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Fantasy / Adventure
Mable Pines
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In hell

I was walking out of my lava bed when ill came up to me. "What is it Will?" I questioned him.

"Hole- Air- Sky- Heaven!" Will muttered.

"What?" I asked.

Will toke 2 breahs and then answered with "There'sa hole in hell!"


"But it's there and we cant fix it!"

"O darn o darn o darn!"

"Come!!!!!!!!!!" Will grabbed my hand as hard as he could .



When we got there and I saw the hole it was getting bigger by the seckend! "What happened here?"

"I don't know! I just walked out of my lava bed and there it was! Just up there getting bigger and bigger!"

"We need to get Tomis!"

"Ok Lila!" And just like that Will ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and- You get the idea.

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