The Man Who Regrets β–Ή Doctor Who [1] βœ“

πŸ˜πŸ›πŸ  β–Ή 𝕋𝕙𝕖 π•Šπ•₯π• π•π•–π•Ÿ 𝔼𝕒𝕣π•₯𝕙 (ℙ𝕒𝕣π•₯ πŸ™)

Torchwood, Cardiff

IT’S ONLY A FEW days later that everything goes to hell in a handbasket, and Violet’s not sure if that’s an exaggeration or not. A rather large tremor throws the furniture around in Cardiff, sending everyone in the Torchwood Hub tumbling to the floor.

β€œWhoa, what happened?” Jack exclaims. β€œWas it the Rift? Gwen? Ianto? Violet? You okay?”

β€œNo broken bones,” Ianto reports, helping Violet up. β€œSlight loss of dignity. No change there then.”

β€œThe whole of the city must’ve felt that,” Gwen muses. β€œThe whole of South Wales.”

β€œI’m going to take a look outside.” Jack runs out while Ianto activates a computer screen.

β€œA little bit bigger than South Wales,” Ianto says with disbelief.

Violet takes one look at the screen and sprints outside after Jack, finding him standing in the middle of the street near the Roald Dahl Plass.

β€œThat’s just impossible,” Jack breathes, taking Violet’s hand in his and holding it tightly.

: : : :

Ealing, London

In Ealing, London at the house of Sarah Jane Smith, the worried mother is checking up on her fourteen-year-old son. Her son, Luke, is climbing up off the floor when Sarah Jane hurries in, fussing over the young boy like only a mother could do.

β€œLuke, are you alright?” Sarah Jane asks her son, worried.

β€œFelt like some sort of cross-dimensional spatial transference,” Luke exclaims.

β€œBut it’s night. It wasn’t night. It was eight o’clock in the morning. Mister Smith, I need you.”

A brick fireplace transforms into a computer.

β€œCan you just stop giving that fanfare? You just tell me what happened.”

β€œSarah Jane, I think you should look outside,” Mr Smith, the computer, informs. β€œI think you’ll find the visual evidence most conclusive.”

Sarah Jane runs outside and stares up at the sky, her eyes wide with horror. β€œThat’s impossible.”

: : : :

Chiswick, London

Outside the Nobles’ home in Chiswick, Donna’s grandfather, Wilfred, is glaring around, ready to beat some sense into whatever kind of aliens have invaded his home planet this time, and all he has to do so is a wooden cricket bat.

β€œIt’s gone dark. It’s them aliens, I’ll bet my pension,” Wilf curses, brandishing his cricket bat. β€œWhat do you want this time, you green swine?”

β€œDad,” Sylvia, Donna’s mother, calls.

β€œLook, you get back inside, Sylvia. They always want the women.”

β€œNo, Dad, just look. Oh, my God. Look at the sky.”

: : : :

UNIT, New York

At UNIT in New York, Martha Jones has also felt the earth-shattering shock that sent nearly everything flying, and also sent people tumbling onto the hard floors of the base, battering and bruising the soldiers. After making sure nobody was seriously hurt, she rushes outside and stares up at the sky, her brown eyes filled with terror she’s only ever seen and never felt.

β€œIt can’t be,” she breathes in complete disbelief.

: : : :

A Street in London, near Chiswick

The milkman turns around to see a blonde woman toting a honking great weapon pop into existence. He’s startled to say the least, but he finds it to be the smallest of his problems once he takes note of the sky.

Rose looks up. β€œRight, now we’re in trouble.” She powers up the gun. β€œIt’s only just beginning.”

Instead of distant stars, the sky is filled with other planets in close proximity.

: : : :

Torchwood, Cardiff

For some odd reason, the TV is on in the Torchwood Hub, and both Violet and Ianto are sitting in front of it, watching some random talk show the male put on. She’s not entirely watching it, more focused on her inability to get in contact with either the Doctor or Donna, and her rising anxiety of the situation at hand.

β€œThe United Nations has issued an edict, asking the citizens of the world not to panic,” Amnn informs. β€œSo far, there has been no explanation of the twenty six planets which have appeared in the sky

β€œBut it’s an empirical fact,” Richard Dawkins dismisses. β€œThe planets didn’t come to us, we came to them. Just look at the stars. We’re in a completely different region of space. We’ve travelled.”

β€œ you know what, I look up and there’s all these moons and things,” Paul O’Grady relays. β€œHave you seen them? Did you see them?”

β€œYeah!” the audience replies.

