What about us?

By iwritesadsongs

Drama / Romance

There’s just something about that Bowie eye💞

*Lynnea’s POV*

‘It was early in the morning and my phone started to ring. I answered half asleep thinking it might Hannah, Nikita or Sierra.’

Hello? ‘I said while yawning’

“Hello! Is this Lynnea Eileen?”

Yeah, who is this?

“Lynnea, this is Brad Falchuk from American Horror Story.”

‘I immediately sprung forward out of bed. Now I was wide awake. My heart rate going crazy, nerves building up in my stomach, my palms started to get sweaty.’

“I’m calling about your application that you put in to be American Horror Story’s new writer.”

‘I felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest.’

“I just wanted to say you’re perfect! You’re exactly what we are looking for!”

‘I could’ve died right then and there. I tried to contain the excitement in my voice.’

Thank you so much!

“Can you by chance leave today?”


“Okay see you tomorrow!”

Okay bye!

‘When I got off the phone with brad I literally squealed. I cleaned the house up before I left, I put on some Lynyrd Skynyrd while cleaning and was dancing around. I fed the cats and dog, left my husband a note telling him I loved him and I would be back home after this season is over, packed my stuff and headed to the airport.’

‘I got on the plane, put in my earbuds, looked out the window while listening to Strip My Mind by Red Hot Chili Peppers and slowly drifted off to sleep. Little did I know my life was about to change forever.’

*Brad’s POV*

‘I went to the airport to pick up Lynnea. Not knowing what she looked like I stood there holding up a sign that said Lynnea Eileen on it. A few minutes later I was approached by a pretty blonde girl. She was small, had one side of her head shaved, heavily tattooed, had both sides of her nose pierced, blue eyes, skin as pale as snow. The side of her had that wasn’t shaved came down past her shoulder in a beautiful slight wave. She was wearing a black and white flag shirt, a red and black flannel with the sleeves rolled up revealing the tattoos on her forearms, skinny jeans with holes on thighs and knee caps and a pair of grey converse.’

“I’m Lynnea”

‘She said while smiling’

‘I smiled back at her and extended my hand.’

Hi Lynnea! I’m Brad Falchuk we spoke on the phone.

“Hi Brad! It’s nice to meet you!”

‘We shook hands’

Pleasure is all mine. Come with me. I will take you to meet Ryan, then I will take you to your studio apartment. It’s very nice, very big and you have the view of the city of Angels from your balcony. The way the city lights up at night will take your breath away. You start work tomorrow!

‘We exchanged smiles, I led her to the limo and held the door open for her.’

‘We got to the studio and I knocked on Ryan’s door.’

“Come in”

“Hey Brad! I assume you have our new writer.”

Yes I do!

‘I motioned for Lynnea to come in’

Ryan, this is Lynnea Eileen!

‘They shook hands.’

“Hi Lynnea, my name is Ryan Murphy. I am the creator of the show; but you probably already knew that. It’s a pleasure to meet you!”

“Hi Mr. Murphy! The pleasure is all mine. I absolutely love your show. I’m so stoked to be working with you and the rest of the American Horror Story cast.”

‘Ryan laughed’

“Please dear call me Ryan, Mr.Murphy is too formal. We will give you a tour of the studio, show you where your office is, then Brad will take you to your studio apartment and let you get settled in.”

“Okay sounds good!”

*Lynnea’s POV*

‘After the tour Brad took me to my studio apartment, he helped me carry my bags up. I thanked him and he left. I unpacked my stuff. After I unpacked I changed into a pair of grey sweatpants, a burgundy long sleeve shirt, that showed off my stomach and had a little gray alien face in the upper right corner, I put my hair back in a ponytail. Before I laid down I took a look around the apartment. I had a nice fluffy black couch that looks so comfy it looks like you would sink into it the minute you sat down, a flat screen tv on the wall, a tan leather love seat in the corner, in the other corner there was a black plush bing bag chair, in the middle of the living room there was a cherry wood coffee table. The kitchen had marble counter tops, a black and silver fridge, freezer and microwave. The oven was black and white. The bathroom was decorated in black in white. In my bedroom there was two recliners, a queen sized bed, a mini flat screen tv. Wow all this for little me! I went back to the living room and pulled back the curtains looking out the slide and glass door that led to my balcony, the city of Angels all lit up against the dark sky. It was absolutely breath taken. After my view I crawled in my comfy, soft bed, the mattress was a tempurpedic, I sunk right in the mattress and fell asleep.’

***The Next Morning***

*Lynnea’s POV*

‘My alarm went off, I sprung out of bed and put on some music while I got ready. I blasted Flogging Molly. They are a punk Irish-American band that never fails to get me pumped. I hoped in the shower letting the steamy, hot boiling water hit my pale, soft porcelain skin. When I got out I slipped on my alien shirt. It was black and white with an alien face on it saying “Humans are gross” I put on my pair of black leggings with little ufos on them to match. I skipped the makeup and I didn’t do anything to my hair so it had kinda a wavy look to it. I put on my pair of white converse and headed out the door. When I got to the entrance of the studio Brad was waiting on me. He guided me in to the room where everyone was sitting, waiting to meet American Horror Story’s new face. We walked through the door and I felt my pulse go insane. Ryan saw us approaching and smiled.”

