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41 : The Stolen Earth (Part 4)


“Phone,” the Doctor exclaims, rushing around the console.

“Doctor, phone,” Donna says, throwing the phone Martha gave him to the Time Lord himself.

He answers it. “Martha, is that you? It’s a signal.”

“Can we follow it?”

The Doctor dons his stethoscope. “Oh, just watch me.”

: : : :

Torchwood, Cardiff

Things are going Bang! with the energy overload.

“I think we’ve got a fix,” Jack declares.

“Mister Smith now at two hundred per cent,” Sarah Jane informs.

Bang! Sparks fly everywhere, making Violet shield her eyes.

“Oh, come on, Doctor.”

: : : :


“Got it,” the Doctor yells in delight. “Locking on.”

: : : :

Torchwood, Cardiff

“Harriet, a saucer’s locked on to your location,” Gwen says. “They’ve found you.”

“I know,” Harriet informs, typing away. “I’m using the Network to mask your transmission. Keep going.”

“Exterminate,” a Dalek screeches.

The curtains blow in from an explosion on the screen and Violet grits her teeth.

: : : :


Similar to that at the Torchwood Hub and at Sarah Jane’s house, there are a series of bangs, as well as sparks and flames on the time machine.

“We’re travelling through time. One second in the future,” the Doctor declares. “The phone call’s pulling us through.”

: : : :

Torchwood, Cardiff

“Captain, Violet, I’m transferring the Subwave Network to Torchwood,” the former Prime Minister informs. “You’re in charge now. And tell the Doctor from me, he chose his companions well. It’s been an honour.” Harriet gets up to face the three Daleks who have smashed their way in, and shows her ID. “Harriet Jones. Former Prime Minister.”

“Yes, we know who you are,” a Dalek informs.

“Oh, you know nothing of any human, and that will be your downfall.”


The first quarter of the screen dissolves into static and Violet curses loudly, smashing her clenched fists against the table, her head dropping forward as she continues to swear, albeit more quietly, under her breath. However, when he Doctor, Donna and Lee scream as the planets pop into existence around them, Violet’s head snaps up at she stares at the screen with amusement. The TARDIS stops shaking and the three aboard all find their footing once again, no longer having to hold onto anything to stay upright.

“Twenty seven planets,” Donna marvels. “And there’s the Earth. But why couldn’t we see them?”

“The entire Medusa Cascade has been put a second out of sync with the rest of the universe,” the Doctor explains. “Perfect hiding place. Tiny little pocket of time. But we found them. Ooo, ooo, ooo, what’s that? Hold on, hold on. Some sort of Subwave Network.”

The Doctor and Donna take Harriet’s quarter of the screen.

“Where the hell have you been?” Jack demands, standing behind Violet. “Doctor, it’s the Daleks.”

“Oh, he’s a bit nice,” Gwen admires. “I thought he’d be older.”

“He’s not that young,” Ianto tells the girl, making Violet laugh.

“He’s over 900 years old, love,” Violet agrees, making Gwen become dumbfounded. “A little bit out of your age limit.”

“It’s the Daleks,” Sarah Jane informs. “They’re taking people to their spaceship.”

“It’s not just Dalek Caan,” Martha adds.

“They surrendered,” Jack says.

“Sarah Jane. Who’s that boy?” The Doctor grins. “That must be Torchwood and Violet. Oh, they’re brilliant. Look at you all, you clever people.”

“That’s Martha,” Donna says with a smile. “And who’s he?” Her finger rests on the screen.

“Captain Jack. Don’t. Just don’t.”

“Stay away from our Jack,” Violet half teases. “Ianto and I will have your hands, Donna.”

“It’s like an outer space Facebook.”

“Everyone except Rose,” the Doctor sighs.

Violet briefly closes her eyes before letting out a sigh. “Doctor, stop torturing yourself. She’s alive and well wherever she is.”

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