The Man Who Regrets β–Ή Doctor Who [1] βœ“

𝟘𝟝𝟜 β–Ή π”Όπ•Ÿπ•• 𝕠𝕗 π•‹π•šπ•žπ•– (ℙ𝕒𝕣π•₯ 𝟟)

THE DOCTOR IS WORKING on some wiring when he sees a bright object streaking towards the planet. Violet feels unease creep into her being at the appearance of the object, every instinct in her body warning her of an impending danger to come - something more malevolent than her birth father and everything he’s ever done throughout time and space. She shares a worried look with her husband, a pained smile spreading across her lips when she sees that he’s struggling to come up with a plan that’ll keep everyone alive.

β€œAye, aye,” Wilfred says. β€œGot this old tub mended?”

β€œJust trying to fix the heating,” the Doctor murmurs.

β€œOh. I’ve always dreamt of a view like that. Hee, hee. I’m an astronaut. It’s dawn over England, look. Brand new day. My wife’s buried down there. I might never visit her again now. Do you think he changed them, in their graves?”

β€œI’m sorry.”

β€œNo, not your fault.”

β€œIsn’t it?”

β€œOh, 1948, I was over there. End of the Mandate in Palestine. Private Mott. Skinny little idiot, I was. Stood on this rooftop, in the middle of a skirmish. It was like a blizzard, all them bullets in the air. The world gone mad. Yeah, you don’t want to listen to an old man’s tales, do you?”

β€œI’m older than you - we both are.”

β€œGet away,” Wilfred says, looking between Violet and the Doctor.

β€œI’m nine hundred and six,” the Doctor says.

Violet makes a strange sound. β€œI’m around four hundred.”

β€œWhat, really, though?” Wilfred asks.

β€œYeah,” the Doctor says.

β€œNine hundred years... Four hundred years... We must look like insects to you two.”

β€œI think you look like giants.”

β€œListen, I, I want you to have this. I’ve kept it all this time, and I thought...” Wilf offers his revolver to the Doctor.


β€œNo, but if you take it, you could-”

β€œNo. You had that gun in the mansion. You could have shot the Master there and then.”

β€œToo scared, I suppose.”

β€œI’d be proud.”

β€œOf what?”

β€œIf you were my dad.”

β€œOh, come on, don’t start. But you said, you were told he will knock four times and then you die. Well, that’s him, isn’t it? The Master. That noise in his head? The Master is going to kill you.”


β€œThen kill him first.”

β€œAnd that’s how the Master started. It’s not like I’m an innocent. I’ve taken lives. I got worse. I got clever. Manipulated people into taking their own. Sometimes I think a Time Lord lives too long. I can’t. I just can’t.”

β€œIf the Master dies, what happens to all the people?”

β€œI don’t know.”

β€œDoctor, what happens?”

β€œThe template snaps,” Violet answers for him.

β€œWhat, they go back to being Human? They’re alive, and Human. Then don’t you dare, sir. Don’t you dare put him before them. Now you take this. That’s an order, Doctor. Take the gun. You take the gun and save your life. And please don’t die. You’re the most wonderful man and I don’t want you to die.”

β€œNever,” the Doctor says with a smile.

β€œA star fell from the sky,” the Master’s voice says, coming through the comm system of the Vinvocci ship. β€œDon’t you want to know where from? Because now it makes sense, Doctor.”

β€œIt’s an open broadcast,” Addams warns. β€œDon’t reply, or he’ll know where we are.”

β€œThe whole of my life. My destiny. The star was a diamond, and the diamond is a Whitepoint Star. And I have worked all night to sanctify that gift. Now the star is mine. I can increase the signal and use it as a lifeline. Do you get it now? Do you see? Keep watching, Doctor. This should be spectacular. Over and out.”

β€œWhat’s he on about? What’s he doing?” Wilfred asks, panicking. β€œDoctor, what does that mean?”

β€œA Whitepoint Star is only found on one planet,” the Doctor tells him. β€œGallifrey. Which means it’s the Time Lords. The Time Lords are returning.”

β€œWell, I mean, that’s good, isn’t it? I mean, that’s your people - both of your people.”

Violet takes Wilfred’s revolver and runs with the Doctor as four beat signal begins to beep inside the spaceship, as well as inside Violet’s mind. The Doctor runs into the flight deck, Violet and Wilfred not too far behind the Time Lords. The four beat signal can be heard clearly there, and it makes the cry in Violet’s mind to rise in pitch.

