The Man Who Regrets β–Ή Doctor Who [1] βœ“

𝟘𝟚𝟝 β–Ή 𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝔻𝕠𝕔π•₯𝕠𝕣'𝕀 π”»π•’π•¦π•˜π•™π•₯𝕖𝕣

THE AFTERMATH OF THE Sontarans’ attempt to take over Earth, kill a lot of humanity, or whatever they were planning on doing leaves Martha in the TARDIS with Violet, the Doctor and Donna. The door slams shut on its own and the time rotor activates, throwing everyone around. Violet cries out as her arm smashes hard against the railing, breaking the two large bones in her forearm.

β€œWhat?” the Doctor exclaims. β€œWhat?”

β€œDoctor, don’t you dare,” Martha yells angrily.

β€œNo, no, no. I didn’t touch anything. We’re in flight. It’s not me.”

β€œWhere are we going?” Donna demands.

β€œI don’t know. It’s out of control!”

β€œDoctor, just listen to me,” Martha snaps. β€œYou take me home. Take me home right now!”

Everyone is hanging on to the console, Martha holding on for dear life beside Donna, and the Doctor is looking around wildly, pressing buttons and trying to get the TARDIS to cooperate with him. Violet is holding on best she can with one arm - and her non-dominant arm at that!

β€œWhat the hell’s it doing?” Donna asks.

β€œThe control’s not working,” the Doctor exclaims before he gets thrown about and gets a look at the jar at the base of the time rotor. β€œI don’t know where we’re going, but my old hand’s very excited about it.”

β€œI thought that was just some freaky alien thing,” Donna cries. β€œYou telling me it’s yours?”


β€œIt got cut off,” Violet groans, holding her broken arm to her body. β€œHe grew a new one.”

β€œYou are completely impossible,” Donna complains.

β€œNot impossible,” the Doctor says with a grin. β€œJust a bit unlikely.”

There’s a bang, and sparks, then stillness and peace. Violet is thrown to the ground, pain flying through every nerve in her broken arm as she lands on it. Cursing in an ancient language, she forces herself upright and takes hold of the console, pulling up herself until she’s standing on wobbly legs. The Doctor spares her a worried look before runs outside.

Violet pulls the monitor around and plays around with it until it shows what the outside looks like, and she can hear what is being said. It looks like a junk yard in a railway arch at night, the Doctor standing just outside the TARDIS alone until he’s joined by Martha and Donna. Violet decides that it’s best she stays inside, with a broken arm and all, it’s not going to be much fun.

β€œWhy would the TARDIS bring us here, then?” the Doctor asks himself.

β€œOh, I love this bit,” the dark-skinned woman says with a grin, making Violet smile.

β€œI thought you wanted to go home,” Donna says in disbelief.

β€œI know, but all the same, it’s that feeling you get.”

β€œLike you swallowed a hamster?”

β€œDon’t move!” a man orders. β€œStay where you are! Drop your weapons.”

Three men are pointing rifles at the time travellers, so they raise their hands.

β€œWe’re unarmed. Look, no weapons. Never any weapons,” the Doctor assures the soldiers. β€œWe’re safe.”

β€œLook at their hands,” one of the men says. β€œThey’re clean.”

β€œAll right, process them,” the first man orders. β€œHim first.”

The two other soldiers take the Doctor.

β€œOi, oi. What’s wrong with clean hands?” the alien demands.

β€œWhat the fuck is going on?” Violet whispers in disbelief, eyes widening when she sees that the Doctor is taken to a machine and his right arm is pushed inside it.

β€œLeave him alone,” Donna orders.

Something inside grabs his arm. β€œSomething tells me this isn’t about to check my blood pressure. Argh!”

β€œWhat are you doing to him?”

β€œEveryone gets processed,” the man in charge explains shortly.

β€œIt’s taken a tissue sample. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. And extrapolated it. Some kind of accelerator?” The Doctor is released a moment later.

β€œAre you alright?” Martha asks, hurrying over and checking his hand.

There is a graze on the back of his hand. β€œWhat on earth? That’s just...”

A pair of glass and metal doors open and a figure steps out from the steam of the brightly lit interior. She is a skinny blonde woman in combat boots and trousers, and a khaki t-shirt. She is handed a rifle and checks that it is ready for use as the Doctor explains to Martha that the girl came from him - a daughter of sorts.

β€œDid you say daughter?” Donna demands.

β€œMmm,” the Doctor says, a crease between his eyebrows. β€œTechnically.”

β€œTechnically how?” Martha asks.

β€œProgenation. Reproduction from a single organism. Means one parent is biological mother and father. You take a sample of diploid cells, split them into haploids, then recombine them in a different arrangement and grow. Very quickly, apparently.”

At that, Violet turns off the monitor and leaves the three of them to their haphazard adventure. She makes her way from the console room to the medical bay and, with the help of the TARDIS, puts a cast on her right arm, knowing that she will take a while to heal from this. Her healing is quicker than the average human due to her being half Gallifreyan, and that means she should be able to take the cast off in only two or three months - the healing bone assisted by the 51st Century medicine she got from Jack.

Hours pass and Violet falls asleep on the chair in the console room, curled up under one of the few jackets she stole from Jack when she returned to her time a few years back. She’s woken what feels like only minutes later when the Doctor, Martha and Donna return to the TARDIS, Jenny nowhere in sight. Violet sits up and rubs her eyes with her right hand, forgetting about the cast until it scratches her face. The Doctor notices the addition and hurries over to his lover, carefully holding her broken arm.

β€œWhen did this happen?” he asks, scanning her arm with his Sonic Screwdriver.

β€œWhen we landed,” Violet yawns. β€œIt’s alright though, my arm will be fully healed in a few months. Anyway, where’s your daughter?”

β€œShe died.”

β€œTwo hearts is what the scan the TARDIS did said, and she has the chance of coming back to life. She won’t Regenerate like us, but she will come back from the dead when she dies.”

The Doctor gives her a strange look. β€œHow do you know that?”

Violet smiles cheekily. β€œWe met almost two centuries ago, in my timestream anyway. She was a bit over a century old then, mentally a century anyway. A hundred years from now she and I will meet in her timestream, and we will fight and run and swap stories.”

β€œYou knew about today.”

β€œNot exactly.”

: : : :

The TARDIS is parked in a park, and Violet stands in the doorway as Martha, Donna and the Doctor say their goodbyes. Violet has never been one for goodbyes,

β€œAre you sure about this?” Donna asks.

β€œYeah, positive,” Martha assures with a small smile. β€œI can’t do this anymore. You’ll be the same one day.”

β€œNot me. Never. How could I ever go back to normal life after seeing all this? I’m going to travel with that man for ever.”

β€œGood luck.”

β€œAnd you.”

The Doctor walks on with Martha.

β€œWe’re making a habit of this,” the Doctor teases.

β€œYeah,” Martha agrees. β€œAnd you’d think it’d get easier. All those things you’ve been ready to die for. I thought for a moment there you’d finally found something worth living for.”

β€œOh there’s always something worth living for, Martha.”

They hug.

β€œBye, Doctor.”

β€œGoodbye. Doctor Jones.”

Donna and the Doctor walk back to the TARDIS. Martha looks at her engagement ring then goes into her home.

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