Lila is on the surface and meets a dragon called Inko. No blurb Are you still here?

Fantasy / Adventure
Mable Pines
Age Rating:

On the surface

I got up at the top of the hole and it dissapered! Like I was desend for this! Just then something flew above me like i was a dandalion and someone jumped over me! Then it saw me ! I got up and it laned in front of me! It was a dragon. It wrote a note that said " Greetings. My name is Inko. What is yours?".

"M-my name is lila." I muttered out.

"Where do you come from and what are you?" Inko wrote.

"Im a demon from hell." I pointed out.

"Dont demons have horns and a tail?

"Mine dissapered! "

"How did that happen? "

"I climbed out of hell."

"How did you do that?"

"There was a hole."

"How could there be a hole in hell?"

"I don't know."

"Come." And before i could say "oh heaven" Inko put me on her back and then toke off! I was on a dragon! And flying! Two things no demon ever done!!! Wooo hoo!

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