“Everyone, I would like you to meet the new writer for American Horror Story! This is Lynnea Eileen!”

‘Everyone started to clap and I felt my face turn red.’

Thank y’all! I’m so glad to be working with a group of smart, talented people!

‘I felt a pair of eyes watching, I looked over to find Sarah Paulson staring at me! She blushed when I caught her staring at me, I just smiled at her and she shyly returned the smile! How cute! I’ve always thought Sarah was really attractive and a hell of a good actress.’

‘When I got to my office Ryan had me a gift to welcome me as part of the crew. It was a bottle of Russian tequila, cupcakes and a Harry Potter shirt!’


‘I poured myself a glass of the Russian tequila, eat a cupcake and blasted the song Season of The Witch while I worked. It’s only my first day and I fucking love my job!’

‘I heard a knock on my door I turned around to see Sarah and Emma standing in the doorway.’

Y’all can come in!

“We just wanted to say welcome to the American Horror Story family!”

‘Sarah said and smiled sweetly at me’

Awww! Thanks sugar!

‘Emma looked at me and said’

“I really love your tattoos very artsy!”

Thanks baby!

‘I said while gently putting a hand on her shoulder. I may or may not be a little drunk. I looked Emma over, she was in a white shirt with black stripes and wearing a pair of black leggings. She had her beautiful blonde straight hair in a ponytail. She’s cute!’

You look cute! Also sorry about putting my hand on your shoulder I’m very touchy.

‘She blushed and smiled’

“Thank you!”

You’re welcome!

“How many tattoos do you have?”

Too many to count.

‘We all three laughed’

The only bad part about having them is people all the time touching me. Like I don’t mind if my artists do it because it’s their work, or if you guys or my other friends do it, but as far as random ass people coming up to me grabbing my arms “you’re tats are so sick!” No no no.. don’t touch me.. I don’t know where your hands have been, plus do you go to an art gallery and put your hands all over the art? No. Then why do the same thing to a person? Like ask me? And if you’re nice I may show you. I’m about to get a shirt that says “DON’T TOUCH”

‘They both laughed hysterically.’

‘For a moment I seen Emma’s smile fade. I felt my heart break. I wonder what was on her mind’

“I’m gonna wait in the car.”

‘Emma said to Sarah’

“Oh? Okay.”

“It was nice to meet you Lynnea!”

It was nice to meet you to Emma!

‘After Emma left I was left alone with the beautiful Sarah Paulson. I was trying to play it cool but I was probably acting like a weirdo and it doesn’t help that I’m drunk.’

*Sarah’s POV*

‘After Emma left I got completely lost in Lynnea’s beauty. She was different from all the other girls I’ve ever seen in my life. She was beautiful, intelligent, funny, unique and by the way she dressed she seemed interesting. I wanted to get close to her, to know more about her. She caught me staring at her again and flashed me that beautiful smile of hers.’

‘I felt all the heart rush to my cheeks so I knew I was blushing.’

I really like the profile of your face.

‘She laughed’

I’m sorry that probably sounded awkward.

“No it’s okay! I thought it was cute! Most people tell me I’m pretty or that I’m hot.”

‘She is hot! I thought to myself’

“You’re compliment was sweet! Thank you!”

‘She said while blushing’

You’re welcome

‘At that moment I got lost in her beautiful, blue eyes one of the pupils still bigger than the other. I never seen anything like it but it was amazing. I could get lost in her eyes. While looking into her eyes I got a glimpse of what seemed like the future. Me and her going out, us hitting it off, holding hands walking on the beach. Then the vision was over. My god that felt so real.. I finally snapped out of it realizing I’ve been staring at this poor girl for a while. She’s going to think I’m creep.’

Your eye reminds me of David Bowie

“My dad calls it my Bowie eye!”

‘We shared a laugh.’

That’s neat!

“Maybe you would like to go grab a drink sometime?”

Yeah I would love too!

“Give me your phone and I will put in my number.”

‘I handed her my phone and she put her number in there. She handed me her phone for me to do the same.’


“I will text you later!”

Okay bye sweetie


*Lynnea’s POV*

‘When Sarah left I shut the door to my office. Realization just hit me, I fucking asked SARAH PAULSON TO GO GET A DRINK WITH ME. Mind you if I was sober I would be way to shy to do that. I opened up messenger and made a group chat adding Nikita, Sierra, Hannah and Holly’

I typed


*Emma’s POV*

‘I was sitting in the car while waiting on Sarah trying not to cry. I seen the way she was looking at Lynnea. She was looking at her the way she use to look at Holland. Sarah has never looked at me that way. What if she ends up falling for Lynnea? Lynnea is a very beautiful girl, very sweet and funny. I took a deep breath, I need to trust Sarah. She made me a promise that when she is ready to date that she would give me a chance; but why is my gut telling me that she’s falling for Lynnea? I hope this feeling I had is wrong. Sarah was my first and I’m done too deeply in love with her. If she hurts me I don’t think I would ever be able to heal from it. I wiped the tears from my face when I seen Sarah approaching the car.’

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