The Man Who Regrets β–Ή Doctor Who [1] βœ“

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Hey, all.

So, after I began writing chapter 37 of this story, I thought I better give all my readers some information about this story so I don’t have people making a big fuss about some of the things I’ve written, or am going to write, for this story.

1) Violet:

She is half Gallifreyan, and a Time Lord (Time Lady, really), like I say within the first three or four chapters, but she’s not entirely the same as the The Doctor, or River. She’s more similar to Jenny (the Doctor’s daughter) in how she Regenerates, however Violet can have one part of her body replaced when she Regenerates, for example, her eyes in either chapter 11 or 12 of this book, and other parts in the upcoming sequel and prequel.

Also, this is something I’m actually really hesitant to tell you all, but I think it’d help you understand why I’ve written my OC like I have. Violet’s character, personality and decisions are actually based off me and my experiences, as well as some of my friends. So, uh, take from that what you will, and try to keep the criticism to a minimum please.

2) Relationships:

This is what I’m probably the most worried about concerning this story. If you’ve taken notice of the relationships listed in the story information box (or whatever it’s called), then you’ll know that Violet has multiple relationships with multiple people, and they’re all basically at the same time due to this being a story about time travel.

Let’s all just forget about what is perceived as β€˜right’ and β€˜wrong’ or β€˜acceptable’ and β€˜unacceptable’ whilst reading this story, because there’s a lot of different relationships for Violet, Jack - and even the Doctor. It’s a great big mess that might be kinda difficult to understand and take in, but the relationship aspect of this story is meant to be very fucking complex.

3) Warnings:

This more relates to the prequel - β€œThe Girl Who Adores” - than β€œThe Man Who Regrets” and β€œThe Man Who Forgets,” but there are a few small parts in the original books that several of the warnings below may apply to.

The third book is much more graphic and triggering than either of the other two books, so it’s best you be warned before you read it. The first chapter for the prequel (so far) is probably the most triggering chapter I’ve written for this series, and that’s because of where the book takes place in the timeline of the series - just as Violet meets Jack, and before she gets the medicine to subdue her tendencies to crash and burn; to lash out and self-destruct.

I will put a trigger warning notice at the beginning of any chapters that concern possibly sensitive issues, but please don’t go blaming me if you accidentally overlook it and come across the triggering scene without being somewhat prepared. Just so you know - the worst this series is going to contain is self-harm, suicidal thoughts and tendencies, and attempted suicide.

If anyone else has any more concerns or questions, just let me know and I’ll explain them on here.

- Chey xo -

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