β€œWhat’s that?” Addams demands.

β€œComing from Earth,” Rossiter informs. β€œIt’s on every single wavelength.”

The Doctor is rushing around, working on bits and pieces.

β€œBut you said your people were dead,” Wilfred protests. β€œPast tense.”

β€œInside the Time War,” Violet replies, not sure what she should be doing right now. β€œAnd the whole War was Time Locked.”

β€œLike, sealed inside a bubble. It’s not a bubble but just think of a bubble. Nothing can get in or get out of the Time Lock,” the Doctor rambles. β€œDon’t you see? Nothing can get in or get out, except something that was already there.”

β€œThe signal,” Wilfred says, something dawning on him. β€œSince he was a kid.”

β€œIf they can follow the signal, they can escape before they die.”

β€œWell, then, big reunion. We’ll have a party.”

β€œThere will be no party.”

β€œBut I’ve heard you talk about your people like they’re wonderful.”

β€œThat’s how I choose to remember them, the Time Lords of old. But then they went to war. An endless war, and it changed them right to the core. You’ve seen my enemies, Wilf. The Time Lords are more dangerous than any of them.”

β€œTime Lords, what lords?” Addams demands. β€œAnyone want to explain?”

β€œRight, yes, you. This is a salvage ship, yes? You go trawling the asteroid fields for junk?”

β€œYeah, what about it?”

Violet grins widely, knowing what he is planning. β€œSo, you’ve got asteroid lasers!”

β€œYeah, but they’re all frazzled,” Rossiter sasses, giving the Doctor an irritated look.

The Doctor throws a lever and two gun alcoves open on either side of the flight controls. β€œConsider them unfrazzled. You there, what’s your name?” He motions to Addams and she replies in a dry tone. β€œI’m going to need you on navigation.” He turns to Rossiter. β€œAnd you, get in the laser-pod. Wilfred.”

β€œYeah?” Wilfred asks.

β€œLaser number two. The old soldier’s got one more battle.”

β€œThis ship can’t move,” Addams growls out in exasperation. β€œIt’s dead!”

β€œFix the heating?” The Doctor throws two levers forward, and the ship powers up.

β€œBut now they can see us.”

β€œOh, yes!”

β€œThis is my ship, and you’re not moving it. Step away from the wheel.”

β€œThere’s an old Earth saying, Captain. A phrase of great power and wisdom, and consolation to the soul in times of need.”

β€œWhat’s that, then?”

β€œAllons-y!” The Doctor powers the spaceship down towards the Earth and the spaceship dives through the atmosphere. β€œCome on! Come on!”

β€œYou are blinking, flipping mad.”

β€œYou two. What did I say? Lasers.”

β€œWhat for?” Rossiter yells through the comms.

β€œBecause of the missiles,” Violet says in a β€˜duh’ voice. β€œWe’ve got to fight off an entire planet.”

Wilfred and Rossiter take their places in the transparent gunner’s domes, and everyone on the flight deck listens to the two talk, Wilfred trying to figure out how the laser guns work. The Doctor skims the ocean, dodging the missiles as Rossiter and Wilfred fire at the oncoming missiles. Wilf shoots down a missile and cheers, making Violet smile. They keep destroying missiles and the front window gets blown in, shattered glass flying everywhere.

β€œLock the navigation,” the Doctor orders.

β€œOnto what?” Addams snarls.

β€œEngland. The Naismith mansion.” He runs around. β€œDestination?”

β€œFifty kliks and closing. We’ve locked on to the house. We are going to stop, though. Doctor? We are going to stop?”

β€œDoctor?” Wilfred asks, his worry clear through the comms. β€œDoctor, you said you were going to die.”

β€œHe said what?” Addams exclaims, probably second-guessing him now.

β€œBut is that all of us? I won’t stop you, sir. But is this it?”

The Doctor pulls the spaceship’s nose up at the last moment. Violet then opens a hatch in the floor and, with the revolver ready, jumps down through the glass dome, the Doctor following a moment later. He lands hard on the marble floor beside her. She cannot hold the revolver and he cannot stand up. The five Time Lords have arrived - the Gate has been replaced by a white space with raised up two steps.

β€œMy Lord Doctor. My Lord Master. My Lady Adrenilda,” Rassilon greets. β€œWe are gathered for the end.”

: : : : : :

β€œAdrenilda” means β€œmother of the warrior” in German.

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