The Man Who Regrets β–Ή Doctor Who [1] βœ“

πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™ β–Ή 𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝔹𝕝𝕦𝕖 𝔹𝕠𝕩

VIOLET LOOKS OUT HER bedroom window, wistful eyes moving over the rolling hills in the distance and the rise and fall of buildings in the foreground. She wants to know what exists outside her home in the rural area of Australia, but she knows that, without a doubt, she will be stuck here forever. The bickering of her mother and younger brothers can be heard from the opposite side of the house - just like every other day. Sighing, the teenager rests her head on her arm, wishing for someone to come and take her away from her mundane life.

Laughing humourlessly, Violet tears herself away from the window. β€œKeep dreaming, Vi. No one is ever going to take a freak like you away.”

You see, ever since she was born, Violet has had mental health β€˜issues’ that have prevented her from living and loving her life - and her family life is almost as messed up as she is inside.

Her biological father lives an hour away, but can’t be bothered to contact her in any way, shape or form. He has a son with another woman.

Her step-father is an alcoholic and drug addict who has more problems than she can count, and who has caused her family considerable issues. He is the father of two of her younger brothers, and has two other children that her and her siblings are aware of.

Her mother is forced to raise three children on her own due to all the men in her life being deadbeats. She relies on her mother and father a little to help - and to have some sort of father figure in her children’s lives.

Her brothers are the least affected by the turbulence of their lives.

Violet has developed severe anxiety disorders and depression; separation anxiety and dissociative identity disorder; self-harm and suicidal thoughts. Her life is one mess after another, and there is no such thing as a stable relationship of any kind in her life - except maybe with her mother, and her mother’s parents.

Before she closes her blind to cut off her imagination of a world far from here, a flashing blue light catches her attention in the increasing darkness after the sun dips below the mountains. Her face almost pressed against the glass of her window, her blue eyes widen considerably as a 1960β€²s Public Call Police Box appears across the street, fading in and out of visibility until it becomes a solid form. Letting out a sharp gasp of shock, Violet darts away from the window and out the front door of her almost as old home.

Running across the street with little care of her wellbeing, the teenager slows to a stop in front of the legendary box, blue eyes flickering over the wooden exterior. β€œThere’s no way...”

She’d heard stories come from Britain and America about the mysterious blue box that popped up many times in their histories, but she never thought she’d be able to see it for herself. Inside, it was meant to be bigger, and it was meant to hold the man who had much mystery hovering about him. He was said to be over 900-years-old and have travelled to the stars and back, always returning to this little planet to help them progress and evolve.

A creak fills Violet’s ears and her eyes widen as the door swings open, revealing a man in a brown suit and an almost caramel trench coat. His brown hair sticks up and appears as though it has not been brushed, and his brown eyes glimmer with excitement as they take in the small town around him. The instant he meets Violet’s eyes, he steps out of the blue box and holds up his psychic paper. Words flicker over the paper in the teenager’s handwriting, asking for someone to take her away.

β€œWere you the one who sent this message?” the man asks, a gleeful grin spreading across his face.

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