β€œI thought, what was I drinking last night, furniture polish?”

Ianto laughs with the studio audience and Violet blinks several times before letting out a half disgusted, half irritated sigh. She has never been able to understand how some people find this kind of thing amusing, but she supposes that it’s due to everyone on planet Earth being completely different no matter how hard they try to assimilate with β€œnormal” society - whatever that is.

β€œIanto,” Jack warns. β€œTime and a place.”

β€œHe is funny, though,” Ianto sighs, but he evidently turns off the TV.

β€œViolet, Gwen, come and see.”

Violet groans in mock complaint but swings her legs off Ianto’s lap and hops off the chair, hurrying up to Jack while Gwen finishes phoning her other half. Ianto soon follows and Gwen’s call comes to an end, leading to four people crowding around the computer Jack’s working at.

Jack clicks on something. β€œSomeone’s established an artificial atmospheric shell, keeping the air and holding in the heat.”

β€œWhoever’s done this wants the human race alive. That’s a plus,” Ianto muses, a hint of sarcastic amusement in his voice. β€œTwenty seven planets, including the Earth.”

As the planets on the scan move in their orbits, a flashing red dot appears in the middle.

β€œNo, but what’s that?” Gwen asks. β€œThat’s not a planet.”

: : : :

Ealing, London

β€œThe reading seems to be artificial in construction,” Mr Smith informs.

β€œSome sort of space station sitting at the heart of the web,” Sarah Jane muses.

β€œThey’re fine,” Luke says on the phone. β€œMaria and her dad, they’re still in Cornwall. I told them to stay indoors. And Clyde’s all right. He’s with his mum.”

β€œSarah Jane, I have detected movement,” Mr Smith says. β€œObserve.”

Luke hangs up and stares at the screen. β€œSpaceships.”

: : : :

UNIT, New York

Army brass are taking control.

β€œTracking two hundred objects. Earthbound trajectory,” Sanchez declares. β€œGeneva is calling a Code Red. Everyone to battle positions. Doctor Jones, if you’re not too busy.”

β€œI’m trying to phone the Doctor, sir,” Martha informs, phone to her ear.


β€œThere’s no signal. This number calls anywhere in the universe. It never breaks down. They must be blocking it, whoever they are.”

β€œWe’re about to find out. They’re coming into orbit.”

: : : :

Torchwood, Cardiff

Violet turns the TV back on and switches it to BBC News. β€œWe’re now getting confirmed reports of spaceships. The Pentagon has issued an emergency report saying that two hundred objects are now heading towards Earth in a regular pattern.”

β€œThree thousand miles and closing,” Gwen informs. β€œBut who are they?”

Jack’s mobile rings and he puts it on speaker. β€œMartha Jones, voice of a nightingale. Tell me you put something in my drink.”

β€œNo such luck,” Martha laughs slightly. β€œHave you heard from the Doctor?”

β€œNot a word. Where are you?”

β€œNew York.”

β€œOoo, nice for some”

β€œI’ve been promoted. Medical Director on Project Indigo.”

β€œDid you get that thing working?” Jack and Violet ask, delight and interest in their voices.

β€œIndigo’s top secret. No one’s supposed to know about it.”

β€œJack met a soldier in a bar,” Violet laughs. β€œAnd I may have or may have not accompanied him.”

Jack grins. β€œIt’s a long story.”

β€œWhen was that?” Ianto asks, jealousy slipping into his usually controlled voice.

β€œStrictly professional.”

β€œFifteen hundred miles, boys, and accelerating,” Gwen warns. β€œThey’re almost here.”

Suddenly, an incoming transmission from the spaceships is played and Violet almost screams out in pure terror, her legs instantly giving out and making her fall back onto Jack. He is rigid, she is trembling, and it’s one whole shit ass mess that both wish that they weren’t here to see.

β€œExterminate. Exterminate. Exterminate,” the Daleks recite, their static, electronic voices making Violet whimper. β€œExterminate. Exterminate. Exterminate.”

β€œNo,” Jack breathes.

β€œExterminate. Exterminate.”

β€œOh, no.”

β€œWhat is it? Who are they?” Gwen asks, her own voice fearful. β€œDo you know them, Jack?”

Jack pulls Ianto and Gwen close and kisses them both on the forehead before also doing the same to Violet once Ianto his holding her upright.

β€œExterminate. Exterminate,” the Daleks continue. β€œExterminate. Exterminate. Exterminate. Exterminate.”

β€œThere’s nothing I can do,” Jack tells them.


β€œI’m sorry. We’re dead.”

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