The Man Who Regrets β–Ή Doctor Who [1] βœ“

𝟘𝟘𝟑 β–Ή πŸπŸ™π•€π•₯ β„‚π•–π•Ÿπ•₯𝕦𝕣π•ͺ π•„π•–π••π•šπ•”π•šπ•Ÿπ•–

AFTER VISITING THE GOLDEN Globe centuries in the past, Violet can’t think of anything better than heading to the future right now. They’re heading to New New York on the planet New Earth in the year 5, 000, 000, 053. However, Violet knows what has become of the city, but she cannot tell the Doctor or Martha for it may change their futures. After all, time travel is a tricky thing, and even the smallest wrong step could have a cataclysmic effect for the future.

It takes what seems like forever to convince the Doctor to allow her to stay in the TARDIS, but the lying words β€œI’ve already been here with Jack” are quick to put an end to the argument, the older of her species grumbling some reply before walking out of the box to join Martha. Pulling down the screen, Violet presses some buttons and a feed shows up: the Doctor and Martha standing in an alleyway surrounded by nothing until the pop-up shops open.

Hitting more buttons, she keeps track of the two before walking to her room, closing the door and sitting on her bed, eyes drawn to the holographic photo of her, the Doctor and Rose only days before she got trapped in the other world. Digging her phone from her pocket, the half Gallifreyan calls Jack. While waiting for her call to go through, Violet lashes out, fist banging against the metal wall of her bedroom, and a sickening crunching noise sounding as Jack answers, his baby blue eyes wide with shock.

β€œViolet?” Her wild eyes turn to him, and he sees the utter destruction and agony in them, making the time traveller wish he was with her. β€œTell me what’s wrong, Vi.”

She briefly closes her eyes before smiling and shaking her head, putting on one of her masks. β€œIt’s alright, Jacky Boy. Just built up tension and anger and annoyance. My skin’s starting to itch again, and I’m twitchy.”

β€œYou don’t have any more of that medicine, do you?”

β€œWell, I do, but it’s back in my time. I didn’t really have time to bring anything with me when the Doctor and Rose appeared out of nowhere and picked me up.”

β€œI can get it for you, if you want.” Jack’s eyes dart to Violet’s arms as she begins to scratch with blunt nails. β€œScratch the β€œif you want.” I’m getting it. Where are you, and where is it?”

Violet shifts uncomfortably, fisting her hands. β€œI’m in New New York, New Earth. Year 5, 000, 000, 053. It’s in the top drawer of my bedside cupboard.”

The call disconnects almost instantly and the tormented girl is left in silence, her mind terrorising her with memories of her past - both in her own time and in the future, well, past right now. Her skin itches more and she scrapes her nails back and forth over the skin, trying to find some release from the torture. Too caught up in her mind, she misses Jack entering her room in the TARDIS until he’s gripping her wrists and preventing her from clawing her arms open. Looking up into his worried baby blue eyes, she feels calm begin to descend on her as a cold substance is injected into her body, and as she inhales Jack’s 51st century pheromones.

Violet throws her arms around the older man’s neck and his arms encase her lower back, both of them holding the other as tight as humanly possible, and maybe even a little tighter. She begins to cry, fingers digging into his shirt as her hands clutch at him, trying to eliminate any space remaining between them. If they were any closer, they’d be sharing skin, and Violet isn’t sure if she wants to witness something like that again, but she just wants to be close to him and never let him go again.

β€œI’ve missed you so bloody much,” Violet cries into his shoulder, her voice coming out muffled. Sniffling, she reluctantly pulls back and wipes her face with the tissue Jack hands her. β€œThanks, Jacky Boy.”

Jack smiles at her, and it has the undertone of a smirk. β€œI’ve missed your body, too, Vi.”

β€œShut up! That’s not what I said, and you know it!”

β€œI know.” He laughs before turning serious, right hand moving up to hold her face. β€œI’ve missed you too, Violet. More than you think.”

β€œHow much have you missed me?” She baulks at the sound of her voice; slightly raspy from having just cried her heart out. Clearing her throat, she smiles apologetically. β€œSorry.”

β€œQuite a lot, actually.”

The smile on his face fades away as his blue eyes search hers for something, a flush appearing on her pale face. Finding it, he surges forward and kisses her, his addictive lips pulling her in without consent, but not against her will either. Returning the kiss, her hands move up to his short, brunet hair and tangle in it, his hands going to her hips and pulling her closer. No matter how many times she kisses this man, she’s left breathless and wanting more; and no matter how many times she kisses him, that’s as far as it’s ever gone and will ever go.

Ripping her lips free from his, she sucks in air as he rests his forehead against hers. β€œThat’s some medicine, Jack. You sure there wasn’t anything else in that?”

His lips quirk into a breathless, teasing smirk. β€œMaybe a little aphrodisiac.”

β€œYou would never.”


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