The Man Who Regrets : Doctor Who [1] ✓

19 : Last of the Time Lords (Part 1)

It has been an entire year since Martha left Violet, Jack and the Doctor aboard the Valiant with the Master and all his henchmen, and his wife. Martha’s mother and sister, Francine and Tish, have become maids to the Master’s every whim and desire, whilst Martha’s father, Clive, has basically become the janitor, cleaning up after every mess that is made - including those made on purpose.

On Lower Deck 2 is where Jack and Violet reside. The former is grubby and tattered, and being forced to stand all the time, wrists chained to stout posts on either side of his body. Violet, on the other hand, has no option to stand with her wrists being clamped in manacles and chained to the floor by a short length of chain off to the side of where Jack is held.

With only twenty-four hours to what the Master is calling “Launch Day,” it’s no surprise when Tish comes walking down the corridor towards the two prisoners, carrying a tray of food for the two to share. Violet’s nose instinctively scrunches when the smell reaches her nose and she turns her head away, meeting Jack’s eyes briefly before looking back at Martha’s sister.

“Morning, Tish. Ah, smell that sea air. Makes me long for good old British fish and chips,” Jack says with some sort of fervour in his voice that makes Violet wince. “Yeah. What do I get? Cold mashed swede. Some hotel. Last time I book over the Internet.”

The half Time Lord watches as Tish spoons Jack his food and puts three fingers against the container. Jack winks as he chews the swede and Violet gives a half smirk, shifting her position on the floor and grimacing as the chains rub against her raw and bloodied wrists. Baby blue eyes shift to her and she gives him a tight smile, attempting to hide the pain she’s feeling because she knows that he’s feeling much more than she is.

Hours pass without fail and it’s irritating for the time travellers to be living at a mundane pace. Soon it’s 14:58 according to the chronometer up on the bridge. The Doctor, Francine and Tish are currently up there, whilst Clive is still cleaning below decks. Jack and Violet can see a clock from their cage, too, and both start to pull on their chains. With seconds to go to 3 o’clock, Jack’s chains are coming free of the wall, and Violet’s free of the ground.

On the stroke of 3, Jack is free while Violet still struggles with hers, not having had enough food to keep up her strength, and the 51st Century medicine having worn off months ago making her want to give up instantly. Jack grabs a steam hose and points it at the guard, making the man cry out and run into a wall, knocking himself out. Clive throws water on an electrical circuit and starts a fire as Jack drags Violet’s chains from the Valiant’s floor.

Clive gets caught within moments and Jack is confronted by a squad of armed men. He moves in front of where Violet is currently crumpled on the floor a few levels below where the Doctor and the Master are. She barely has the strength to hold herself up, let alone throw herself in front of her former lover and take the bullets meant for him and trigger her next Regeneration.

Jack surrenders without a complaint, raising his hands. “Oh, here we go again.”

The squad shoot Jack in front of Violet, and all she can do is crawl over to his dead body and hold him, her head on his chest where his heart is. Francine, Clive and Tish are locked up within minutes, and Jack is back in his chains, Violet chained to the floor by his side.

“I’m going to kill him, if I have to wait a hundred years. I’m going to kill the Master,” Francine seethes. “One day he’ll let his guard down. One day, and I’ll be there.”

Clive instantly shuts his wife down with his own proclamation. “No, that’s my job. I’ll swear to you, I’d shoot that man stone dead.”

“I’ll get him,” Tish swears. “Even if it kills me.”

“Don’t say that,” her mother admonishes.

“I mean it. That man made us stand on deck and watch the islands of Japan burning. Millions of people. I swear to you, he’s dead.”

Violet laughs weakly, drawing all pairs of eyes to her as she struggles to sit upright. “That manipulative and murderous bastard has done more to me than he has to any of you. I’ve lived hundreds of years and thousands of lives, but he’s always been there to tear them all apart and kill whatever family I made. I’ve fought against him many times, and I will gladly do it for the rest of time for what he’s done.”

“Vi,” Jack pleads for her to stop. “You don’t have to do this.”

“If anyone one of us is to kill him, it will be me, and it will be with my own two fucking hands!” Tears burn in her eyes at her rising rage. “He’s killed billions and billions of innocents in his pursuit of domination, but he’s gone much too far this time. Slaughtering the race in fucking existence that I was brought up by! He’s going to fucking burn in hell!”

“This is about more than this past year with the Toclafane, isn’t it?” He doesn’t miss Violet’s flinch at the alien species’ name. “What aren’t you telling me, little love?”

“Do you know what the Toclafane really are, Jack? Do you?”

“What are you saying?”

“Utopia.” Violet cackles insanely, making the mortals shuffle further away from the halfling in their cells. “It doesn’t fucking exist! Utopia is a lie we’re told through all of time and space, and it’s a place with diamonds in the sky and eternal youth and life and love, but it’s not real.” She looks at Jack with wild grey-blue eyes. “Where do you think they all went to, lover? All those hundreds of innocent humans at the end of the universe.”

Jack’s light blue eyes widen in realisation. “The Toclafane…”

“They’re the humans from the future.”

“And the paradox machine is caused by the Master bringing them back to kill their ancestors.”

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