The Man Who Regrets β–Ή Doctor Who [1] βœ“

𝟘𝟘𝟠 β–Ή β„‚π• π•Ÿπ•§π•–π•£π•€π•’π•₯π•šπ• π•Ÿπ•€ π•¨π•šπ•₯𝕙 π•₯𝕙𝕖 ℂ𝕒𝕑π•₯π•’π•šπ•Ÿ

β€œVIOLET,” THE FAMILIAR BARITONE voice of her old lover-slash-friend calls through her phone, his grinning face appearing on the screen, Ianto and Gwen in the distance behind him. β€œIt’s about time you picked up, little love.”

β€œHey, Jack,” Violet murmurs, sitting on the floor of the console room, under the console. β€œI see you’re back with Torchwood and all your friends. How’s that been?”

β€œAfter spending years with you, it’s boring. Wait. I recognise that. Are you in the TARDIS?”

β€œYeah. I’ve been travelling with the Doctor for a year and a half now. It’s fun, but I do miss all the years we spent together - and the years I was alone out there doing anything and everything while you were off doing jobs for Torchwood.”

β€œWhere’s the Doctor?”

Violet snickers. β€œHe’s on the moon - with a hospital, and most likely some kind of aliens. You know what he’s like, Jacky Boy.”

The man laughs, drawing the attention of Ianto. β€œThat old man sure gets himself into trouble easily.”

It feels like decades since they’ve had a chance to talk, and Violet has missed the company of the physically older male. They were together for almost two decades all up, traveling time and space, and not doing that leaves a gaping hole in ones heart. She felt abandoned when she returned home, despite knowing he kept tabs on her for the years they were apart, and she missed the feeling of being loved by someone of their own volition - not just because you’re blood related.

They regale stories off the old days, and days only recently past, but neither mention what happened only days ago for Violet. She isn’t sure what year he’s in, or what he knows, so she’s not entirely sure what exactly can be told to the time traveller. Listening to his voice makes her mind wander back to the planet called Midnight, and how beautiful and entrancing it was - and that which occurred there all those years in the future, but truly only years ago in Violet’s true timeline.

Snapped from her thoughts and memories by the door to the TARDIS opening and closing, she hears Jack go quiet, something similar to delight glinting in his baby blue eyes. Giving him a warning look, Violet looks up to see the Doctor running around before dematerialising, going back to the past by the sounds of things, and then running out the doors again - only to return a moment later and head back to the future, running from the time machine again.

Violet looks back at the screen of her phone and smiles. β€œGotta go, Jacky Boy. Call me again tomorrow, would you? I’ve still got something to tell you.”

β€œAww, come on, Vi,” Jack teasingly pouts, eyes pleading. β€œCan’t you tell me now? I’ll send you something.”

β€œNot going to happen.”

β€œWell, there goes my plan to seduce it out of you.”

She flushes. β€œThat would have worked, which is why I’m hanging up now.”

Jack grins and laughs, managing to wave goodbye before the mentally older girl ends the call, her own laughter echoing throughout the TARDIS as she climbs back up to the console, the time machine laughing in its own way as the Doctor and a darker-skinned woman walk into it. Violet goes still behind the console, out of sight, as the woman looks around in wonder before repeatedly entering and exiting the blue box, exclaiming how β€œit’s not possible” and that it’s β€œbigger on the inside.”

Once it’s over, the young Australian steps out from behind the console, almost giving the older woman a heart attack, her surprised yell echoing in the console room. Violet stares at the darker-skinned woman with blank eyes, assessing her, and the Doctor leans against the railing with his arms crossed over his chest, trying to hide the smirk coming to life at the expression on the newcomer’s face.

β€œWho’s this?” Violet asks, her voice flat and borderline uncaring, making the woman recoil. β€œAnother one of your rejects, Doctor?”

β€œMy name’s Martha Jones,” the woman informs, straightening up and giving off confidence that makes it difficult for Violet to keep a blank face. β€œI’m training to be a doctor.”

β€œI know who you are, Martha Jones. I’m the Doctor’s partner.”

The Doctor laughs and everything shatters, a cheeky grin appearing on Violet’s face as her own laughter bubbles free from her lips. Her hands slap against the edge of the console as she doubles over in her laughter, eyes closing and tears of laughter beginning to accumulate within them. She attempts to reattain a normal breathing pattern as she stands a moment later, grinning at the confused Martha Jones standing in front of her.

β€œI’m sorry, Martha,” Violet snickers, wiping her eyes. β€œI just had to do that.” Then she turns completely serious. β€œBut, I am his partner in all of this, so be warned. Alright?” A grin spreads across her face at the final word. β€œMy name’s Violet, and I’m a half alien - the same as the Doctor.”

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