t even stand herself sometimes; but I bet under the facade of a heartless narcissist she’s a sweet loving girl with a lot of love to give.’

‘I took this chance to admire Madison, today her hair was a bit messy, like she just got out of bed. Her blonde hair flipping at the main ends, showing off her layers. She was wearing a black shirt that said bite me in white dripping letters, a green and white flannel over the shirt, she had the sleeves rolled up showing off her pale, smooth arms. The flannel was really long and it came past her pair of high waisted white shorts. It’s a good thing she had those sunglasses on or she would’ve caught me staring at her.’





‘I snapped out of lala land to find class is over and Queenie has been trying to get my attention.’

“You okay?”

Yeah just lost in thought.

“You mean lost in Madison?”

Oh shut up.

‘We both started laughing.’

“Me and the other girls are going to play a game of truth or dare, we got pizza and vodka. It’s going to be a good time, are you in?”

Yeah sure!

‘Queenie grabbed me by the arm and drug me upstairs.’

‘We were drinking, laughing, eating and playing truth or dare. It was a bit boring though because nobody picked dare yet. So I decided to spice things up a bit.’

“Zoe, truth or dare?” ‘Queenie asked’


“I dare you to kiss the next person that walks into the room.”

Yeah, no. I’m not doing that.

‘By the time I finished my sentence Madison walks into the room, wearing nothing but a cheetah print bra and those white shorts she had on earlier.’

“Hey bitches‘ she said while she casual but ever so sexy leaned against the doorframe.’

‘All the other girls started smiling at me, laughing because they all knew I had a thing for Madison. The alcohol was really starting to take affect on me and I couldn’t contain the huge smile that started to spread across my face.’

Fine, I’ll do it. I mean rules are rules right?

‘I walked up to Madison grabbed her and smashed her lips into mine. I was expecting her to push me away because she was stiff for a few minutes but she didn’t. Her body and lips relaxed, she wrapped her hands around my waist and pulled me closer. She ran her tongue across my bottom lip, begging for an entrance which I gladly allowed. While our tongues were fighting for dominance I ran my hands through her long soft blonde hair. Before things could go any further Queenie pulls me away from Madison.’

“Okay okay, let the poor girl breathe sometime tonight, wow.”

‘I looked at Madison and she was smiling, she then realized everyone was watching her and tried to play it cool and went back to her badass self. She licked her lips and said’. “Mmmm Vodka”

‘Then she just walks out of the room. Me and the rest of the girls spent the rest of the night finishing off the alcohol and eating the rest of the pizza. Everyone was talking and having a good time, but all I could do is sit there and think about my kiss with Madison.’

*Madison’s POV*

‘My alarm went off and I rolled over the alarm flashed 12:00 pm. I was late for class and I wasn’t going to put up with Fiona’s bitching while sober. I took a joint out of my secret box and took a few hits, then I did a line of coke. I collapsed back on my bed and laughed.’


‘I pulled out a cigarette and laid there smoking it enjoying my high before I went to class.’

‘After I finished my cigarette I decided to get dressed. I didn’t bother to do anything with my hair. I grabbed my black bite me shirt, a long green and white flannel and a pair of white high waisted shorts. I rolled the sleeves up on my flannel to show off my forearms. I put on a pair of black sunglasses to hide my eyes. Fiona would shit a brick if she knew I missed almost all of class to get high. I sprayed some perfume and prepared for the bitching I was about to receive when I went down stairs.’

‘As soon as I walked into class all eyes were on me and Fiona stopped teaching. Great here we go I thought as I took my seat.’

“Miss Montgomery, why are you late to my class again?!”

Sorry, can’t a girl go to the bathroom?

“A few of the girls giggled at my comment; but the giggling stopped when Fiona gave them a stern look.”

“Moving on..”

‘Fiona went back to teaching.’

‘My high started to wear off and I was getting sleepy. Class felt like it drug on.. I just wanted to go to bed. Finally when it ended I went straight up to my room. I took a shower, brushed my hair, put on my cheetah print bra and the shorts I had on earlier.. collapsed on my bed and passed out.’

‘When I woke up it was pitch black outside. I seen a light on in Queenie’s room and heard a bunch of laughing so I decided to go check it out.’

‘When I got in there I seen the girls sitting in a circle, they were eating, laughing and by the looks of it maybe even drinking?’

‘The one who stood out to me the most was Zoe. She had long dark blonde hair, beautiful hazel eyes, right now her eyes are dilated which made them more mesmerizing, soft pale skin, sweet soft pink lips, a beautiful smile. Her shoulders rising and falling as she laughs. She puts her little small pale hand in front of her mouth because she is laughing so hard. Yeah Zoe is hot but would I date her? No. I don’t date, messing around is fun but I have yet to find someone who meets my standards in dating.’

‘None of them had noticed me yet so I decided to speak up.’

Hey bitches ‘I said while causally leaning against the doorframe.’

‘They all stopped, turned around and stared at me.’

‘The hugest smile started to spread across Zoe’s face’

“Fine, I’ll do it. I mean rules are rules right?” ‘She said while getting up and staggering over towards me.’

‘When Zoe got over to me she smashed her soft pink lips into mine. I froze.. my body and lips were stiff. I wasn’t expecting that. Zoe has always been so shy. After my little shock episode was over I melted into the kiss. My arms snaked around her waist pulling her closer to me. Lusty thoughts began to take control over my mind and body. I ran my tongue over her bottom lip and she gladly granted me an entrance. Our tongues did a little dance and Zoe started running her fingers through my hair. Before I could do anything else Queenie jerks Zoe away.’

“Okay okay, let the poor girl breathe sometime tonight, wow.”

‘All the other girls started laughing.’

‘I looked up through my messy hair me and Zoe got lost in each other’s eyes. Her dilated hazel eyes started dancing around in the light. She started to smile and I was smiling back, getting lost in her beauty. I realized everyone was watching me and snapped out of it and played it off cool.’

‘Licked my lips and said’ Mmmm Vodka

‘And went back to my room. I collapsed on my bed and tired going back to sleep but I couldn’t stop thinking about the stupid kiss with Zoe. Why can’t I stop thinking about her? What’s going on with me?’

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