The Man Who Regrets β–Ή Doctor Who [1] βœ“

πŸ˜πŸ™πŸ β–Ή π•Œπ•₯π• π•‘π•šπ•’ (ℙ𝕒𝕣π•₯ πŸ›)

VIOLET WATCHES WITH RISING anxiety and anticipation as Professor Yana looks at the watch, Chantho hovering by the man’s side, eyes worried. The half Gallifreyan is tempted to call the alien away from the man, but she knows that it will do no good because Chantho adores her Professor Yana more than anything, and would do anything for the man.

A whispering voice comes from the fob watch, making Violet shiver. β€œThe drums, the drums, the drums, the never ending drumbeat. Open me, you human fool. Open the light and summon me and receive my majesty.”

Violet watches in dead silence and horror as the man opens the fob watch, a golden light coming from the inanimate object and winding itself around Professor Yana before making its way inside his body. She begins to tremble as the call within her body becomes a cry, making her cover her ears and grit her teeth, keeping her eyes trained on the man who was once as kind as Yana moves a lever and the control room door slams in the her friends’ faces.

β€œChan but you’ve locked them in tho,” Chantho exclaims.

β€œNot to worry, my dear. As one door closes, another must open.” He turns off the silo’s defences.

β€œChan you must stop tho. Chan but you’ve lowered the defences. The Futurekind will get in tho.” Violet watches with sickening horror as Chantho raises a gun and points it at the man who was once Professor Yana. β€œChan Professor, I’m so sorry, but I must stop you. You’re destroying all our work tho.”

β€œOh. Now I can say I was provoked.” He takes hold of a live energy cable. β€œDid you never think, all those years standing beside me, to ask about that watch? Never? Did you never once think, not ever, that you could set me free?”

β€œChan I’m sorry tho. Chan I’m so sorry.”

β€œYou, with your β€œchan” and your β€œtho” driving me insane.”

β€œChan Professor, please...”

β€œThat is not my name! The Professor was an invention. So perfect a disguise that I forgot who I am.”

β€œChan then who are you tho?”

β€œI am the Master.”

The Master thrusts the live end of the cable at Chantho, electrocuting the alien woman and making Violet’s mouth open in a silent scream of horror, eyes widening behind her glasses. With a smirk, he drops the wire and turns to the half Gallifreyan with a sadistic look in his brown eyes, making her back into a wall and drop her hands. Her jaw is clenched as the Master walks past her and caresses the jar with the Doctor’s hand in it with some sort of nostalgia in his eyes.

β€œProfessor! Professor, let me in! Let me in! Jack, get the door open now!” The Doctor bangs on the door. β€œProfessor! Professor, where are you?! Professor! Professor, are you there? Please, I need to explain. Whatever you do, don’t open that watch.”

Violet stays completely still as the Master walks past her again, holding the container with the Doctor’s hand in it, and removes a circuit board from the gravitational field navigation system and then disconnects the power cable from the TARDIS. He turns back to Violet and takes hold of her pulling him with him as he walks back to the blue box. She knows that he can hear the Doctor begging him to open the door but is blatantly ignoring the other member of his species as he moves around, unaware that Chantho is not yet dead and is reaching for her fallen gun.

β€œJust open the door, please.”

Chantho shoots the Master and then dies just as Jack smashes the control panel and the door opens. The Master steps back into the TARDIS, carrying the jar and having one hand clamped tightly around Violet’s upper arm, and shuts the door on the Doctor. He locks it just before the Doctor can insert his key, Violet’s stomach dropping as the Master goes to the console and presses a switch, deadlocking the door.

β€œLet me in,” the Doctor yells. β€œLet me in!”

Violet slams herself against the door. β€œJack! Doctor!”

β€œI broke the lock,” Jack informs. β€œGive me a hand!”

β€œI’m begging you,” the Doctor pleads, talking directly to the Master and ignoring Violet. β€œEverything’s changed! It’s only the three of us! We’re the only ones left! Just let me in!

β€œKilled by an insect. A girl. How inappropriate,” the Master says with disgust. β€œStill, if the Doctor can be young and strong, then so can I. The Master reborn.”

Violet presses herself against the deadlocked TARDIS door and covers her eyes as the Master Regenerates. The Doctor and Martha watch the golden glow through the TARDIS window, and Violet knows that there’s as much fear boiling in the two as there is in her. As the glow fades, she looks over at the now young man, taking in his familiar brown eyes, now chestnut hair and slim build, his old clothes hanging off his body.

His laugh fills the TARDIS and makes Violet recoil even further against the door so much that she can feel splinters digging into her back and palms of her hands, grey-blue eyes wide with utter horror. The laugh is more familiar than she cares to admit, and she knows this version of him more than she’ll ever admit to the Doctor, or even to Jack.

β€œNow then, Doctor,” the Master says. β€œOoo, new voice. Hello, hello. Hello. Anyway, why don’t we stop and have a nice little chat while I tell you all my plans and you can work out a way to... Stop me, I don’t think.”

β€œHold on,” Violet hears Martha gasp. β€œI know that voice.”

β€œI’m asking you really properly,” the Doctor pleads. β€œJust stop. Just think!”

β€œUse my name,” the Master demands.

β€œMaster. I’m sorry.”


β€œI can’t hold out much longer, Doctor!” Violet hears Jack exclaim, the strain obvious in his voice.

β€œGet out of here!” Violet orders through the deadlocked door of the TARDIS, finally making them all realise exactly where the half Gallifreyan is. She squeezes her eyes shut at the cries that arise, but they open as the Master laughs. β€œJack, I fixed your thing, so get all three of you out of here! I can take care of myself.”

Violet hears the Doctor activate his Sonic Screwdriver while the Master starts up the Time Rotor, and she shakes her head, flinging herself away from the door and up to the console. Fighting the instinct within her to open the doors, she presses buttons and spins contraptions as she rushes around the console, setting their destination for the 21st Century. Giving the door one last look, she flips the final lever and takes hold of the console as the TARDIS dematerialises and enters the time vortex, leaving her friends at the end of the universe.

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